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  • Seinfeld is a show about nothing. Yada Yada Yada.

    I started watching Seinfeld when I got the first, second, and third seasons on DVD for a gift, and instanly I was hooked. Seinfeld claims to be a show about nothing, but its the most complicated show about nothing I've ever seen, with it's various plots and storylines that fill the episodes, Seinfeld is arguably the funniest show that has been on T.V. for a good three centuries at least, perhaps it ties in with Friends, but the whole thing is just non-stop laughs and laughs, everytime I watch an episoide I find some sort of quote from it and that is just the funniest thing I've ever heard, until I watch the next episode: "No soup for you!" is probably the best coming from the soup nazi himself; I can't believe it was cancelled, it was such an awesome show and I hope it comes back.
  • classic

    This is a show about nothing; however, for a show about nothing, this show has many complex plots, sub-plots, is very well written and put together. So much so that until the public caught onto the series, the television critics were responsible for helping to keep it alive. The critics further went on and made the series victorious in every category it was eligible for in the 1st Annual American Television Awards. Seinfeld has also won a few Emmy Awards, the George Foster Peabody Award for 1992 and many more.

  • The show about nothing is the show with everything to make people laugh!!! The most fun I\\\'ve had watching a TV show!!!!!!!

    Oh, well how can describe a show like Seinfeld, a show about nothing. There is not only one word I can use to describe this utterly fantastic sitcom! This show grew on me over time, and the more I watched it, the more I began to appreciate this sort of comedy. It may not a show for everybody, but hell, how can you resist it\\\'s overal charm. Jerry\\\'s bad luck and strange word pronounciations, George\\\'s selfish almost senile behaviour, Elaine\\\'s sexy appeal, and Kramer\\\'s innocent wackiness. A show like this only comes along once in a century, I only hope that one day in my lifetime, they find a new one that\\\'s as fresh, clever, and just plain funny as Seinfeld.
    P.S. These preztels are making me thirsty!
  • Seinfeld is a show about a comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his friends living in New York city. Besides this the show was, basically, about "nothing".

    While I always enjoyed Seinfeld (to some extent), it never really captured my attention and didn't seem to have anything special.

    I know this is one of the most populer shows of all time- but I don't really understand why. Sure, it had it's funny momants and good story lines- but all shows do. The marjority of the show was just, well, nothing.

    At the same time, the show DID have it's momants. Any apperance by Jerry or Georges parents are worth mentioning, and of course there was the Soup Zazi. But he only appeared in 1 episode (I think).

    The acting was nothing to get excited about. Sure whoever played Kramer was good, and Julia had her momants. But Jerry was terrible. All he seemed to do was yell. Infact, that is all any of them seemed to do

    I don't know why this show got all the hype that it did. It certainly was nothing great. But, it wasn't a bad show. It had it's momants of greatness now and then.

  • It is the best sitcom ever!

    I love this show I love Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David (Larry David was the co-creator of Seinfeld). Larry David made his own TV show it\'s called Curb your Enthusiasm it\'s great but saddly it\'s on HBO. :( Oh well they do hve the first second third and forth season dvds out. My personal favorite season is the second season it has the best episodes like ever look out for it and go to it on and look for russell3773 little review for it because I\'m going to review it. Thanks for reading my review it was great by.
  • never really liked it

    i do not think i will ever understand why this show was so popular. i remember watching and laughing a few times, but that is about it. it always seemed to be the same jokes over and over again. i was glad that nbc finnally put it to bed. the funny thing is they have not had any success with many other comedies since it left the air.
  • It could be the greatest show of all times...

    Well Seinfeld is absolutely amaizing, it is so funny, the characters, the situations, the actors... it is just great.
    In this show we find a comedian that it is the most boring characters of the four, but then we find these three others persons who are not normal, these persons who should be locked in a jail or in a Mental Institution, and that it is why we love them.
    Kramer: He is just so funny, I always laught every time I see him, his hair, his entries to Seinfeld's flat and all his crazy ideas of making money... He is just perfect.
    George: He represents all the hysteria that all people have, I really laught when I see him screaming and fighting for stupid things.
    Elaine: She is very funny, It is like the female version of this characters, he likes all the same things, he tries to be like them (the memorable episode "The contest")... She is great.
  • A side-splittingly funny sitcom about 4 people living their lives in the hustle and bustle of Manhattan

    In the era of the great sitcoms such as Frasier and Friends, Seinfeld will go down as a sitcom great. Each episode presented an original and always hilarious situation for the cast. The writers and producers were extremely clever in this regard. It doesn\'t hold anything to Friends but still one the best sitcoms ever to air. Each actor grew into his or her character and each found their comedic niche. Also, some, if not most of the sets in Seinfeld are present in New York, like the Restaurant and The Soup Nazi place. This gives the show even greater appeal.
  • Every time I hear George talk about Susan, or Kramer rant on crazily, I realize why I love this show.

    Honestly, I can't see why people say this is a clone of Friends. Friends came out later, and this is much better. Every Episode is witty, original, but still funny. It's simply constant laughs.
    Even in it's later years, when the ideas got... more creative, you still can't resist Susie, The bagel Strike, Festivus, and ultimately, the Fabulous Four getting what they deserve. The actors all tackle the parts perfectly, although most of them are obnoxious (in a good way). I probably wouldn't like to see it back on the air, as the actors are older now, but for it's nine year run, and even now, I watch it every day.
  • A great comedy.

    This show shouldnt of ever ended it started so many other good shows (Everybody Loves Raymond and more that I cant think of). My Parents and my brother introduced me into this show and gues what I liked it (amazing isnt it). I watch as many episodes I can but just not to many or ill get board from it.
  • One of the best sitcoms throughout the 90's.

    Seinfeld, in my opion is one one the funniest comedies in the 90's, if not the best. So many memorable characters that would have you coming back for more and more every week. Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer made every seen enjoyable even when not together. A show about nothing, this was, and still is, one of the most off the wall shows that ever graced our television. All the slang, quotes, and zany characters are still remembered today. One of the fewest comedies to remain consistent after being on season after season. If you ever wanted to see a show that has a character called 'Soup Nazi', then this is the show for you.
  • Great!

    Even tough this site says that the ratings of the series is full of sevens and sixes and sometimes worse, and with few but very few good ratings, I think that this series is the best! Its storylines are really good and somehow all what they do seems connected by some way and I think that every season this series get better and better, is to bad that it ended but still is really cool and you can always have it with you in order to enjoy it any time you like, any season you want because every season is really cool!
  • Simply THE best sitcom ever broadcasted...!

    The show Seinfeld pretty much gets described in the episode where Jerry and George are making their own sitcom for NBC, which is...errr...seinfeld. "It's a show about nothing!" is what George stated to the NBC staff.

    That's exactly where the brilliance of Seinfeld lies, the fact that it's about nothing, or simply about every day occurences which can happen to anyone. One episode takes place the entire time on the inside of a car, the other takes place in a mall etc.

    The best aspect of Seinfeld is of course the character Kramer. He makes what the show is with his dialogue, his appearance, his mimics etc.

    People tend to compare Seinfeld to Friends, but there is no way that Friends could touch the sheer brilliance of Seinfeld.

    A true classic in every sense of the word.
  • I wish they can make more but oh well anyway this is off the wall when you keep watching again and again...

    Jerry, Kramer, Geroge and Eliane were perfect for this show. For nothing about something came out to be a big thing. Including Newman he always laugh when Jerry is in trouble. I like Kramer the best because he is the one make people as well as Jerry does. My favorite part when Kramer got hit by a foul ball that he was trying to get George hat from the yankee game. LOL! They should continue the show but it ended with court room decision and i think it was for the best.
  • Excellent writting, laughable commedy but bad actors especially Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elane)

    I Loved the show but was just hopping the actors would mature with every season (which did not happen). Julia Louis-Dreyfus\' potrayal of Elane could not be more worse (must say abysmal).

    Michael Richards was excellant as Kramer and Seinfeld does a good job though he is not a good actor. No one could have played George Costanza better than Jason Alexander. But Julia Louis-Dreyfos was a big let down. When ever I see seinfeld (I have DVD of most of the seasons), I just wish Julia Louis-Dreyfos was not there.

    But honestly it is worth watching once. Guaranteed to make you laugh
  • By far the greatest TV sitcom in the history of television.

    All of the seasons are fun to watch. The way the characters interact with each other is what makes it brilliant. You've got Jerry Seinfeld who is the guy that, for the most part, has it all together. He is the most logical character who sort of bridges the gap with all the other characters. He is often the mentor to the group in an indirect kind of way. George is the idiot of the group that is usually getting into a mess which is fun to watch. Karamer is the eccentric character of the group. It is fun to watch him and see what his is up to next. He's always got something new going on in his world. Then you have the Elaine character that is pretty much best friends with Jerry. She's just your average chick with an attitude. So its fun to watch her as she often has the "role your eyes type of attitude" at various things George, Jerry, and Kramer do. But basically, Without Jerry, the group could not exist together. Jerry is the nucleus that causes the whole group to function as a whole. Start at season 1 and watch till the end. Enjoy the series as it progresses. There are so many memorable episodes it would be pointless to review them all. You just need to watch it all and you'll never regret your decision.
  • Seinfeld= Stupid

    This show sholdn't be named Seinfeld, it should be named Stupid, because I can never understand this show, it absolutely makes no sense at all, and the audience watching the show laughs at every single thing on this show, I can't watch one minute of this so called sitcom without hearing the audience laughing, but in my opinion, its not funny at all. I don't like this show one bit and if this were the last show on this planet to watch, I won't even bother with TV anymore until all the other shows return. If you like this show then good for you, if you haven't heard of it yet, don't even think of bothering to watch this insipid nonsense.
  • Something about nothing

    No other sitcom in television history has made such inventive, idiosyncratic use of words, labels, brand names, and pop-culture references. No other TV comedy has experimented as daringly with the witty possibilities of language on a medium that traditionally relies heavily on physical action for easy laughs. On SEINFELD, open-ended conversation among characters who have nothing to gain in terms of plot development is its own reward. Talk is what binds Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer together.

    All four friends are much happier once they are relieved of whatever situation they briefly find themselves in and can get back to the business of sitting around together, theoretically pursuing new situations. They have no children, they cook no meals, they belong to no bowling leagues, they own no amusingly run-down real estate, they don't care about interior decorating or home improvement.

    So Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer have plenty of time to talk. Because talk is what gets them through life. It also makes SEINFELD the nimblest, most linguistically sophisticated comedy show. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • A show about nothing. That\'s it, no more, no less.

    The show always start with Jerry being a stage comedian. Taking it out from his own personal joke book and display it to the world. A couple of shows must have parodies of Senfeld. The only one I know that has a parody is The Fairly OddParents. Sometimes we get jokes and sometimes we don\'t. I always think that Jerry is the sensible person in the show, Kramer, the weird looking friend and neighbor, George, the unsuccesful person and Elaine, the unlucky one.
    All we know that\'s Jerry a funny person and likes to make jokes. That\'s all I have to say.
  • best show ever!!

    seinfeld is so far the best comedy sitcom to have aired on tv. it is really funny and truly it is about absolutely nothing. i loved all the characters on the show. elaine had a very weired dance and i liked it when she used to get angry and start yelling and pushing people. cosmo was an entirely different character he had his famous entry into jerrys apartment he used to slide in a cool way but this slowly dissappeared after the 7th season. george was reaaly crazy with all the problems he created and got stuck in.jerry was also good. i liked it when they got stuck in 1 problem or another and their will be the best show on television for ever.
  • A show about nothing. Literally.

    This show is about the random events that happen to a group of 4 friends living in New York. The show is really funny, due to
    clever writing, good acting, and stupid characters. It has affected today\'s pop culture tremendously, due to original characters and scenarios, such as the Soup Nazi. This show was very popular a decade ago, and to this day retains a loyal fan base. These fans have helped keep this show alive for all of this time, and it still airs every weeknight on TBS. Very funny indeed. A certain must-see for fans of comedy. Lol.
  • Basically, this is the best sitcom to ever reach our tv screens and there will be none like it.

    Seinfeld is the best comedy and best show in general i've encountered on TV. Larry david and company are geniuses, no one these days can write like them. Never have I seen such brilliant, smart, and witty comedy that continues to make you laugh episode after episode.

    The comedy is based on obvservational humor, much like Jerry Seinfeld's own stand up routine. This is material that is as general as it gets, with almost everyone being able to relate. The show revolves around awkwardness in relationships and everyday circumstances.

    Basically, if you're interested in shows on tv at all, you cannot miss this masterpiece.
  • I never got this show, I always thought Seinfield himself was funny as a standup comic but the show was so insipid I could never bring myself to sit through an entire episode. Now that it's in reruns it's even worse, I find it like fingernails on a

    Maybe Seinfield's a guy thing, my husband thinks it's great but for me a show that's basically about nothing just doesn't get it for me. Maybe if there had been a few more characters I could connect to, relate to I'd get it but how does one relate to these characters? maybe if Elaine's character had been, I don't know more sympathetic I could get it, but everytime I tuned in or have the misfortune of having to sit through an episode because my husband's watching the show is about some stupid bet or scheme and I rarely find the scenes or jokes funny, because it's all too obvious. I guess I need a more intellectually stimulating and unique show
  • Love the show, I cannot think of one episode that I do not like.

    I was never all that sad when the show first went off of the air. It would not be until a few years later that I would Begin to find myself buying the DVD sets and sometimes watching several episodes a day. I do not agree with the summary where it mentions "complex plots and sub-plots." I thought that this was a show about nothing. Yes, there are reoccurring themes and events from past episodes that are mentioned in episodes down the road, but as far as continuous plots....I do not think so. It is a show about a group of friends who are just living their lives. Of course they get into some wacky situations, but who of us has not had some wild things happen to them??? I am glad that the show is still on TV, even though it is re-runs. Great show and I hope that I can have every episode at some point down the line. This show will live on FOREVER!!!

    Some classic episodes: The Package, The Frogger, and The Marine Biologist.
  • What a great and original tv show.

    Seinfeld is a very orignal, kind of pointless show. It's pointlessness and subliminal and controversial characters are what make it such a pleasure to watch. It is more real life and shows the ruder, more realistic truth about living in New York. It's characters are hillarious and have unique qualities and awkward habits that make you confused and overwhelmed with humorous feelings at the same time. I think anyone who has a good sense of humor and can appreciate good comedy when they recognize it should watch this show, if they haven't already. All in all I give the show an "A".
  • This is a show about nothing at all. If a show were to capture the spirit of 1990\'s America, it would be Seinfeld.

    In a show filled with running gags galore, it seems that you would need the dvd versions just to get all the jokes.
    One of the best parts about seinfeld is Jerry\'s stan-up intros and outros. I believe that anyone would enjoy watching this show, whether it\'s the soup nazi\'s insanity, or kramer\'s crazy antics. Definately a main stay on the sitcom route til the very end. I kind of didn\'t enjoy the ending, but it was a fitting way to end the show. Seriously, people, go out and buy the seinfeld dvd\'s today or else you will miss out on one of the greatest shows ever!
  • Nothing into Something.

    I have sat on this for a while now, but I think it's time...
    Seinfeld had a simple concept: It was a show about nothing. Of course, really, a show can not be about nothing since a show about nothing would not be a show. The "show about nothing" label is more a note to writers to never streamline stories.
    But the fact is that label and aditude had effected most sit-coms for the following show. This gives Seinfeld an immortal statis in TV history.
    The only problem with the whole show is the final episode. What became a "revisit" to past episode, turned into a complete reverse of the show's premise by linking episodes together, all be it loosely.
  • An outstanding and great American comedy.

    This was the show that was about "nothing" that always made you laugh. Whoever was in charge of casting should get extra royalties. And not just the main stars, the guest stars were almost as good. There were at least 2 member of Desperate Housewives that I can think of right off hand. Teri Hatcher was the girl who said "they're real, and they're magnificant". Marsha Cross was on as one of Jerry's much too beautiful girlfriends also. This show will last forever in re runs because it will hold up well to the test of time. I can look forward to watching it with my children, my grand children and my great grand children.
  • Seinfeld is called "The Show About Nothing"- because that's exactly what it is. Typical episodes generally starts with one or sometimes a few issues that certain characters have to deal with. Eventually each issue snowballs either into something else or t

    This show is absolutely hilarious and I was heartbroken when it was cancelled. Everything that comes out of Jerry's mouth is funny, Elaine is sort of his sidekick, George gets the butt end of everything, and Kramer... well Kramer is just Kramer. Only this show could have an entire episode about a red dot on a kashmire sweater, or being lost in a parking garage actually funny. And what makes this show even greater is that everyonce in a while, when an episode isn't about something ridiculous, it's about an everyday person's struggles, allowing us to be able to relate.
  • A show about nothing where anything can happen!

    There are many hilarious aspects of the show and although it started and finished poorly, Seinfeld will trly be remembered for the clasic installments of hilarity that can be found in well known episodes such as "The soup Nazi" and "The Junior Mint".

    Kramer is by far my favourite character as the show can do anything with him as he is a very far out character with a hint of crazy.

    One of the things I dislike about the show are the episodes based aroundf Jerry and George making their show "Jerry" which I thought was a lame idea as was George getting engaged.

    However, those things aside, this show will be remembered throughout the ages for its memorable moments filled with humour.
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