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  • THE BEST!!

    well, this is hands down the best sitcom ever! it peaked at about its fifth year but never went down from there. it stayed in perfect form until its last episode. i would like to say i wish it stayed on the air, but i am actually glad it left on top! not to mention i still try to watch it everyday...

    the best of the best!!!!!!! thanks for all the laughs!
  • Seinfeld is a classic show which has 9 great seasons involving Everyday life.

    First off I must say that my favorite character is George because he is a great actor and he can make you laugh. For the first 3 seasons of Seinfeld it barely hit the top 25 range in ratings but as it hit prime time in season 4 it went form like #25+ to #1 in the US. Now on with the show, the Show is about a comedian named Jerry Seinfeld who lives in New York City with his best friend George Costanza, his next-door neighbor Cosmo Kramer and his Ex-Girlfriend Elaine. The show is about nothing and it is based on everyday life stuff and that’s what makes the show so great.

    Anyway if you haven't seen Seinfeld, I deeply recommend it.
  • Terrible...just plain terrible!

    If you have not already watched this show, take my advice.

    D O N O T W A T C H I T E V E R !!!!

    Do people think this is actually funny. I think I saw one mildly funny episode. What are the people writing this thinking????

    Also, Jerry Seinfeld is not a funny comedian. His jokes are horrific! Everyone\\\'s like \\\"oh, but he has such good delivery\\\"!! he is terrible!

    Boring, whiney, boring, whiney, boring, whiney....can\\\'t say it enough.

    George gets on my nerves...Krammer tries to be funny and isn\\\'t...Jerry...already explained him...and whatever that woman\\\'s name is...she drives me crazy.

    By the way, soup nazi was really really stupid!
  • Where can I start with this show? How about the best sit-com ever .

    Where can I start with this show? How about the best sit-com ever . This show is absolutely hillarious and I think it is safe to say that it is one of my favorite shows of all time . It's writing is brilliant and hillarious. I absolutely love how all of the story lines inter-twine at the end and make a great closing for each episode . I also love the acting of everyone on the show . Especially that of Micheal Richards and Jason Alexander . They were perfect in the show and gave it something that I cannot even describe . The show is funny on so many different levels and I think is sometimes a little bit mis-understood by teens . Being one myself I absolutely love the show and would probably give my right arm to be able to keep on watching it . I think that 10 , 20 , 50 even 100 years into the future people will always remeber this show when they're watching it in their floating cars and on little microchips that wil contain the whole series .
  • This show was not even remotely funny until season 4... The 4th season was spotty, as was the 5th. But season 5 gave us glimpses of the greatness to come...

    This show was not even remotely funny until season 4. I don't give credit for the originality of episodes like "the chinese restaurant" and "the parking garage" because witty is not a substitute for funny.

    The 4th season was spotty, as was the 5th. But season 5 gave us glimpses of the greatness to come. Such as the "non-fat yogurt", "the marine biologist", and one of the best episodes ever "the opposite".

    The show took off in season 6 and never looked back. The weakest episodes of seasons 6 through 9 are still better than 90% of what was or is on television to this day.

    The strength of those 4 seasons negates any shortcomings by the previous 5 and is the reason I give them an almost perfect score.

    I tivo 4 episodes of Seinfeld a day and excluding seasons 1 through 3 and a few episodes from 4 and 5, they never get old.

    The easiest way to know if it's a good or bad episode is if it opens with Jerry doing stand-up. Other than a few exceptions, these episodes are not very funny. The end of the opening monologue signaled the beginning of a classic television show.

    They also ended it at just the right time, much like 'Cheers' before them. I hated to see it go but they did it right.
  • I agree with this guy below...

    I always see some guys saying that Seinfeld is boring, but what I really think, is that they have never seen a good episode. If you watched just 1 episode, you shouldn't think you are able to judge a entire tv program. And please kids, go see SpongeBob, it will not be funny for you...
  • This is the funniest/best sitcom ever

    Yes, it really is the best sitcom and so funny you'll hurt yourself with laughter. Before I knew about this show, "Friends" was my favourite sitcom, but now that I go back to it, I find it hard to laugh at it because of "Seinfeld". Unlike "Friends", "Seinfeld" doesn't focus on annoying deep relationship things, like the whole Ross and Rachael thing that went on and on for, well about the whole ten series it lasted.
    "Seinfeld" basically takes the little things in life, and makes fun of them for a full twenty minutes. So forget about every other sitcom you've seen, this really is the one to go for.
  • Boring, whiney people sitting around complaining.

    Sorry, I'm one of those who just doesn't think this show is funny. Why do I need to waste time listening to a bunch of complainers talk about ordinary, boring life? They never DO anything. They never learn anything. Their characters never develop. I want to scream at them, "Get a life, you morons!"

    Please, please, get it off my television.
  • this is the only sit-com worth watching

    this is the only sit-com worth watching it is so much funnier and so more interesting than any other sit-com the characters don't worry about their children or in-laws and a lot of the time don't even worry about their boy/girlfriends and that's why it's so good the characters are placed in realistic situations yet they still seem funny to us
  • Crapfest

    ITs just crap. A complete waste of crapiful time. This crap needs to be kicked of the air. Its not and I never even laughed when it came on, because well its just crap. Crap crap crap crap thats all I think of when I see dis show. Man is it bad. Did I forget to say its crap!?
  • What a fantastic show!

    This show is truly amazing. One of the best and most influential sitcoms to ever grace national television. Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld are a magical team! Not only that, but the nice folks at Sony decided to release the entire series on DVD and what amazing DVD's they truly are! They honestly are masters of the DVD domain :)
  • Four friends hang out.

    Seinfeld is such a great series. It added new vocabulary to the main stream. Such as "low talker" which is someone who speaks very very quietly. "Man Hands" used to describe a woman with great big manly hands. Who can forget "Yadda yadda Yadda" where you skip over part of a story to get to the end.

    The charachters were fantastic. Jerry takes observations of life and makes jokes out of them.

    George is wonderful. Pathetic guy who is as cheap as he can be. He is so cheap that if he breaks up with someone over dinner, he asks them to pay for their half of the meal. Kramer is a fan favorite. The lovable pathetic mooch who will burst into the apartment at any time to have some of Jerry's food.

    The show also features such classic secondary charachters like J. Peterman, Elaine's boss; Newman, Jerry's nemesis a very overweight mailman; Puddy, Elaine's on again off again dim witted boyfriend.

    Plus memorable guest charachters like Soup Nazi, Babu Baht, and Poppy. there will never be a show quite like this..
  • Maybe a bit overrated but whatever it's still a fantastic show.

    Seinfeld is one of those show who keeps poppin up when you ask somebody about tv comedy's. All over the internet there are lots of people swearing this is the greatest tv comedy's ever made. Well i tell you, it's a classic but if its the best is tottaly up to you. Seinfeld has a sort of humor over it that is a bit like typical english humor. Not everybody can enjoy but most people will love it after seeing a few shows. The same thing happened to me. So if you have never seen this show (you must have been lying under a rock on the moon with your eyes blinded) it's all up to you if you will become one of the people who think its the greatest or one of the people who think it's one of the best. I know who i am :)
  • Seinfeld is without a doubt the single best sitcom in the history of Television!

    Seinfeld was really a true trendsetter; it paved the way for many sitcoms to follow in its footsteps. Basically Seinfeld is a show about literally nothing. Its everyday life, with hilarious situations happening ever single episode. It was absolutely wonderfully written, and all of the actors portrayed there characters perfectly.

    Crammer is quite simply the funniest character ever in the history of sitcoms, and George is a complete and laughable loser. Jerry is a great comedic, and Ellen is fabulous as well. Overall Seinfeld is without a doubt the very best sitcom ever released, and there probably won't ever be a better sitcom.

  • The best show ever created!!!

    As i said above The Best show ever Created!! IT is on every weekday on TBS and i watch it everyday. The best character in the show by my opinion is Kramer. He the is the funniest person ever. If you get a chance to watch the show do it.
  • THE original show about nothing.

    A brilliant new concept in writing from Larry David with Jerry's sense of humor made this show amazing. Anyone who doesn't see how this show is influential is a moron. It redefined the sitcom. You don't always have to have "jump-theshark" storylines. Sometimes you can have a whole episode about masteurbation.
  • Best show in the history of television! I wish it were still on!

    There are no words to describe the feeling i get from watching an episode of seinfeld. It just makes my heart smile:)
    At night I just sit down with a big stack of paper(for drawing :P) watching seinfeld on t.v. on on DVD!
    The stories and characters are unforgettable. The words and phrases are used in everyday life "stop and chat" , "regifter", etc... No show will ever amount to what seinfeld has created which is a show about nothing, that has become a world wide phenomenon! Seinfeld was over at the very peak of its popularity which immortalized it, and made it the best show in history!
    BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's called the show about nothing, but Seinfeld is a show about 4 good friends who stick together because no one else will put up with them. Each episode takes 3 seemingly unrelated things and ties them together in a hilarious way. It's a classic!

    Weird and unique, Seinfeld is one of the most original and hilarious comedies in television history. The show poked fun at sterotypes and at itself on a regular basis.

    Jerry basically plays himself, a single-guy comedian who's low-key, somewhat long-suffering, and has a penchant for neatness...not that there's anything wrong with that! His grifting neighbor Kramer was perfectly described in one episode as a hipster-doofus. Always ready with a money-making scheme or a way to get something for nothing, Kramer is the kind of neighbor who would drive most people to distraction. On again-off again girlfriend Elaine is a straight woman who thinks like a man. She's the kind of girl who's much more comfortable in the company of guys. Then, there's George. Whiny, insecure, and lazy, it would be easy to dislike him, if you'd never met the people who raised him. His parents make Ray Barone's parents look like the American Psychological Society's textbook examples of warm and supportive.

    Classic episodes include "The Soup Nazi" and "The Master of Your Domain." Seinfeld is a bit twisted, and truly funny.
  • it's ok

    this show is okay it's not my favorite show ever alot of it is kinda cheesy like when they say stuff like your on the speed dial stage oh, thats bad i think thats cheesy but shockingly alot of people like this show it's got some funny parts in it all in all it's ok
  • Oh my god... what wouldn't I give for another season of Seinfeld. I realise this won't happen, but I really, REALLY wish it did...

    Seifeld - The most amazing TV show american TV had since its early days.

    So hilarious, so not connected to reality, yet touches situations in all our real lives, and so AMAZINGLY funny.
    I think Seifeld's main charm are characters that are evolving and comiclly deep.
    Especially Kramer and George (played by Michael Richards and the amazing Jason Alexander, repectively) are truly among the best played characters I've ever watched - Richards is one of the last "body-language" comedians, and Alexander, well, takes acting into a level unseen before.
    The show's absurd situations, weird cast and characters, and, well, bizarre plot turns, all make this one of the greatest shows ever filmed. A must!!!!
  • as if you didn't like this show!

    This has got to be my all time favourite show. it is so funny and well writen. No wonder its one of the greatest shows of all time!!! When this show was new i didnt really watch it because i was to young but i started watching it on paytv and im obsessed. Everyone should like this show
  • Probably the first show about nothing but a group of friends and their funny way of seeing the events that occure in their everyday life.

    I don't think anyone thought Seinfeld would ever reach out to an audience as big as it finally did. The plot is to simple. Four friends in New York living a life like every other person, with boring jobs, messed up relationships and theories about how to overcome obstacles which everyone faces. Friends fans probably won't have any difficulties understanding the concept of this show.
  • Gay

    What I want to know is why every body likes this show. its horrible. the stand up comedy that sienfeld does at the beginning doesn't make any sense. Sienfelds not funny. that one gay dude (kramer I think is his name) isnt funny. The fat guy isnt funny. The girl isnt funny.None Of Them Are Funny!!!!! This is one of the mst retarded shows I have ever watched. If you like this show, you desperatly need a life. if you say this show never gets old or boring(like vc152007) youre wrong. this show got old and boring on the first episode. I'm givin this show credit by givin it a 1 on the review. the only word for this show is GAY!
  • The funniest TV show to ever air on television. Need I say more?

    Everything about Seinfeld is nearly perfect. Greatly written, produced, directed, and acted. Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld paired together to make nothing less than....well, a show about "nothing." While "nothing" may be the loose premise of the show, each episode is hilarious and keeps your full attention. I have yet to see an episode where I said "that was dumb" after viewing. Each character in the show is brilliantly written for, and acted incredibly. All four are extremely unique and funny in their own way. And each actor/actress embodied their character perfectly. I think one of the main reasons of it's hilarity, is the lack of drama. I for one do not like drama inserted into my comedy shows, such as Friends does. I like to have a care-free hilarious show. And Seinfeld gives that, and so much more.
  • WOW

    who would of thought that a show about nothing could be so marvelous. if you dont like the show then you arent able to determine whats good and whats not. but everybody likes this show so it doesent matter. wow what a great show, it never gets old or boring
  • Seinfeld is absolutely geinus!

    Classic! And Geinus!! one of the greatest shows of all time. Everyone on the show has amazing talent.
    the comedy, randomness, i love that i can actually relate to the comedy and randomness. They are just people doing and talking about nothing that is just absolutely unimportant to everyone else around.
  • Very Funny

    Seinfeld - The show about nothing. You wouldn't think that a show about nothing would have anything to offer, but you would be wrong! This show is about everything at the same time as nothing. It's like sitting at home and watching your friends on t.v. It's very funny, original, and interesting to watch. I am trying to get evry Season on DVD! I would give this show 10/10!
  • magnificent show

    This show has to be without a doubt one of the best comedies to have ever been created. Truly outstanding. The characters work so perfectly together and with the insane but mundain events that occur in the episodes it brings the audience in with nothing and leaves them with their sides splitting from the outrageous humour. Its a shame that its gone now, but why not leave on a high note. Good old seinfeld... No SoUp FoR yOu!!
  • "Nothing" is better than Seinfeld

    Seinfeld is a "show about nothing" and is possibly the best show of all time. Though my faveroite show is "The Simpsons" I think that "Seinfeld" is good enough to be that. The show never got popular until around season 3 it was kept on the air something that cant be done today. Seinfeld also is still popular in todays world, Festivus the holdiday created by Frank Costanza is celebrated and several of the sayings from the show are used. 7 years after it was ended it is still constantly re ran I watch it every night and I hope Seinfeld stays popular for a long time.
  • It's The Best Show About Nothing out there!

    It's the best: There's no comparison. It's an insult to television if you give it less than a nine!
    It probobly is THE best show ever to hit prime-time TV. You can't insult it: it's too good! It's amazing how easily we can get sucked into the lives of fictional people we don't know, but Seinfeld makes it suprisingly easy. Yay Seinfeld!
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