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New WALE "seinfeld" Album...

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    This type of music isn't my forte, so don't get upset if I mess anything up....

    Rapper Wale plans to release a so-called "Mixtape About Nothing" late next month (article from the March 14th EW). It will be a set of new tunes inspired by Seinfeld (the series). He says he has probably seen every episode at least 30 times. One of his favorite seasons is the last.

    Wale actually persuaded Julia Louis Dreyfus to record a short skit for the mixtape. She will not be in the Elaine character, though.

    Wale's team says the mixtape "uses Seinfeld quotes and humor to explore the current state of hip-hop and pop-culture".

    To read the small last excerp visit this site.

    Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with the article from EW magazine. I can tell you it is from the March 14th 2008 edition on page 22, on the top right corner. So if you can find a copy, enjoy.

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    i might have to listen to rap if its about seinfeld
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