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  • The best show in the world!!! All you people who don\'t get it are just stupid. You can go to hell.

    Seinfeld was rated by TV Guide the best show ever. The other top 5 were I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, All in the Family, and the Sopranos(explain that one to me). You can\'t just sit down and watch an episode of Seinfeld. You have to watch it for a while. You have to get a sense of knowledge of what the characters are like. Also, the good ones are nothing like some of those at the beginning. The ones at the beginning were pretty rough, but the second season on made for the best TV show ever. Anyone who doesn't agree can go to hell.
  • Seinfield gives you lots of relaxation!

    Seinfield is the best show in this country! it gives you lots of fun, and makes you relaxed!!!
    This is the show that I definitely have to see before I go to sleep, after I get back home every night! oterwise I feel like I am missing something in my life!!!!
  • Pure Crap!!! The most over rated show in the world.

    This is by far the most overrated, most horribly written, most uncomfortable show in the universe. It is so overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated!!!
  • Why is this considered classic, or even decent?

    I do not get at all why people like this show or even find it funny. The only decent actors in it are Michael Richards and Jason Alexander. Jerry is just annoying, and the only thing worse than his acting is his stand-up routines during the show.

    The jokes are pathetic. For every mildly amusing joke there are about 20 that are failures.

    The show is about nothing, I get it, so what? Is that any reason for lazy writing and acting, being so original that it's about NOTHING!

    I was so annoyed when I heard some writer for a newspaper claiming that this was the best comedy series EVER! How many shows has the guy seen? 2, 3? I bet he was kicking himself after the guy watched "Blackadder" and "Fawlty Towers" right after making that idiotic statement.

    I don't care if you think this show is funny, or decent. Just don't call it one of the greatest TV shows ever or a classic.
  • Greatest comedy of all time.

    Where I live, this show is on four times a day. I watch it 3 of those times each day. That says about it all for a series that ended seven years ago.

    But the major reason to keep coming back is that the longer you tune in, the more amazed you become at the job Jason Alexander did portraying the character of George Costanza. Brillant!
  • My favorite show ever.

    Funniest show ever. I have seasons 1-6 on DVD and watch them every day. This is the funniest show ever!!!!! no one should hate it, though there are many who do. It has many different styles of humour blended into it, but the funniest is the conversations about nothing. The best show!!!!
  • whats up with that!?

    this show is really good and i like the whole premise, to which there is none. basic life in the city is great, and seinfeld's family is more carzy than mine. i really hope that they air some lost episodes, because that finale was a little week. please show me more!
  • Once I've seen a few seconds, I can't change the channel. Seinfeld is a drug, and I'm an addict.

    They're re-running the series over and over again, so it's almost impossible not to stumble upon it when I'm searching for something worthwhile to watch when I really should be going to bed.

    The funny thing is; it doesn't matter how many times I've seen a certain episode. Once I catch a glimpse of Seinfeld, I'm suddenly incapable of changing the channel.

    Seinfeld is addicting, and I don't quite understand why. It's a show about everyday issues, but with a twist. I love its sense of humor, its characters, and most of all, its simplicity.
  • A nothing show about nothing.

    This show has got to be the most overrated sitcoms of all time. The characters seem more whiny than quirky. Seinfeld at best is a 2nd rate comic. Why is it the average Seinfeld fan is shocked to learn that there a whole country outside of New York City? I nauseated hearing by critics who rate this show among the best sitcoms of all time. Please!!
  • The best show about nothing I've ever seen!!!

    Is there really much too add? Just simply watch it! It's absolutely fabulous! Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer are the BEST tv characters EVER! At least flesh and bones characters. I wish it didn't have to end... I still cry everytime I watch the last couple of shows... Please keep showing it!
  • 'Seinfeld' - the show that delivers something from nothing...not that there's anything wrong with that.

    In case you were living in a cave on another planet during the 1990's, this was the show everyone talked about. 'Seinfeld' dealt with the trivialities of 4 people's everyday lives in a way that changed TV. Never before had so little (in terms of plot substance) produced so many laughs, guffaws and just plain smiles each Thursday night at 9. Join the apathetic germophobe Jerry and his neurotic, impulsive and over-the-top friends and acquaintances as they deal with relationships, adulthood, societal nuance, and the terror of one man and his soup. Truly revolutionary.
  • Well the Jerk Store called, and they're running out of you!

    This show is possibly, no it is, the BEST show ever created. I cannot fathom another show as great. I try my best to catch an hour and a half of Seinfeld every weekday. Although, I really only like Seinfeld from season four through nine, I still watch it every chance I get.
  • Seinfeld remains one of the premier examples of television comedy at its finest.

    Having just picked up the Season 5 & 6 DVD sets, I spent about 2 hours laughing uncontrollably, and I had just finished the first DVD in Season 5. This show was one of the best things on television ever, and definitely the best show on television when it was airing in prime time. No show to this day has had a cast where every player pulled their weight, and were all hilarious. I'm anxiously awaiting Season 7, which contains my ALL-TIME favorite Seinfeld ep, "The Rye."
  • I really miss "SEINFELD"! While it was good that the show went out on top, America will miss Jerry and the gang!

    "SEINFELD" defined the meaning of sit-com as well as defined what is socially acceptable and not. Emily Post would give this show high marks!

    "SEINFELD" has also set trends in vocabulary: "yada, yada, yada", "spongeworthy" and "re-gifter" as well has made jokes that are still funny today "they're real and they're spectacular".

    This show will be one for the ages, a show whose points of conversation and ettiquite are always valuable. Thank you, Jerry and the gang, for giving me so many laughs throughout the years. We, America, salute and miss you dearly!
  • seinfeld, the show about nothing

    I think my favorite part about this show is the fact that you can watch it any time and not need to know whats going on in that specific show to have a really good laugh. The characters and stories pickup around the 3rd season and dwindle towards the last season or so. Great series overall.
  • Seinfeld is a show that is about nothing; however, this show is far from being a show about nothing because it has complex plots and subplots that were written to perfection. It is the funny show ever.

    Seinfeld is about four friends that live the usual life in New York City. The four friends, Jerry Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes and George Costanza, go through everyday things that affect their lives where they have to make critical decisions whether it is good or bad. Through these decisions, it always seems to affect them directly or their friends because the dilemmas are always weird or uncomfortable social situations. Most of the episodes are based on real life experiences either by the characters or people behind the camera. It is the funniest show ever in TV history.
  • The Best show ever

    this is the greatest, funniest, most brilliant, best cast for a teleision series of all time by far. jerry, george, kramer,and elaine are the best. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • The Show About Nothing!

    Who would have thought a show about nothing would be so inredibly funny?!!!

    What makes this show so good is the acting and the writing.

    The 4 Leads are superb with a lot of supporting and One-time characters (e.g Newman, Soup Nazi, Puddy, Steinbrenner) tealing whatever scene their in.

    The material that the writers came up with was just genius.
  • Seinfeld Rocks! A Show About Nothing That Can Hold Your Attention For Hours. It\'s Pure Genius I Tell Ya.

    I Love Seinfeld Because it\'s really was a show about nothing and I found it extremely funny when they did the episode of them making a movie about people doing nothing and it being so funny the irony of that episode was great. And it\'s funny because I feel this was one of the greater sitcoms on the air because these were average people doing everyday things and we all have that one special \"kramer\" friend we can relate to. You known the crazy extravagant friend who always has a crazy story or new look. This show reminded me of a close group of friends that i have and its great to have a show on tv to relate to. I Have to say this show is much much better than some of these reality shows comming on.
  • One of the funniest shows!

    This show is so funny i crack up every 5 mins. George is such a goofball, and kramer makes it so worth watching. I love it when newman is in the episodes. He such a slim bucket. I love the quote with Jerry and newman; \"Hello Jerry\" \"Hello Newman\" so funny. The best episodes are late in the series like the Soul Mate and The Frogger (my favorite).
  • One of the best shows ever.

    This show is one of the best comedies I have ever seen in my life. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are absolute geniuses. No one else has been able to compete with them. It is cool that this show is about nothing, and it is composed of all of these funny and silly mini stories. These characters are also unbelieveable and totally original. It is hard to believe that they are based on people Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld actually knew. I also find it interesting that some of the events that happened in this show actually happened to Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. I have realized that our lives are sometimes similar to certain things that happen in Seinfeld. I recommend this show to almost every person, who likes comedy.
  • Comedian,Jerry Seinfeld is living in New York with his three friends, Elaine, George and Kramer.

    Seinfeld is a hilarious show about as they say themselves "Nothing". The basic storylines are simply of the lives of these four people and what they do everyday. Although the show has a simple idea behind it, the writers take that to it's full potential, making every episode a great mix of Comedy and Entertainment. The comedy routine at the beginning and end just seem to tie in with the show perfectly and are especially funny. Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander are absolutley fantastic.
    My Rating: A Must see for Comedy fans.
  • It's so hilarious. Who knew it was gonna be this funny?

    Kramer is funny when he is clueless. George is funny when his is confused. Elaine is funny when she responds. Jerry is funny in many different ways. This show is sooo funny, I wonder why people won't give it a chance and doesn't watch it. I think people should still give this a chance before the tv stations stop airing it.
  • The Greatest Sitcom in Television History

    Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, two of the most recognizable names in television history, unleashed comedic gold in 1989. I personally think that giving Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David a chance to make a sitcom was the best thing that NBC has ever done. Funny from the beginning, "The Seinfeld Chronicles"(Good News, Bad News), to the end, "The Finale", this unprecedented event was celebrated for a period of nine years. It is hard to believe that no one caught on until season three. Seinfeld, the story of 4 friends living in New York, is a show to really remember and cherish.
  • Who would have thought a show about nothing could be so entertaining?

    This show is genius! The arguments about things that don't matter, the character interaction (mainly Kramer) it's all so good!! Although there are some unfunny episodes and needlessly long converstions. And some of the plots are just plain stupid!! But, back to what i was talking about at the start of the review, it's an all around great show! I can't wait for the 5th Season to come out on DVD!
  • It was so well written

    I find that most poeple I talk to about this show say they have seen every episode way to many times and are a bit sick of it. Thank god this hasnt happened to me I love the show and still havent seen every episode. There are so many well crafted episodes that I havent really found with anyother sitcom. I am buying every season of the series I love it.
  • A show about nothing...Pretty funny

    One of the best sitcoms of all time. Its so funny its not even funny.You will laugh so hard almost has hard as you would laugh at Family Guy.
    But make sure you watch a good one or else the rest won't be as good. Trust me its a damn good show.
  • Seinfeld is the true definition of a clasic tv series. Simply the best sitcom, and the funniest show in tv history.

    Seinfeld is true definition of a clasic tv series. With its innovative comedy style, countless quotable lines, and memerable characters, theres no dispute in my mind that Seinfeld is the greatest situation comedy, or comedy of any kind, of all time. This "show about nothing", from the minds of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, turned the events of every day life and every day conversation, into hour upon hours of laughter and enjoyment. It went away from the traditional comedy plots with groudbreaking episodes like "The Chinese
    Restarant", and "The Contest". Their hilarious characters, like Jerry's corky neighbor Kramer and the "short, stocky, slow witted, bald" friend George, became pop culture icons in the 90's. Even though I have seen every episode dozens times, I still stop and watch every time I see it on tv. I don't really want to post my review of this show because I know that my words can't do it justice, but this is my favorite show of all time and I have to say what I think. In my opinion Seinfeld is the undisputed champion of comedies. "You got to love the sein."
  • This is an analysis about the Seinfelld episode, "The Soup Nazi". It includes he setting, character, plot, theme, and point of view. This is the best episode in Seinfeld because it makes Kramer look normal compared to the rest of the cast members. Review

    Alisa Carlson
    Ms. Baker
    AP English 3
    October 27, 2005

    No Soup for You!!!

    A hilarious sitcom since the eighties, Seinfeld has revolutionized the world with a show that makes no sense at all, yet it is still very entertaining. “The Soup Nazi” episode, aired during the seventh season on November 2, 1995, portrayed a local soup connoisseur in New York City and his notorious ways for treating his customers. This episode takes place in New York City because scenes of famous New York City sites are shown throughout the episode, like the Soup Kitchen International and Monk’s restaurant. “The Soup Nazi” episode is set during the 1990’s because of typical cars and fashions found during that era: Elaine’s hairstyles and Jerry’s clothing. In this episode, there are five main characters: Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, and the Soup Nazi. The regular cast members of Seinfeld, Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer, are both round and dynamic. Each is complex with multiple traits, but these characters are not dynamic. The definition of a dynamic character is a character that undergoes significant change by the end of the story; the regular cast members are still the same because no one has undergone a significant change. Jerry is still hilarious and he breaks up with his girlfriend, George is insecure with himself and he begins to despise his girlfriend, Kramer is still quirky and random, and Elaine is now out to get the Soup Nazi and destroy his soup business. The Soup Nazi is notorious for his curt and terse answers to customers and he remains the bad-tempered chef throughout the entire episode. The protagonist is Elaine because she struggles to obtain the coveted soup from the Soup Nazi but she is thwarted several times. The Soup Nazi is the antagonist because he prevents Elaine from eating his delicious soups. Jerry’s character personae is of a normal person trying to get the best for themselves, he wants the soup so bad that he pretend s to not know his girlfriend when she makes a scene in the restaurant. The character of George represents the cultural and social conduct of people; George confronts Jerry about his actions in public with his girlfriend, “With all that kissing and the shmoopy, shmoopy, shmoopy, shmoopy, shmoopy out in public like that. It's disgusting!” (“The Soup Nazi”). “The Soup Nazi” episode uses indirect presentation to show, through actions and words, how the characters act.
    The main conflict of this episode is Elaine’s struggle to obtain the delicious soup from the Soup Nazi. Some complications to the conflict is that Elaine has been banned by the Soup Nazi to buy soup for a year, and her friends, Jerry, Kramer, and George, are not willing to buy her soup in case the Soup Nazi’s favor no longer smiles upon them. The crisis of the episode is when Elaine returns to the Soup Nazi’s restaurant and he bans her from ever setting foot into his restaurant again. The climax is when the Soup Nazi decides to give Kramer an armoire that contains all the secret recipes to the soups. This is the climax because Kramer then gives the armoire to Elaine and she finds the secret recipes. The conclusion of the episode is that since Elaine now has the recipes for all the soups, she can now make them anytime that she wants to. Because there are several subplots like Jerry and George’s girlfriend problems and Kramer’s friendship with the Soup Nazi, these subplots unite together with Elaine’s plot and form an artistic unity, which causes the show t flow smoothly.
    The theme of “The Soup Nazi” is that there are different ways to express one’s feelings for objects they cherish, but some people take it too far and it becomes an obsession. The Soup Nazi loves his soup business, but he takes the business too far when he restricts who is worthy of eating his soup and doing business with him. Jerry also becomes obsessed with showing his love for his girlfriend and bothering George with his childish, public displays of affection in public. George becomes so obsessed with trying to show Jerry how disgusting and embarrassing his antics are that he begins to be very affectionate with his girlfriend in public.
    “The Soup Nazi” episode has an objective or dramatic point of view. The episode takes place during the present time and there are no flashbacks to previous episodes. In this episode, the characters thoughts were not spoken aloud and the audience only knew what they saw. This indirect presentation allows the audience to pick up the subtle and implicit hints that are spoken by the characters and not with the help of a narrator.
    The structural elements of this episode, “The Soup Nazi,” adds to the eccentricities of all the characters. Usually Kramer is portrayed as the crazy man who comes up with ridiculous ideas, but in this episode, he is almost normal compared to Elaine, Jerry, and George. This episode shows audiences that Elaine may look sweet on the outside, but on the inside she is ambitious and she gets what she wants, which is the destruction of the Soup Nazi’s supreme power. Tying all the characters together with their hilarious ideas and actions, “The Soup Nazi” episode follows and makes the Seinfeld even stronger because it demonstrates the personalities and eccentricities of four characters and their typical lives.
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    like because the soup is worth so much more than

  • funny, funny, funny

    The show about nothing is definately something that everyone should watch. Seinfeld is, in my opinion, the funniest show of all time. Every episode is just so hilarious, and each actor and actress fits their characters perfectly. Anohter great thing about the show is that it still is funny even after the many years it has been off the air. A-must-see!
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