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  • Arts Special
    Arts Special
    Episode 17
    Julian and Yvonne focus on artists making a name for themselves within the deaf and mainstream community. Christine Sun Kim is an American artist who works with sound installations. The team visit her project with Frank Barnes School for Art Night London. Raymond Antrobus is a multi-award winning poet whose work explores personal issues particularly around family, identity and deafness. Raymond gives an exclusive performance of one of his poems and discusses his approach to his work. Julian and Yvonne talk to Bea Webster about opportunities for deaf actors in the mainstream acting world. Paula Clarke joins us to discuss the work of D'Sign and the Bounce Festival coming up this weekend. And Yvonne joins two deaf fundraisers as they walk the length of the UK for Deaf Mental Health charities.moreless
  • Clin D'Oeil Special
    Clin D'Oeil Special
    Episode 16
    Julian and Yvonne travel to Reims, France to visit the famous Clin D'Oeil biannual arts festival. Attended by thousands of deaf people from around the world, it showcases the best performers, plays, short films and artists from around the world. Yvonne and Julian meet Ramesh Meyappan and discuss his new one-man show, Off Kilter. John Smith tells us about his new sign songs and what his future might hold. Ace Mahbaz tells us about the research and development of his new play about deaf refugees, Home. We are catching up with British export Gavin Lilley as he tries out stand-up at Reims for the first time. And Julian and Yvonne also take a bit of time out from the festival to sample the local food and drink!moreless
  • Deaf Clubs in Decline
    Julian and Yvonne are in the studio introducing two investigations of two deaf centres – Lancashire Deaf Society and Walsall Deaf People's Centre. Both closed within weeks of one another leaving local deaf people without a place to go, without jobs, and without vital support. We are joined in the studio by the University of Sussex's John Walker to discuss whether the closure of deaf clubs is a warning sign, or a natural change linked to the rise of technology and social media. Yvonne visits pastry chef Sam Widnall at the exclusive Pale Hall Hotel in Wales to talk about his time on Bake Off: The Professionals. And we are in a radio studio as Reg Cobb of the Gloucestershire Deaf Association attempts to host his first ever radio show - in sign language!moreless
  • The Emotional Impact of Interpreting
    Nikki and Yvonne are in the studio meeting with Daryl Jackson, a deaf interpreter who had to interpret for a close friend with serious illness. With little to no support available, is the emotional trauma of interpreting difficult situations causing interpreters to quit the profession and what can be done about it? Ali Hetherington, an experienced interpreter, believes the answer is professional supervision. We meet deaf actress Charly Arrowsmith in rehearsals for two new plays with the Royal Shakespeare Company. We travel up to Castleford Academy to see the work of a resource base staffed almost entirely by teachers, CSWs and instructors with BSL Level 3 or higher, led by deaf teacher of the deaf Kate Reed. We are joined in the studio by BBC Young Reporter of the Year finalist Jovita, who shares her experiences and her hopes for the future of deaf education.moreless
  • International Women's Day
  • Deaf Children of our Time
    Back in 2007, See Hear found several deaf children from different family backgrounds starting primary school. Over the years, we've kept track of their progress and seen how the choices their parents have made have shaped their lives.
  • Christmas Special
    Christmas Special
    Episode 9
  • Bank Fraud
    Bank Fraud
    Episode 8
  • Black History Month
    This edition of the magazine programme celebrates Black History Month by meeting today's young deaf black role models. Deaf actress and sign performer Vilma Jackson speaks to Chris Fonseca, Kevin SignKid Walker and Paul Ntutila about their experiences and their advice for the next generation.
  • Hate Crime & Deaf Uber
    Hate crimes and hate incidents against deaf and disabled people are on the increase, but are also under reported to police. This report speaks to deaf victims of hate crime, and asks what can be done. And we are riding shotgun with a deaf Uber driver whose notice to passengers is creating waves on social media.moreless
  • Deaf People and Mental Health
  • Bsl Gcse
    Bsl Gcse
    Episode 4
  • Deaf Boxer & Bsl Theatre
  • Deaf Parents
    Deaf Parents
    Episode 2
    The arrival of a baby is a life-changing experience for any couple, but for deaf parents it can come with unexpected challenges. Three deaf couples tell us about their experiences of starting a family.
  • The Silent Child
    The Silent Child
    Episode 1
    One month on from success at the Oscars, we meet Maisie Sly, the star of the short film The Silent Child, and her parents Gilson and Elizabeth. Will the film's Oscar triumph be a turning point for deaf children? Plus, the deaf video gamers throwing down their controllers in frustration at the lack of access, and asking whether the future will see them left even further behind.moreless