See Dad Run

Thursday 8:30 PM on Nick-at-Nite Premiered Oct 14, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Nice Job

    it doesn't really surprise me that this show is good. my reason being is that this show is part of Nick@Nite and the writers actually have to think, unlike these high paid nick writers who get away with everything like Marvin Marvin and Victorious.

    I really don't seem to find the kids on the show such high entertainment but it's the adults with the stereotypical tv jokes that I love. they just nail these jokes and it's what they're aiming for. I really shouldn't compare a Nick@Nite show with a Nick show but see the thing is with a lot of these Nick live action shows, they just fail the jokes because they're way too predictable and too literal. but here on See Dad Run I just love the jokes

    that was my review. uh... bye