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This is a show about nothing; however, for a show about nothing, this show has many complex plots, sub-plots, is very well written and put together. So much so that until the public caught onto the series, the television critics were responsible for helping to keep it alive. The critics further went on and made the series victorious in every category it was eligible for in the 1st Annual American Television Awards. Seinfeld has also won a few Emmy Awards, the George Foster Peabody Award for 1992 and many more. Many of the early episodes were based on the life experiences of series co-creator, Larry David. Stories such as The Stock Tip and The Jacket really happened, as did many others. Across the hall from Larry lived a man named Kenny Kramer, who aside from the physical comedy aspects, lives the life of TV Kramer. Find out all about him at the real Kramer's web site. Some aspects were based on Jerry's life. Jerry's real address in NYC when he was struggling comic was 129 W. 81 St., this is the address used for his building in the series. In the series, Jerry lives in apartment 5A, Kramer in 5B. Viewer Jason Dean Vaupel notes that in a couple of episodes of the second season, Jerry lives in apartment 3A. And Newman's apartment has usually been 5E, but viewer Jeff Holland notes that it sometimes is 5F and that 5E was rented out to someone else as already noted in the episode, The Conversion. Their building is called The Shelley according to viewer Kipp Teague whose discerned that from the awning on the building. However, that building is actually located in Los Angeles, the building at the real address in NYC is much different. Jeff Holland also notes that The Shelley has no visible fire escapes, but there is one outside of Jerry's window. Other aspects are composite of both lives. For example, Elaine's character is half based on Jerry's ex-girlfriend Carol Leifer. Carol joined the production staff in the 5th season. An ex-girlfriend of Larry David's, named Monica Yates, whose father was a noted writer in the other half of the Elaine equation. Larry David once wore a suede jacket that got wet while meeting her father. Another viewer, Bobby Bank, notes that a tribute to Jerry's father is seen in occasional episodes. Jerry's father, named Kal, worked in the sign business, so occasionally in the background you may see a sign that says Kal's Signs. Bobby stated in a trade magazine for the sign industry called Signs of the Times that he... Quote: had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kal in the early 70s when we were producing Jewelite (Bobby's company) letters for him. I remember Kal saying, 'Bobby, you should meet my son Jerry. He's a real funny guy.' Viewer Robert Buchanan also reminds me that it is ironic that Jerry's father's name is Kal, and Superman's real Kryptonian name is Kal-El. Most every episode takes place in Jerry's apartment; however, there are (of course) a few exceptions: The Chinese Restaurant, The Pen, The Parking Garage, The Subway, The Limo, The Airport, The Movie, The Hamptons, The Merv Griffin Show & The Dealership. While no activity occurs there, an empty apartment is shown in The Puerto Rican Day. First Telecast: July 5, 1989 Last Telecast: May 14, 1998 Episodes: 180 Color Episodes + 1 Special Ratings History Season 1= Not in the Top 30 Season 2= Not in the Top 30 Season 3= Not in the Top 30 Season 4= 25 Season 5= 3 Season 6= 1 Season 7= 2 Season 8= 2 Season 9= 1moreless

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  • The funniest and wittiest and best TV show in history!

    It's no surprise Seinfeld has been repeatedly rated as the #1 TV show in the history of television. I can't imagine anything that is better than Seinfeld. There are many excellent TV shows, but Seinfeld is in a category of its own, all-time best comedy.
  • Laugh over and over again

    I know a show's good when I can watch it over and over again and enjoy it. So clever, so good!
  • Simple the best

    Its simply the best sitcom ever. Seinfeld is awsome so are the others. Classic episodes like the parking garage and the pilot are awsome, not to mention the stakeout. Best ever i say it again.
  • best show ever made !

    seinfeld is the best show ever made , smart and funny , wonderful written , perfect actors , this is the best comedy group ever , every episode is funny .
  • Seinfeld is easily one of the best shows ever!

    Frank Costanza has to be one of my favorite characters ever, George and Kramer being up there as well. My ulterior motive for posting here is to post a link to a video I made dedicated to Seinfeld and Skateboarding. I call it, Seinfeld Skateboarding!

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