Season 6 Episode 14

Highlights of a Hundred (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 1995 on NBC

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  • Season 6, Episode 14.

    February 2, 1995. The day that made history. That was the day Seinfeld aired the 100th episode of the series, entitled "Highlights of a Hundred," even though it is technically only highlights of the first 99 episodes. It was a nice little thing to do for the milestone. And to think that this episode wouldn't have even happened if the network and Jerry Seinfeld went with the original plan of only 5 episodes. They showed some pretty good flashbacks. This episode does seem like a lazy, easy way to make it through an episode. However, the flashbacks were good which made the episode great.
  • Go Down Memory Lane with Jerry and the Gang.

    Seinfeld celebrated it 100 episode, it actually is spit tnto two parts, but I wouldn't mind. I love the show and some of the highlighs are from past shows. I only wish, that special would be two hours, just enough to sweeze in plenty of hight lights. I'm giving Part one a 9.0. But take it from me, you got to see "Seinfeld," it a one of a kind classic with plenty of laughs. There will never be another show this funny, this amusing. I know where the fun is, Jerry, Elaine, george, Krammer. God! I love these people. Part Two is up next.