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  • Why every good show I like is from 1989? Anyway Seinfeild where you go?

    Where you go Sienfeild? I miss you so. It been forever since that last epsiode when I was... how old was I? Was I five... uh... anyway. I love Seinfeild and every tuesday when I prepare to play idol... uh okay mimic it... with my puppets... what I'm 14! So I watch this show get many laughs and wonder... why is this show so funny when I learned the first time I watched it was about nothing. It took me a few epsiodes to get the plot. I first thought the show was about these people on a show about nothing. Then I slowly realized that that show was the show! Whoa! Anyway it also took me a few epsiodes to like it. First it kinda sucked. Then it was good. Then great. Then perfect. I knew it was over so it was a sadly a fact that I shall never see a season finale. So I watched everyday in hope to see the true last epsiode. Hopefully that day will come... I give this show a 10. Oh yeah... anyone who has info on the last show e-mail me.
  • This show is pretty good!

    The four main characters are: Jerry Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer,Elanie Benes and George Costanza. Kramer is Jerry's neighbor. Elanie was Jerry's girlfriend, but now they are just friends, and George is Jerry's friend. Then there is Newman. He is a mailman and he and Jerry dont really like each other. George has problems with his mom and dad. His parents are always fighting. George also was also going to get married and then stuff happened (i dont know if i should give it away or not) and then they didn't. There are also many more characters. but its a pretty good show.
  • Great comedy, new fresh and entertaining.

    Wow, just looking at some of the other reviews really makes me wonder. Sombody thinks it was ahead of it's time but only gave it a 7 something. Wow, what a tough critic. This was a great show about "nothing" that always made you laugh. the casting was perfect. I can not believe the hugley successful guest stars that thet had. There were at least 2 member of desperate Housewives that I can think of right off hand. Teri hatcher was the girl who said "they're real and they're fantastic" or something like that. marsh Cross was on at least once too. that was one things that killed me though. i guess it's the same with a lot of comedies. The woemn are often times wayyyy too good looking for the guys.
  • Off the wall and ahead of it's time

    IMO, Jerry was seemingly the straight man in the group
    While Kramer was a pyscho who did what he pleased
    As George was the lovable loser who couldn't get a job
    And Elaine was like the lone eye-candy to complete the picture
    None of them were related by family but friends you know
    But again, it shows why the show can be a bit cruel but downright funny at times.
  • This was the show we all huddled around the water cooler talking about!

    I can remember seeing my first episode (I think it was season 2, can't remember which one now though) and thinking, "I can't believe this is a show." I stopped watching for a year or two, and then I realized what all the fuss was about. The thing I love most about this show is that there was never a "serious" topic discussed, at least not in a serious way. It seems to me that too many sit com writers decide that there has to be a serious story once every 10 episodes or so, but Seinfeld never went that route. Throughout the entire run, it was truly a story about nothing, which is fine by me. As was the case with many people, each Friday everyone at work was quoting Seinfeld ("Hellllooooooo! La la la!" or "Shrinkage") and talking about last night's episode. I'm glad they decided to call it quits rather than re-hash old ideas or go the serious route. In any case, this one remains one of my all time favorites, highly recommended!
  • Best comedy of the 90s

    Wow, I absolutely cannot convey to you know much I adore this show! It's funny, original, and addictive, and the cast was amazing. The only sad thing is that it had to end, but I guess it was good that they cut it before the show began going downhill. Every episode was as great as the last; I personally cannot think of an eppie that didn't make me crack up at least 10 times. Seinfeld definitely set the bar for future comedies/sitcoms. My favorite thing by far was the cast because every actor had their own personal quirks that made them so darn funny and likeable! Kramer, Elaine, Jerry, GEORGE! Seinfeld is one of my all time faves.
  • the best tv series ever

    I think Seinfeld is the best tv series of all the time.With its incredible and funny characters and unbelievingly intelligent plot(also don't forget "a show about nothing" concept) it became a real tv legend.I don't think that any series will be as good as Seinfeld ever.Although i watched all the episodes at least 3-4 times,i still enjoy watching them.
    and i also have to mention about one more thing...people who don't understand and like seinfeld are the most idiotic people i've ever can you try to degrade the smartest show ever?i really pity on are really pathetic and mentally ill morons.
  • the greatest sitcom of all time

    "Seinfeld" is without a doubt the last great sitcom ever. Since then, all these worthless sitcoms just don't compare with this. Hell, even the actors who were in this are having trouble making a comeback. But, "Seinfeld" was great while it lasted. The premise was simple: a show about nothing. With it's hilarious characters and situations, this could be the best show ever. Each main character had something to add to the mix. And now Cosmo Kramer may very well be the most recognizable character in television history! It's too bad that "Seinfeld" ended it's course, but the last episode rocked!! I'm going to look for the DVD, if there is one. Anyway, "Seinfeld" rightly deserves a 10 out of 10.

  • Completely oustanding through all nine years.

    This is the olny show that I know of that actually went out on top, all other shows seems to drop a little bit the last couple of years. Seinfeld was at its best when they decided it was enough, and that tells you a little something of how good it was.

    All the actors feel very right for their roles, especially Jason and Julia. Excellent supporting actors also, like Wayne Knight and Jerry Stiller.

    Jerrys stand-up is also very good, and often combined with the show in a good way.

    All in all, its a very impressive show through all the nine seasons and I'm kind of glad they actually managed to stop on top.
  • Watch it, or there's no soup for you!

    This show really had a great run while it lasted, and it's amazing to see that even after it's over it's still going strong!

    But I guess I can understand why, this was classic, possibly the greatest T.V show in history!

    It was so original and nothing like any other show I'd seen before because while other shows try to come up with eccentric and complex storylines this show was based souly on nothing, nothing! With a concept like that it's hard to believe this show was half as sucessful as it was and still is today.

    Seinfeld is great because it has hilarious characters (Kramer, duh!), catchphrases (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) and storylines that were based on real life that the viewer could relate to (like when they were stuck in the Chinese restaraunt for the entire episode!)

    Watch it, or there's no soup for you!
  • I love it! No point to the show at all, but is hilariously funny!

    If anybody hates this show, I'll bet you hate the Simpsons and all the other great shows. If you hate it, you're an idiot. You could see the episodes a million times and not get tired of them (But, who would have the time to watch the Soup Nazi a million times? Maybe me! But then I wouldn't have time to watch Mr. Bookman)! It's that good! I used to think that the Festivus and the Soup Nazi were the best, but all of them are equally as good, and maybe even better! I watch these every night! Heir your grievances about Seinfeld, if you have any (I hope you don't!)
  • Nothing compares to the hilarity and unpredictability of Seinfeld, even if you have seen all the episodes hundreds of times.

    Being off the air for more than 5 year now, Seinfeld is still one of the better shows on T.V. The quirky cast of amusing character like the Soup Nazi, Close Talker or Bubble Boy kept this show interesting and you just couldn’t wait to see who was going to come on next week. Just like the characters, the scenarios and plots also were as weird as the people. The contest (see who can keep from doing you-know-what to themselves the longest), manssier (a bra for men), and George losing his glasses and getting a new pair with ladies frames and having to switch glasses with a blind man are just some of the humourous antics that this show produced.

    What made the show good came down to the characters. Jerry, of course, with his notorious shoutings of “Newman” and mildly amusing encounters with women, like the Foot Fungus girl or Real or Fake Breasts woman had him engraved in everyone’s minds as the comedic fool who couldn’t have a women for more than a week. George, a short, stalky, balk man, as he is most commonly referred to, is a loud obnoxious character who is Jerry’s best friend. George’s fascination with architecture, the name “Art Vandalia,” and his degrading life, which looks good if you condense it down into one day, makes him likable in whole different way. Kramer, the lady killer food stealer, who lives across from Jerry’s place, plays the role of the unreliable friend who can’t keep his mouth shut about anything and loses track of time. He is amusing with his Infamous noises, like “popping” sounds from his mouth and other bizarre sounds ruminating out of his maw. Finally, Elaine is the sole women who must make her way in a mans world. Working for a number of places like Pendant Publishing, The Peterman Catalog, and for Mr. Pit, she bring a maturity factor to the group. Having her own flaws like buying candy at the wrong time and strong moral beliefs that cause funny social clashes, Elaine is the X-factor that makes the show happen and what would Seinfeld be without her?

    Jerry Seinfeld started out as a stand-up comedian working nightclubs and some of his shows are seen at the beginning, during and at the end of some the earlier shows. Teaming up with Larry Davis (now in Curb Your Enthusiasm) they created Seinfeld. It premiered in 1990 with the pilot about a woman Jerry is letting stay over at his place and all is going well until he finds out that she is engaged. George and Jerry go to a laundromat and discuss over drying to over dying and how you can’t do both. Kramer needs to borrow meat from Jerry and accidentally tells the outcome of the Mets game to Jerry, Jerry stayed up to 2 A.M. to watch it in peace. Elaine isn’t in the Pilot and was added later. All the episodes, like the pilot, involve unusual plot twists, like in the shrinkage episode where everything is going well until Jerry’s girlfriend sees something of George’s that is…to quote Jerry, “Like s frightened turtle.” Then the whole plot of the episode changes to incorporate this most unfortunate event. Another example is the one where George tries to get fired from the New York Yankees. He runs on the field in a revealing body suit, wears Babe Ruth’s old uniform and messes it up, and drags the World Series trophy behind in his car. He’s doing this because he wants to get a job with the Mets, but before he gets fired another person, called Mr. Wilhelm, takes the blame because he too wanted the job with the Mets. Now George and Wilhelm argue over who should be fired. This went on for 8 years and the final episode had all the famous characters back on to testify against the quartet for crimes against the “Good Samaritans Act” after they watched a fat guy get robbed and did nothing to help him but videotape it and make crude remarks about his weight. The show ends with them sitting in jail talking about a button, which is one of the same lines they use the pilot and Jerry remarks, “haven’t we talked about this before.” A most fitting end.

    Although this show was kept original and new, now off the air it is starting to fade and quite literally. Like all old shows the colour and sound are starting to get fuzzy from the hundreds of times they have played the tapes and it is on almost 24-hours-a-day if you have a descent cable package that you do get enough of it and wonder what else is on. With the newly released seasons of Seinfeld on DVD you can enjoy them in your home. With much better quality picture and sound and extras it is a bit better than T.V., but I always end up watching it on T.V. because there is no point for me to put a DVD in if something I want to watch is on T.V. and I feel most people are like this as well.

    After all these years Seinfeld can’t live up to the 21st century. Shows like American Idol, The Apprentice, Family Guy, and The Simpson’s are all the top shows to tune into. Seinfeld is being lost in the crowd of new shows and like Cheers and Frasier, past big hits, you may only see Seinfeld in the future on old channels like Dai-Ja-View or Prime. It will be sad when this show finally goes off the air because there has never been a show like it and I doubt there ever will be. Jason Alexander (George), Michael Richards (Kramer), and Julia Louis Dryfuse (Elaine) have all tried to make their own shows. First the Michael Richards show premiered around a year after Seinfeld went off the air. Next the Bob Patterson show with Jason Alexander. Julia tried Watching Ellie. Jason tried again with Listen Up and lastly Julia is trying again with the New Adventures of Old Christine, which is on now, I believe, but not vary promising. The "Seinfeld curse" is what they call it that none of them can get a show going. I think it is because there is too much expectation when it come to them. If the show isn’t side ripping funny like Seinfeld was it is deemed a failure. That’s what Seinfeld was and what it will be remembered as, but when I hear people say things like, “Seinfeld sucks” or “That show’s old” I realize that the younger people who didn’t grow up with the show will find this uninteresting and turn it away. I begin to feel what my parents felt when I would tell them that Monty Python’s flying circus was boring. This show wont stand the test of time but for what it’s worth I like it, still watch it and enjoy it to this day. And if its on when I’m older I will probably still watch it.
  • its a show about nothing

    sweet show its so funny i started watching this show a long time ago my favorite is Kramer his first name if you didnt know is Cosmo hes my fav because he acts just like me in real life. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is so hot i think she is the hottest person next to Angelina Jolie
  • Years later and still kicking!

    After it\'s end in 1998, Seinfeld still is seen on various networks. It\'s witty humor and fun scripts make it a show anyone can sit down, watch, and truly enjoy. Always expect good things from the writers, and the characters are great. Seinfeld himself as an acter, is not the greatest actor, but he does his part great, along with all the others, Great classic sitcom to be enjoyed by all.
  • An asolutley great show. It was supposed to be a show about nothing, but it covered so many topics and was always funny. I don't know why they had to stop it. It could have gone at least two more years.

    Seinfeld was a very funny show that had great characters. By far, the funniest character was Kramar. He could be the greatest character of all time. I don't understand why it stopped. A lot of the cast are now in other shows and they could have thought of other funny events. Also, the Finale was terrible. They shouldn't have all gone to jail. It's a bad way to end such a succesfull, and classic TV show. Never the less, it will always be one of my all time favorites. Even though i was a little too young when the best episodes were showing.
  • A timeless classic to be enjoyed over and over.

    Seinfeld being voted the best show ever, only a couple of yeas ago is certainly set to be a timeless classic for generations on. A show that can be enjoyed over and over. All seinfeld fans would certainly have to agree with me, and for those who havn't seen the show, i highly and strongly reccomend it.
  • I D O N T R E A L L Y W A T C H T H I S S H O W I J U S T W R O T E A R E V I E W A B O U T I T .

    I J U S T G E T B O R E D W A T C H I N G I T . I \\\' M A F R I E N D S F A N S O M A Y BE I M J U S T B I A S T O O T H E R S H O W S L I K E T H IS B U T S I N C E I F I R S T W A T C H E D F R I E N D S I C O U L D N \\\'T C O M P A R E I T T O A N Y T H I N G A N D I D O N T T H I N K A N Y S H O W S C A N T O P T H E M .
  • The Greatest Sitcom EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is my all time favorite Show on TV(in live action, Batman TAS is my all time fav on TV in animation). Seinfeld may be a Show about nothing, but there sure is something about it that makes it a great show.
    The wacky cast, the unbelieveable episodes, or is just the comedy itself. whatever it is THIS SHOW ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hilarious!!

    I watched every episode about one thousand times now but it never gets old. The jokes keep on coming; the characters are just perfectly made for this kind of show. Also everything seems so like it could happen in real life. This WAS the best show ever but ever since it ended other shows and movies like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and Lords of The Ring have token over but this is still an instant classic. To others who want nonstop jokes I would recommend Everybody Loves Raymond, Whose line is it anyway and Monk.

    ~Priest Ohm~
  • Good show!

    I love this show! It is so funny! My Mom made me watch it one day and I loved it. It just gose to show you that your parents can really know what you like sometimes!!! This show is funny, cool, and it has been on for a while! This show is one of my favorties.


    it was really one of the greatest shows ever!! seinfeld is the work of a genius!!i love george's dumbness and kramer is the undisputed king of comedy. ellaen is a truly lovaeble and wonderful person. jerry seinfeld toh ekdum maska hai maska(butter) kya rapchik show banaila hai tum log, ekdum bindaas!! keep it up people!!
  • Jerry and the gang are the best A +++ ! we watch them dailey can\'t get enough ! Doesn\'t matter how many times we have seen the episodes there always great !

    seinfeld tradition

    My husband and I are huge fans of Jerry we faithfully watch 4 episodes of Seinfeld mon thru friday only once on the weekends cause thats the only showing, although we can through in A Seinfeld dvd any time we want and we usually do. Well any way our tradition is every evening during the 7 pm showing we share a box of Jerry Mints which are really Junior mints but in our home we have renamed them cause our routine is eating them while we watch Jerry ! It\'s really funny cause even when where food shopping one of us will always say don\'t forget the Jerry Mints.
  • what is the deal?

    Okay - I was never a regular watcher of "Seinfeld", so maybe I don't get all the little treats of the show, but I don't understand why everyone went crazy for it. I could watch 5, maybe 10 minutes of it, but thre wasn't anything about it that really "grabbed" me and made me want to watch it.

    Especially once it was in syndication and was on 5 times a night. Can you say, 'overkill?'
  • A story of a comedian (Jerry Seinfeld/co-creator) and his friends and their escapades and observations in New York City. With characters that every viewer can connect with. Plus great guest appearances sometimes even from writer/co-creator Larry David. <

    “Seinfeld” is one of the best television shows of the nineties and is certainly one reason why NBC was dominant during that decade. The show was sure to make you laugh even from the beginning in its 5 episode summer season. The characters are caricatures of every person and if you don’t associate with a main character then you are sure to find something in common with the large supporting cast. The idea of a show about nothing is quite possibly why this show is great because it can be any type of show the viewer wants it to be.
  • Seriously, bring it back it was classic

    Oh what a great show I totally miss it. Especially Cramer, perfect acting, hiliariuos,mad, Sa puybe.Jerry was great and so was Cramer, Elaine with "Get Out" and pour old George. Cramer just busting in. Jerry's comedy at the start and end and "Hello Newman". The bubble boy, the pez dispenser and the parking spot, best eps. If you have'nt seen the show the I pitty u.

    They should bring it back it be the best show in the world now and back then. Even now I love it seeing it on TV1. It makes me laugh so easy I dont know any who hates it.

    Pretty good for a show about nothing

  • The story of four different friends in NYC, filled with humor and irony!

    I love this show!!
    It is funny in many different ways, and the characters are well-designed and described. They perfectly embody the horrible cruelty of the world (such as George's greed)
    My favorite character is Elaine: she is smart, yet arrogant and selfish! But she had some funny moments, such as in the episode of The Soup Nazi.
    Overall ..EXCELLENT SHOW!!
  • The show about nothing... and everything: friends, loves, family, jobs, and all the little things in life that drive us mad ! One most important thought; "LOOK TO THE COOKIE"

    Seinfeld isnt just a TV show, its a tonic for me. No matter what has happened in my day to tick me off or make me sad, Seinfeld ALWAYS makes me laugh ! If it isnt the stupidity of Kramer, its the blaze wit of Jerry, or the insane musings of Constanza." My worlds are colliding", And my favorite is when Elaine is surprised by something she pushes jerry and says ; "GET OUT "! Ahhh yes, my daily dose of Seinfeld. gotta have it.
  • A show about nothing you think it wouldnt work but it did it has to be one of the best shows ever.

    Seinfeld with his three other friends Geogre (a blading,fat,middle-age man who has the wrost life) Elaine (once with Jerry but broke up is a worker who has alot and is very funny.) Kamar (The most funniest person ever he's just so stupid that he is funny) This is a great show about nothing with the most funniest things ever-soup nazi being one it's great. All the nicknames they give to people made the show so great.
  • awesome

    Funny show, just pointless...

    ~~~~~~~~~~S E I N F E L D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    this show is one of the best shows i have ever seen it contains complex plots; even though it is suppoused to be a show about about "nothing". well it isn't i recommend it for a buy & a rental.. you might want to rent it first before buying it so you could get used to the humor.
  • AWESOME!!!

    this show is the best! it's also really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really funny!
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