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  • A very funny show about nothing, One of my favorite shows.

    Seinfeld is a show about there daily lives and ironic things that happen in them. I highly recommend it. Its either you like it, or you hate it. One of peoples many favorite characters is Kramer. Kramer does evreything the hard way, and he does stupid things that mess up one of the gangs plans.
  • Best TV show ever!

    Seinfeld had a cast that worked together on so many levels. This is the best sit com or even TV show of all time. The show was written by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld and they couldn't have done a better job. I still to this day continue to watch the re-runs.
  • This is a brilliant show with Jerry Seinfeld and his crazy and funny friends.

    This is an absolutely classic comedy which is hosted and starred by Jerry Seinfeld and the story lines are brilliant and also the characters are extremeley funny. Overall a great watch but unfortunatley it isnt on very often anymore as the series has finished but if you saw it I know you loved it.
  • Greatest sitcom ever

    I didn't begin watching this sitcom until very recent. Luckily, the reruns are still running periodically everyday, even 6 years after it ended. THAT is how good this show really is.

    I have never seen chemistry before actors this good. George, Elaine, Jerry, and the great Kramer are all funny in their own way, and very important to the success of the show.

    Once you get into the characters, the premise, and the life of Jerry Seinfeld, you will become addicted. There is no turning back. Seinfeld will never be duplicated, and no sitcom has come close since. There are no flaws in this TV show, whatsoever.

    If you haven't seen this show by now, turn off Survivor and watch some Seinfeld.

    You won't regret it
  • It Will Make You Laugh Everytime.

    The show about nothing hit the world like no other sitcom has done befour. Seinfeld one of the greatist shows of our time.

    Jerry Seinfeld is a Genuise. his comedy is like no one elses. You will be on the edge of you seat laughing when you watch it. even if it ended years ago, you can still sit and watch it and the show will still make you laugh everytime even if you seen that episode manytimes befour.
  • A very old, classic tv show

    A great tv show. But I think it has been around to long. Which as the characters get older they cant produce more shows which leads to BORING REPEATS!!!!!!. Which none of us need to see on tv. Come on, repeats are as bad or even worse than infomercials and ads.
  • Frickin shweet

    Yada Yada Yada. wow, every episode is great and worthwhile. The characters are really real. The plots a sub-plots are great! This is the best show ever. THE BEST. And whoever says it sucks should rot in hell! I could seriously what the whole series episopde after episode of this and never get tired!
  • Although somewhat overrated, \"Seinfeld\" was, nevertheless, fairly original. Premise was to depict life\'s trivialities, but also to trivialize some of life\'s bigger issues. Multiple and implausible plots, often inter-connected, providing lots of farce

    Watched it only recently, curious about all the praise heaped on it. It\'s okay at times, but not worth quite all the fuss.

    Like most shows some episodes are very well written, but there\'s also quite a lot of duds. It pretty much subverts the traditional sitcom, with lots of off-the-wall gags and deliberately hammy acting. Quite a bit of self-parody, with characters portrayed as ever more self-centered, and I kind of get the impression that the producers themselves could never really understand why the show was so popular. At times it\'s as if the writers are attempting to sabotage things, trying to alienate the viewers by making the characters so unlikeable.

    Things I like: the silly gags and trivial observations that have nothing to do with the plot; Kramer\'s physical antics; the theme music; Jerry Seinfeld corny \"acting\"; constant references to previous episodes, and references to the show itself, as exemplified by the episodes that focus on Jerry and George\'s attempts to get NBC to make a \"show about nothing\"; the stand-off between Jerry and Newman. All these things make me smile a bit, but never belly-laugh.

    Things I don\'t like: George, he\'s awful (even though he\'s supposed to be); the bits of conversation that are repeated back and forth between the characters when one or other of them is incredulous at what he/she has just been told, it\'s all just too annoying; Jerry\'s opening stand-up routines, they were never funny and his nasal whining tends to make me cringe.

  • Unbelievably absolutely outstanding, definitely the greatest show ever.

    Phenomenal, no matter who you are, you'd be crazy to not enjoy this show, each and every episode is undisputed greatness! If you've lost faith in just about all new-age Television, like I have you can always turn to Seinfeld. This show, with all 180 episodes over about a dozen seasons just NEVER gets old. Surely it will always remain the most magnificent Television show of all time.
  • Yes that's right folks a show about nothing. Yet it is the funniest shows I've ever seen. This Guy Jerry seinfeld, along with his friends, George. Keramer and Elaine. Just live their everyday lives, and yet theirs are stiil way more interesting then ours.

    Funny Funny Funny. This show never ceases to amaze me on how they keep on thinking of new things to talk about and do.Even though the show had ended and there's only pepeats now. I can't stop from watching ans episode that I have already watch five times before. What's up with that?
  • Seinfeld is a classic favorite that always makes me laugh, no matter how many times I see it.

    I love the show Seinfeld mainly because it is about ordinary friends who make big deals out of small and funny problems in their lives. Although all the characters are hysterical and unique, my favorite is Jerry. Most of the characters make stupid and silly decisions, which is what makes the show so hilarious. I think Jerry is the most level headed character, and he always points out a funny way to make the other characters look stupid. The main reason why Seinfeld is so funny is because it is pointless. I feel like I can watch an episode of Seinfeld over and over again, and always laugh just as much as I did the first time.
    The Finale episode sums up to me what Seinfeld is all about--because of all the recaps, it never makes me stop laughing.
  • Nothing can be a lot of fun

    This show is a show about nothing. But for a show about nothing, it certainly is amazing.
    Seinfeld took a seemingly stupid idea and turned it into one of the greatest shows on TV.
    At times the show can be simple, and at times the show can be complex. At any rate, this show is a classic that has created a classic cast of characters. Who knew you could turn nothing into great television.
  • Nothing!

    It's difficult to watch idiots running around doing nothing. I do it everyday in real life, I don't need to watch it on TV too. I was subjected to watching a few episodes by my roommate in college, couldn't stand it. The characters got what they deserved, but the show should never have lasted so long.
  • A show about nothing that was really something.

    This is the best cast to ever have been brought together for a television series. The chemistry was amazing with the diverse individuality of each character and the improv skills of the talent involved. If you started watching comedy on television after 1998 then you haven\\\\\\\'t seen comedy at all. Seinfeld was the end all be all of television comedy.
  • My favorite show.

    Out of all the comedy sitcoms and cartoons I like to watch, Seinfeld tops it all. The episodes are beyond funny, and the characters are wacky, including Kramer. I have seen every episode and love most of them. Some are OK but a few of them are not even that good or funny. But otherwise it's a great show. It is a show about nothing, but laughs. HA! As in the words of George, "This is my definition of Commeedddyy!" They will be missed and remembered as the funniest comedy on TV. So I say long live Seinfeld.
  • next to i love lucy, this is the best sitcom ever.

    what can i say? i mean, words dont even express how much i love this show. with george's fiance dying from licking toxic envolopes (lol!) to george getting a new wig and elaine throwing it out the window, its always funny. it lasted 9 seasons, and it probably could have gone on longer. there will never be a show quite like how seinfeld was. i think george's parents (especially the mother when she yelled) were hysterical. and i'm so glad that after the pilot episode, elaine was brought, cuz she wasnt in the pilot. kramer, he sorta got on my nerves. but still, i liked him alot to. i mean how can you not like him. always busting through the door as if it was his on home. great times. and seinfeld himself, well he's the best of course.
  • Simply, the best show ever.

    The humor of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David and the whole cast is unbelievable. The jokes, the faces, the sarcasm, the timing, everything is done to perfection in this show! What more can any comedy watching fan ask for? The shows casts' talent is un matchable. Love it, love it, love it...
  • The tales of a group of friends living in New York.

    Funny show, always fresh yet always about "nothing." I have always loved this show. Used to watch it when it was on television every night, now i have the DVD boxsets. Nothing has come close to matching this quality show. All four of the main cast brang many many laughs over the years. The best show ever in my opinion.
  • "It's a show about nothing... How do we know when it's over?" Cosmo's [Fairly oddparents] take on the show "Seinfeld" during the episode "Power Surge." A show about nothing is brilliant, something that has never been thought of before until

    It's a show about nothing with a bunch of different plotlines about everyday life. I'm surprised that I wasn't an fan of it before, but I ended getting hooked on it after Ken Jennings lost Game 75 of his Jeopardy! streak due to a category about "Seinfeld" and a Final Question about H&R Block.

    My first episode was the Soup Nazi and since then, I've watched Seinfeld every week night if I can help it. It's my Daily Fix because I went almost a full week without it and I was losing my mind without it.

    It's just a show so good, how could you not enjoy it and Jerry Seinfeld's bits about everyday things?
  • Best Series ever, I Don't think so!

    I have sat down and watched several episodes of 'Seinfeld ' in an effort to figure out how the public could vote them as " The Best TV Show Ever" & ahead of true classics such as " I Love Lucy " & " Texaco Star Theatre " and many other classic shows from TV's golden age and to this day am at a loss.

    When they call this a show about nothing, they weren't kidding as this show had nothing to offer. How the public allowed to get by the first 13 episodes leaves me clueless as I found it to be boring and have actually found myself asleep while watching it. Rather then taking a sleeping pill in the future, I'll just down and watch a couple episodes of 'Seinfeld' instead.
  • A completely stupid show.

    This show was a complete waste of time with a bunch of talentless actors. I honestly dont know why this show was such a hit. I tried several times to sit down and watch it, but everytime i did I would get bored, change the channel or be absolutely disgusted with it. And Jerry Seinfelf isn't funny at all, I dont know what the big deal was. What a waste of air time. Glad its over and hope nothing like it ever comes along again.
  • Hands down the best!

    This show was hands down the best show ever on tv. It ranks right up there with I love Lucy and the early sitcoms. It has every element needed to make a truly great sitcom. You must Go out and buy all the dvd's. You will not be disappointed at all!
  • This show is like a religion to me.A second life if you will.Thank Goodness for TBS or else I\'d have to pay money to buy the DVD sets ;)

    This is one of the only shows I have watched through the entire series.Jerry Seinfeld,Cosmo Kramer,Elaine benice and George Costanza make up most of this fantastic cast.If you watch closely you will see stars from shows such as King of Queens,Sex and the city,Friends and many others making their debuts.This show revolutionized comedies and sitcoms,paving the way fr Friends and many others.This is one of my Favorite Shows and I would recommend it to anybody.
  • The show that got me tired of TV.

    This is without a doubt the most overrated show ever. I personally couldn't care less but I'm sick of hearing people say all the time that this is "The best show ever".
    I don't think situations were the worst thing possible happens are funny, I just don't get it, like that episode where they were going to a party and things just kept getting worse, I didn't even smile while watching.
    The final episode was really dumb and unfunny and the main characters were actually horrible and selfish people, the only time I felt a little sorry about one of them is when George's parents told him they got tired of him (that's not funny, just mean, like Susan's death), poor guy, he's a loser but he realy deserves it.
    Being honest this is an OK show but it gets boring pretty quickly.
  • the show that made me like tv.

    This is the first show that was not a cartoon that i liked. It is funny smart and oringial I have never seen enything like it befor ( now there is a lot of stuff like it ) It was the first good show for my genreation. and it is the best show when you just want a good laugh.
  • Yadda yadda yadda...

    I really can't add anything new to what is already common Seinfeld knowledge. Seinfeld's characters are real, nasty, relatable, everchanging, hilarious, well-rounded, and everything that sitcom characters should be. The only reason it isn't higher is because I find about most of the last season to be unwatchable and the last episode aggravating. However, these minor flaws do not outweigh Chinese Restaurants, parking garages, contests, and all other great Seinfeld moments.

    And to this day, who doesn't occasionally find themselves griping about something only to stop and say, "this should be a "Seinfeld" episode." And that's the genius. An episode dedicated to why some parking lots have slanted spaces and others don't would seamlessly fit in. A show about nothing that truly means something to everybody.
  • Seinfeld is one of the greates shows on televison.

    Seinfeld provides good comic relief and has a decent story in most episodes. It usually involes Kramer and his antics, Jerry and a girl friend, Elaine and a boy friend, George and what ever problems he has. The show doesn't follow a plot line because it's about absolutely nothing. So you wont hear of much that happened in the past episodes. With everything that happens in the show it almost always keeps you coming back for more and i do exactly that.
  • The single greatest show of this time.

    I'd have to say, Seinfeld started a year before I was born and I watched it quite a bit in my childhood... and I still do. This show is just so hilarious and so well put together.
    All of the main characters - Jerry, George, Elaine, and of course, Kramer, are all simply magnificent. It's as if these people were made to do a show together. Their formula with each of ther is unsurpassed.
    It's impossible to say something negative about this show; everything is perfect. It's the perfect show for anyone. It's truly fabulous.
  • Jerry Seinfeld makes a show Yadda-yadda-yadda, it's the best thing since sliced bread.

    This is an odd show because of the way it appraoches humour. No set-ups, no one liners, all character. The characters are what make this show and they are all great in their own self-absorbed neurotic way. ANd that's the funny thing about these people, they are all evil. They are self-absorbed, not caring, almost villains who will mock, and piss off people for their own amusment. And it's funnny. There's no comedian who deserves a show more. Yes that includes you Drew Carrey, Tim Allen, Cedric the entertainer, Steve Harvey, Ray Romano, and David Spade soon to come. This is a show that changed the 90's and it is still changing popculture today.
  • Side Splitting Funny

    Who knew a show about nothing could be so so so so so FUNNY. Every show is unique and funny. You never know what to expect(well except a laugh).

    Is a great show to watch after a long hard day.If your sick you will laugh yourself well. If your dying , heck you will laugh your way to heaven or the other place.

    Any one will LOOOOVVVVEEE this show.

    I recommend it to all my friends.