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  • This is an analysis about the Seinfelld episode, "The Soup Nazi". It includes he setting, character, plot, theme, and point of view. This is the best episode in Seinfeld because it makes Kramer look normal compared to the rest of the cast members. Review

    Alisa Carlson
    Ms. Baker
    AP English 3
    October 27, 2005

    No Soup for You!!!

    A hilarious sitcom since the eighties, Seinfeld has revolutionized the world with a show that makes no sense at all, yet it is still very entertaining. “The Soup Nazi” episode, aired during the seventh season on November 2, 1995, portrayed a local soup connoisseur in New York City and his notorious ways for treating his customers. This episode takes place in New York City because scenes of famous New York City sites are shown throughout the episode, like the Soup Kitchen International and Monk’s restaurant. “The Soup Nazi” episode is set during the 1990’s because of typical cars and fashions found during that era: Elaine’s hairstyles and Jerry’s clothing. In this episode, there are five main characters: Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, and the Soup Nazi. The regular cast members of Seinfeld, Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer, are both round and dynamic. Each is complex with multiple traits, but these characters are not dynamic. The definition of a dynamic character is a character that undergoes significant change by the end of the story; the regular cast members are still the same because no one has undergone a significant change. Jerry is still hilarious and he breaks up with his girlfriend, George is insecure with himself and he begins to despise his girlfriend, Kramer is still quirky and random, and Elaine is now out to get the Soup Nazi and destroy his soup business. The Soup Nazi is notorious for his curt and terse answers to customers and he remains the bad-tempered chef throughout the entire episode. The protagonist is Elaine because she struggles to obtain the coveted soup from the Soup Nazi but she is thwarted several times. The Soup Nazi is the antagonist because he prevents Elaine from eating his delicious soups. Jerry’s character personae is of a normal person trying to get the best for themselves, he wants the soup so bad that he pretend s to not know his girlfriend when she makes a scene in the restaurant. The character of George represents the cultural and social conduct of people; George confronts Jerry about his actions in public with his girlfriend, “With all that kissing and the shmoopy, shmoopy, shmoopy, shmoopy, shmoopy out in public like that. It's disgusting!” (“The Soup Nazi”). “The Soup Nazi” episode uses indirect presentation to show, through actions and words, how the characters act.
    The main conflict of this episode is Elaine’s struggle to obtain the delicious soup from the Soup Nazi. Some complications to the conflict is that Elaine has been banned by the Soup Nazi to buy soup for a year, and her friends, Jerry, Kramer, and George, are not willing to buy her soup in case the Soup Nazi’s favor no longer smiles upon them. The crisis of the episode is when Elaine returns to the Soup Nazi’s restaurant and he bans her from ever setting foot into his restaurant again. The climax is when the Soup Nazi decides to give Kramer an armoire that contains all the secret recipes to the soups. This is the climax because Kramer then gives the armoire to Elaine and she finds the secret recipes. The conclusion of the episode is that since Elaine now has the recipes for all the soups, she can now make them anytime that she wants to. Because there are several subplots like Jerry and George’s girlfriend problems and Kramer’s friendship with the Soup Nazi, these subplots unite together with Elaine’s plot and form an artistic unity, which causes the show t flow smoothly.
    The theme of “The Soup Nazi” is that there are different ways to express one’s feelings for objects they cherish, but some people take it too far and it becomes an obsession. The Soup Nazi loves his soup business, but he takes the business too far when he restricts who is worthy of eating his soup and doing business with him. Jerry also becomes obsessed with showing his love for his girlfriend and bothering George with his childish, public displays of affection in public. George becomes so obsessed with trying to show Jerry how disgusting and embarrassing his antics are that he begins to be very affectionate with his girlfriend in public.
    “The Soup Nazi” episode has an objective or dramatic point of view. The episode takes place during the present time and there are no flashbacks to previous episodes. In this episode, the characters thoughts were not spoken aloud and the audience only knew what they saw. This indirect presentation allows the audience to pick up the subtle and implicit hints that are spoken by the characters and not with the help of a narrator.
    The structural elements of this episode, “The Soup Nazi,” adds to the eccentricities of all the characters. Usually Kramer is portrayed as the crazy man who comes up with ridiculous ideas, but in this episode, he is almost normal compared to Elaine, Jerry, and George. This episode shows audiences that Elaine may look sweet on the outside, but on the inside she is ambitious and she gets what she wants, which is the destruction of the Soup Nazi’s supreme power. Tying all the characters together with their hilarious ideas and actions, “The Soup Nazi” episode follows and makes the Seinfeld even stronger because it demonstrates the personalities and eccentricities of four characters and their typical lives.
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    like because the soup is worth so much more than

  • funny, funny, funny

    The show about nothing is definately something that everyone should watch. Seinfeld is, in my opinion, the funniest show of all time. Every episode is just so hilarious, and each actor and actress fits their characters perfectly. Anohter great thing about the show is that it still is funny even after the many years it has been off the air. A-must-see!
  • For a show about nothing it actually has some meaning

    For a show about nothing , it actually has some meaning & is about something. I'm not very fond of the show but I do sit down and watch it at times.

    To tell the truth , if it wasn't for Kramer , I'd probably hate it as much as I hate Curb your Enthusiasm.

    Kramer brings some character & humour in to the show. His crazy ideas and plans are actually funny . On the other hand I hate George with a passion . Elaine & Jerry are ok. And I love the feud between Jerry & Newman.
  • The Show That Started And Ended To Quickly But Is Still Remembered As One Of The Best Sitcoms In Television History.

    Seinfeld is a show that I almost never watched in my lifetime. I had heard a lot about it but never really cared for it. Then the show ended and I had a slight interest in it. The ending was really annoying for me since it made kinda no sense. I won't say what the ending is since their are people who are just getting into Seinfeld as well. The show throughout the years has been comedy based in New York City about a comedian and his friends who surround him. These characters are probably the most interesting in a sitcom you will ever see. Elaine is the only female in the group who experiences problems in her daily life that always seem to come back to Jerry. Kramer is a very very neurotic, and eccentric character who is jittery, he looks like he's had way too many pep pills. The show is written by Larry David a funny man in his own right who could single handedly write the entire season of this show on his own and it would still be good. It's good to start watching this show for free on syndication before its gone off completely in the next century but since its so good I think that this show will be around forever.
  • The neuroticos

    The real New York comedy. No other show can catch the feel of the big apple. Still shows like Friends or Newsradio are great but Seinfeld is the classic in the New York genre. Funny that no New York based show has never been shot actually in New York ofcourse the execption of some outdoor shooting.

    The show is about the life of four friends: Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer. Every person is a well writen character that has their own style of life and ways and of course neuroses. New York is all about neurotic people. Woody Allen did show this to us. Jerry has a superman complex and is a hygienefreak. Elaine has many small things like in one episode she became crazy to her boyfirend because he didn't use exclamation marks in a phone message. George is insecure and bald and tries to get away with the easiest way and does anything to make his point if he has big principles. Kramer is the strange neighbour of Jerry who comes up with crazy ideas for bussinesses like a pizza place were you can make your own pie or a coffee table book about coffee tables. Still he hasn't done any real job in many years.

    The show is quite sick in some way like people are. Everybody tries to live their own life and work for their own benefit. These things can be seen in small everyday incidents. In this shows these are a bit accented but these things really excist and it's really easy to relate to them.

    The show about nothing is really great. How people react and talk is in here. I found this show very entertaining and informative even when it's not as funny it could be. It's more than a comedy but most of the time it's one of the best comedies around and it lasted a suitable time. Not too long not too little. Watch this one!
  • This show isn’t considered one of the best for nothing

    And here we are, the well known comedy: Seinfeld (A.K.A “The Seinfeld Chronicles). This show isn’t considered one of the best for nothing, even if it’s a sitcom about “nothing”. It’s very intelligent and really seems to go in various directions, always leading to the characters different stories crossed. The characters are really funny and are always clear, in the sense that we know how the interact with each other but without stopping to be interesting and making you guess wrong almost every time the most obvious and funny way to end the chapter. The themes do not stop being inventive and never get recursive. It’s so original we can barely see a running gag. Sure, the show repeats one thing again and again, but in a funny way in the line between the running gags and a reused joke. In general: The show is a classic and it’s very ingenious.
  • Still

    Still funny after seeing many of the episodes several times, the series is still tops.

    George and or Kramer are soooooo stupid at times, and if it's been a high stress day, the intentional comedic stupidity is sometimes annoying.

    Overall don't let a day go by without a SEINFELD fix, in particular definately in love with Elaine. Julia is clearly an archetype and a brilliant thespian.
  • The Show About Nothing, Became Something

    Seinfeld is a television sitcom, considered to be one of the most popular and influential of the 1990s in the U.S., to the point where it is often cited as epitomizing the self-obsessed and ironic culture of the decade. In 2002, TV Guide released a list of the top 50 greatest shows of all time and ranked Seinfeld #1. The show was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. It stars Jerry Seinfeld playing Jerry Seinfeld, a character named after and based largely on himself, and is set predominantly in an apartment block in Manhattan\\\'s Upper West Side, New York. It features an eclectic cast of characters, mainly Jerry\\\'s friends and acquaintances – Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards), George Costanza (Jason Alexander) and Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). It is produced by Castle-Rock Entertainment (then helmed by famed actor and producer, Rob Reiner) and is distributed by Columbia Pictures Television (now Sony Pictures Television).

    The show has been famously described as \\\"the show about nothing\\\" (a self-referential phrase from an episode describing Seinfeld and George\\\'s attempt to create a sitcom idea), as most of the comedy was based around the largely inconsequential minutiae of everyday life, and often involved petty rivalries and elaborate schemes to gain the smallest advantage over other individuals. The characters have also been described as utterly selfish and amoral; the show standing out by depicting these traits in a comedic fashion. (However, it should be noted that a common motif concerns characters\\\' attempts to do nice things for people, only to have them backfire exponentially.) In contrast to many other sitcoms, the allowing of scenes to lapse into sentimentality was generally avoided, and Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David\\\'s dictum of \\\"no hugging, no learning\\\" gave the show its distinctively cold and cynical tone. However, themes of illogical social graces and customs, neurotic and obsessive behavior, and the mysterious workings of relationships ran in numerous episodes, making it possible to categorize the show as a comedy of manners. The show\\\'s creators made a conscious effort to reflect the activities of real people, rather than the idealized escapist characters often seen on television, although many episodes do feature surreal escapades, often based on scenes from famous movies.

    Previous shows on television were almost always family or co-worker driven, and Seinfeld holds itself up as being a then-rare example of a sitcom wherein none of the characters were related by blood or employed, if at all, in the same building or business.

    According to Bruce Fretts\\\' 1993 The \\\"Entertainment Weekly\\\" \\\"Seinfeld\\\" Companion, Seinfeld\\\'s audience was, \\\"TV-literate, demographically desirable urbanites, for the most part-who look forward to each weekly episode in the Life of Jerry with a baby-boomer generation\\\'s self-involved eagerness.\\\" Likewise, in episodes adhering to the original concept, the show featured clips of Seinfeld himself delivering a standup routine at the beginning and end of each episode, the theme of which relates to the events depicted in the plot. By this device the distinction between the actor Jerry Seinfeld and the character who is portrayed by him is deliberately blurred. In later seasons, these standup clips became less frequent. All of the main characters were modeled after Seinfeld\\\'s or Larry David\\\'s real life acquaintances. Many of the plot devices are based on real-life counterparts in New York - such as the Soup Nazi and the J. Peterman catalogue.

  • this show is perfect and yada yada yada

    This show in my opinion is the best show ever. It is funny because it is about nothing. Every episode is something fresh and completly different. It is fun to see how Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer all get into troube the way they do and they usually have to something that isn't exactley nice to get out of trouble. The best part is it is all hilarious. I sometimes wish they still made it so that I could see what happended to all of them hanging out in Jerry's apartment. This show is defanitley not worth missing at all.
  • Seinfeld

    Seinfeld is a very funny show, Jerry Seinfeld is spectaucular, this is one of the best television shows of all time! My favorite characters are Jerry and George, they are very funny! I give it a 8.7. I have a few episodes on DVD and I watch it all of the time. It is on TBS and FOX very often.
  • Seinfeld was hilarious.

    Seinfeld was a hilarious show. The cast had so much chemistry. The cast blended so well and their characters did too. No one could ever forget comedy this good. It is a classic and always will be. The tv show about nothing was just amazing. Jerry, Kramer, George and Elaine were the perfect comedic quartet. I don't know anyone who can say that they didn't like this show.
  • I can describe this show in one word - Nothing... That is, nothing short of Spectacular!

    One episode is more classic than the next... The Chinese Restaurant, The Parking Garage, The Soup Nazi, The Junior Mint... One catch phrase after another - Shrinkage, Schmoopie, Don\\\'t Tap on the Glass, Not that there\\\'s anything wrong with that! While the show did decline somewhat the last 2 years and I had hoped for a better ending, I will never find a better show than this...
  • The show about nothing means more than nothing to me.

    The show about nothing means more than nothing to me. I can't stand it when people say to me "the characters are so unlikeable" or "I don't get it" or "it's so boring", because they just don't understand that that's exactly the point of the show! It's about real people and their real lives, how unglamorous they are. It's a subtle satire of the things we never think to think about, the stupid norms of American culture.
    This show is a cultural staple, and I would really miss it if it weren't in syndication on almost every channel. =)
  • Great show that brought shows about nothing to another level.

    Loved the series a few years ago, now its getting old since reruns on TV occur every night so the humour wears thin every time I see it, but if you've never seen it you should watch it, its funny but does lack sex appeal which nowadays most shows have. But thats what made this show awesome, since it could make basically things occuring in everyday life funny. Too bad the spinoffs weren't as good.
  • Who can forget this show it is the greatest sitcom of all time

    Great awesome funny tv show every episode is awesome and they ae the best and nobody can beat this well friends can tie it but not pass it so if you dont like seinfeild never watch tv again so everyone watch this show or dont watch another sitcom about nothing again
  • i having all of the dvds just can laugh over and over at this show thats technically about nothing. In my life everyday i use pointless quotes that i only know.. i try to convience others to watch..but not many kids my age like the show.. (im 15)..

    i am the only one out of all of my friends and many others that watch the wonderful seinfeld.. my friends parents watch the show, so i chat to them about the eposodes..i quote the sarcastic remarks from jerry, elaine, george, and kramer everyday.. but no one gets it but me.. and after i am done and i am the only one that is laughing i always have to explain gets old but i dont mind. i am proud to say that this show is my alltime favorite and i was very sad to see the very last eposode.. very nice way of ending it.. and yes the 2nd button to the top is pointless.. it is in a akward place...
  • This is an ok show

    I think that this show was funnyand I wonder why they ended the siries. My favorite season was season 4. It had alot of clasic episodes like The Contest, The Bubble Boy, The Jr. Mint, and The Smelly Car. All in all it was a pretty good show. A decent show
  • The greatest sitcom in TV history!

    Seinfeld is a show about nothing... okay, mabey not entierly, but that's what the show's plotlines always led to. Jerry Sienfeld plays Jerry Seinfeld as a comedian living in New York. The show was origionally supposed to be about where and how he gets his material, but was turned into a sitcom. Jason Alexander plays George Costanza, who is Jerry's closest friend. George, many people think is a character based on the co-creator Larry David. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (hopefully I spelled it right) playes Elaine Bettis (Hopefully I spelled that right as well) who used to go out with Jerry, and is now a close friend of his. Michael Richards plays Kramer, who is a zany, weird neighbor, who does crazy stunts and lives a crazy lifestyle. Wayne Knight plays Newman, Jerry's most hated neighbor, and he works for the United States Postal Service. (USPS)
    Many episodes of this show surrounded all characters' love life. Usualy, the characters would have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) but screw it up, and dump them before the show ended.
    The eary seasons of Seinfeld all were based on true events in either Larry David's or Jerry's life. Anything that happed in their lives would become a show, no matter how weird or boring it was. This wasn't more evident than when Seinfeld ran one of their more contraversial shows, "The Chinese Resturant." NBC thought it would kill the show, but it may have been the episode that sparked its popularity.

    Such shows that people talked about were "The Contest," "The Bubble Boy," and "The Yada Yada" The contest was about a bet to see how long the gang can last without masturbating. It was so well dne, and was most remembered for most when Kramer ran in, slammed the money on the counter and screamed "I'm out!" The Bubble Boy was abut a kid who's favorite comedian was Jerry and he wanted to meet him. George got to the house first and did a few things, including playing "Trivial Pursuit. The card red "Moops" when it should have read "Moors" so then they tried to kill eachother.

    People have said Seinfeld "Jumped the Shark" in the sixth season, when Larry Davi left. The've said the plots became to outrageous and fictious so it lost popularity.

    "The Finale" was a two part show which featured "the Gang" getting arrested for a good samaritan law. They went to court, and in a nostalgic sense, brought all the guest stars back to testify against them. It was a great show and ended the same way it began... talking about how the second button makes or breakes the whole shirt. It was certainly a show about nothing, and we didn't want it any other way.
  • Unique

    No other word can define it: just Unique.
    It marks an after and before in the history of sitcoms (or television).
    Funny (and wacky) characters, hilarious histories and Jerry Seinfeld's wiz all made it a landmark in the history of television.
    Sure everybody has seen it, but if, somehow you haven't, go for it.
  • Classic Show of all time.

    Great, Funny, Entertaining, a greats et of actors, have watched this show since I was 12 years old and 7 years later I am still hooked, I have watched every episode out of 180 episodes over 4 times and laugh each time ,I ahve bought all the dvd releases.

  • This show had an impact in my life and society in general.

    First I will start off by saying that Seinfeld for me, while it was on the air, was my favorite show period. Currently my favorite show is Lost. And for alltime favorite TV show I would still pick Seinfeld. I, being a 27 year old man, still to this day use referenecs to the show in my personal life and business life. I for one feel priveledge having experience the phenomenon that was "Seinfeld"

    I can only hope that maybe someday a show will get produced that could match or top this shows originality or comedy. Just brilliant!

  • The Greatest Sitcom in Television History.

    Yes, I know that was an extremely bold statement, but I find it neccesary to communicate to everyone out there that Seinfeld is definitely the greatest comedy show to ever grace a television screen. The only other sitcoms to ever come close are Curb Your Enthusiasm and Everybody Loves Raymond, both also deserve a 10.0 on the ratings scale. The reason that Seinfeld defines great comedy is simply the fact that it has the greatest comedy team ever. Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer supply a line of laughs that, paired with the ridiculous situations, most definitely cannot be matched by anyone else.
  • Seinfeld is the funniest show ever made.

    Seinfeld is the funniest show ever made. There is no disputing that. Seinfeld has impacted culture like no other show before it and has become a part of the language and behaviour of everyone.
    Every episode of Seinfeld is hilarious (expect for the earlier ones, in my opinion). The later episodes are some of the best scripts in tv history. The writing is excellent and the characters bring it all together. Almost every episode has four separate story lines, one for each character. The four stories masterfully come together in the end, and usually ends in hilarity.
    Seinfeld is the best comedy ever made and should be enjoyed by everyone. If you haven't seen Seinfeld yet for some reason, you should go out right now. The DVDs are all coming out, so there is no excuse. Go now!
  • The lives of four friends in New York City doing absolutely nothing and being hilarious in doing so. George, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer are all quirky in their own little ways and it shows in each wonderful episode. Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld

    I only started watching this show when they begin airing the ninth season on television, and ever since then I've been hooked. Like most people I catch most if not all the reruns and have seen every episode at least 10 times each. Even after that much exposure to these four goofy characters I still laugh until I'm hurting at their antics.
    Surely enough it started out relatively well, however not as strong as I had expected based on the later seasons. But towards the third and fourth season it really came into its own and became pure genius in its writing and uniqueness. The chemistry between the characters, especially Jerry and George, which is meant to resemble the relationship between Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, is flawless and each character's adventures are incredibly funny.
    It's about time they started releasing the show on DVD where it can get the credit it truly deserves and people who weren't around during its run can get involved with this brilliant show.
  • A very funny show about 4 people living in New York City who deal with real life and what if funny situations. Lasted 9 Seasons, stopped a few years ago, and has been played in syndication just about every day all over the U.S.

    Seinfeld is one great and extremely funny show. Even watching it over and over again will make you laugh. It started off a bit slow with so-so comedy and a few times that weren’t meant to be funny. But shot off well with out all that emotional stuff that may hold comedies back such as Drew Carey and Home Improvement. It’s all about a comedian (Jerry Seinfeld) living in New York City and shows everyday stuff that’s funny because it’s true or would be some amazing coincidental events. It also involves three of his friends, two guys and a girl (George Costanza, Cozmo Kramer, and Elaine Benes), who also share funny predicaments involving relationships, jobs, pastimes and more. I just wish so much that they’d bring the show back. It would still have much more material they could use since it involves true to life stuff or what if stuff. And Jerry Seinfeld (star of the show) even turned down a shot at it for a lot of money which is now in the Guinness book of world records for “the most amount of money ever turned down.” The show lasted a good nine seasons though and is a well known show in just about every house in America. If they made a movie from this show following the same principles that they have then I would definately pay to see it. I recomend this show to teens and over because of sexual situations and some adult humor. It is one great and very funny show.
  • Problably one of the best (if not the best) comedy series ever. Watch it and you will see.

    If you have missed "Seinfeld", if you do not know what it is about, if you have noot seen at least one episode, them you have missed a lot. There is a word that can describe this show: SUBLIME. It is a show about four friends, around 30 years old, 3 men and a woman, all of them single, all of them trying to do smth. with their lives. The show does not have a specific theme, it is about various adventures of these 4 people. The characters, dialogues, gestures and especially the situations are hilarious. I think Geroge is the funniest character. He is short, fat and bold and will have several mediocre jobs during the series. He is rather greddy and choosy. Jerry is the main character, a stand-up, he is funny but not that funny. Kramer is another hilarious character. Unemployed, a bit (a lot) crazy and always looking for something to do. Elaine is the only woman, but she is not nearly as funny as George or Kramer. There is a lot to say about the show but I will say only this: Every episode has at least 4 very funny scenes, let alone 10 funny ones. You have to see it!!!
  • What is the fuss about this show?

    I don't understand why people love this show so much, too me this is boring as hell. Maybe if you're a white guy and you were born in U.S.A. you'll like it but if you're latino like me you'll find this show boring. Watch Chappelle, it is much better than this show.
  • Though They Never Will Bring It Back, It Would Still Be Awesome If They Did! A Hilarous Show!

    Seinfeld is my absolute favorite show. From the cast to the situations, everything was done just right. It feels like you are really watching the lives of average everyday people going through some outstanding situations and how they deal with them. It's like a scripted reality show in many ways. Funny, funny stuff! Kramer would have to be my favorite character because of his general crazy and off the wall-ness. George, as scary as this sounds, resembles me in many ways and to be honest it's pretty funny to watch and think, "Hey, that will be me when I am that age." Seinfeld did everything right and it was a shame they ended it. One thing is for sure, its memory and it's legacy will live on at least in my mind.
  • A show about nothing. Who knew it would be so successful?

    Why, oh why did I not get into this show until after it was cancelled? I watch it every night, and even though I have seen most of the episodes, they still make me laugh. That is a mark of great comedy. This show was ahead of its time and was very influential, to both television and society as a whole. (Yada, yada, yada? Classic.) Though other shows may try, nothing can quite capture that same feeling that Seinfeld had.
  • this show is SO DUMB that i was so excited when it was cancelled or whatever. but i hate that the tv people brought the dumb show back. it seems to be on all the time. i had hoped i never had to see it again. sigh disappointing,

    this show is SO DUMB that i was so excited when it was cancelled or whatever. but i hate that the tv people brought the dumb show back. it seems to be on all the time. i had hoped i had never had to see it again. sigh so disappointing,