Season 1 Episode 4

Male Unbonding

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 14, 1990 on NBC

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  • "0ne day you´ll beg me to make your one pie!"

    I liked this episode, it´s my second favourite episode of season 1. I really enjoyed this episode, being a huge improvement from the other two episodes ( i havn´t seen the pilot yet) and a lesson for me, yes i´ve really learned something from this episode like when you don´t wanna be with your friend you can just say: "I gotta teach my nephew geometry you know , trapezoy.."
    or: "I ran out of underwear i can´t leave the house!"
    or my favourite: "I´ve been diagnosed with double personality, i´m not even me i´m dan!!!!!" Elaine, good stuff! But one of the best things about this episodes is Kramer and the "make your own pizza" idea, wich apears later on in the show, season 6, with poppy, i think. And what about "the break up with your friend" thing, hilarious, just great stuff. But next episode is even better, so check season 1 because of episode 3, this and episode 5"The Stock Tip", classic!!