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    Why thank you

    One of my all-time favorite Kramer quotes:


    Jerry: So Kramer, what are you going to do?

    Kramer: Do? Do? Hey, I'm doing what I do. You know, I've always done what I do. I'm doing what I do, way I've always done it and the way I'll always do it.

    George: Kramer, what the hell are you talking about?

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    "Maybe the dingo ate your baby"-Elaine Benes

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    George, on the phone in the Nazi limo:

    "mmmmm......ASTROTURF?!?!!! You know who's responsible for that...THE JEWS!!!"

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    Heres a few random Kramer quotes that always makes me laugh.

    Well women do it!!! Oh my papaya.....THE AIR CONDITIONERRRRRR!

    How was your day? Did you have a good day today or a bad day today? Well what kind of day was it? Well I dunno what about you? How was your day?
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    A George divided CANNOT STAND
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    "What is so appealing to men about a catfight?" "Because men think if women are grabbing and clawing at each other, there's a chance they might somehow kiss." - Elaine and Jerry, in "The Summer of George"
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    George: "It's the same thing with the feminists! They all want equality, but when the check comes, where are they?"

    ACE!!!! Pretty much anything that Jerry says is hilarious like I just got done watching The Merv Griffin show (Kramer: hey, this looks familiar. Jerry: of course, it's garbage.)

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    Master of Your Domain
    The Dingo Ate Your Baby
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    frozenropes792 wrote:
    What's your favorite quote or dialouge between two characters?

    Mine is in The Marine Biologist, when George tells his story about the whale to Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine, and Kramer says, "What? Is that a Titelist?"


    In The Pilot, when Crazy Joe Davola jumps off the balcony and yells, "Sic Semper Tyrannis!"

    What was that look?" "What look?" "The look you just gave me." "I gave a look?" "Yes." "What kind of look?" "I know that look." "Then what was it?" "Why should I tell you?" "Well, you're the big look expert. I wanna see how smart you are." "Trust me, I know the look." - Elaine and Jerry, in "The Deal" "I mean, really, what is the big deal? We go in there. We're in there for a while. We come right back out here. It's not complicated." "It's almost stupid if we didn't." "It's moronic." "Absurd!" - Jerry and Elaine, contemplating a new sexual relationship, in "The Deal" "Sometimes when people get involved with that, they feel pressure to sleep over. When that is not really sleep. Sleep is separate from that. And I don't see why sleep got all tied up and connected with that." - Jerry, in "The Deal" "I slept with Elaine last night." "Oxygen! I need some oxygen! This is major!" - Jerry and George, in "The Deal" "You ask me to have lunch, tell me you slept with Elaine, and then say you're not in the mood for details. Now you listen to me. I want details and I want them right now. I don't have a job, I have no place to go. You're not in the mood? Well you get in the mood!" - George, to Jerry, in "The Deal" "That's why I don't have cable in my house. Because of that naked station. If I had that in my house, I would never turn it off. I wouldn't sleep, I wouldn't eat. Eventually, firemen would have to break through the door. They'd find me sitting there in my pajamas with drool coming down my face." - George, in "The Deal" "It pains me to say this, but I may be getting too mature for details." - Jerry, in "The Deal" "Where are you living? Are you here? Are you on this planet? It's impossible. It can't be done. Thousands of years people have been trying to have their cake and eat it too. So all of a sudden the two of you are going to come along and do it. Where do you get the ego? No one can do it. It can't be done." - George, to Jerry, in "The Deal" "I know less about women than anyone in the world. But one thing I do know is they're not happy if you don't spend the night. It could be a hot, sweaty room with no air conditioning and all they have is a little army cot this wide... You're not going anywhere." - George, in "The Deal" Hey, Jerry, rub some lotion on my back." "Who are you, Mrs. Robinson?" "C'mon, and I'll rub some on you." "That's not sweetening the deal." - Kramer and Jerry, in "The Hamptons" "This is weird, wild stuff. George hasn't even seen her yet." "Why do you think we're getting the sneak preview?" "Maybe she's trying to create a buzz." "What?" "You know, get some good word of mouth going." - Jerry, Elaine and Kramer, observing observing a topless Jane, in "The Hamptons" "Is it me, or was that the ugliest baby you have ever seen?" "I couldn't look. It was like a Pekinese." "Boy, a little too much chlorine in that gene pool." - Jerry and Elaine, in "The Hamptons" "The train was so crowded, I had to sit in a seat facing the wrong way." "Oh, I like that. It's like going back in time." - Rachel and Jerry, in "The Hamptons" "She's got greeting problems." - Jerry, about Rachel, in "The Hamptons" "I saw Jane topless." "You saw who what?" - Kramer and George, in "The Hamptons" "It's like I'm Neil Armstrong. I turn around for a sip of Tang, and you jump out first!" - George, upset that Jerry saw Jane topless before him, in "The Hamptons" "I was in the pool! I was in the pool!" "I hate rental cars. Nothing ever works: the window doesn't work, the radio doesn't work... and it smells like a cheap hooker." - Jerry, in "The Airport" "You see? Never be late for a plane with a girl. 'Cuz a girl runs like a girl-- with the little steps and the arms flailing out... You wanna make this plane, you've gotta run like a man! Get your knees up!" - Jerry, to Elaine, in "The Airport" "I can not express to you the feeling I get from a perfect airport pickup." - George, in "The Airport" "I like to stop at the duty free shop!" - George and Kramer, singing, in "The Airport" "Look at you! You run like a girl! Run like a man! Lift your knees!" - Kramer to George, in "The Airport" "You *cannot* abandon people in the middle of an airport pickup! It's a binding social contract. We must go forward, not back." - George, in "The Airport" "You know what? They got the fudge on the bottom - ya see? That enables you to control your fudge distribution as you're eating your ice cream." - Jerry, eating a sundae, in "The Airport" "I never met a man who knew so much about nothing." - Tia the model to Jerry, in "The Airport" "More anything?" "More everything!" - Airline attendant and Jerry, who is enjoying his first class meal, in "The Airport" "Oh, you got *cookies*!"
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