Season 1 Episode 4

Male Unbonding

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 1990 on NBC

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  • Jerry larns that it may be harder to get out of a male relationship than a female relationship when he tries to "stop seeing" his old neighborhood friend, Joel.

    This episode was average. There was some funny jokes and it had a nice storyline but it wasn't hilarous. This is the first episode where Kramer mentioned there should be a place where you go and make your own pizza pie! Jerry trying to "break up" with his old neighborhood friend was funny to see, also. They did have some "nothing" conversations (like the concept about if WEDNESDAY night means next Wednesday night or tonight.) Of course, Seinfeld didn't get the reputation for being a show about nothing until the 4th season, but it is still fun to look out for conversations about "nothing." In conclusion, this was an OK episode, but I wouldn't put this one on my "Top 10 List" or "Top 25" or "Top 50..."