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  • I love the show. i cant stop watching it it`s personaly my favourite show ever in the whole wide has the funniest phraises in the whole wide world.for inststance the one that jerry is the restraunt and he says to his friend we walk in there and s

    I love the show. i cant stop watching it it`s personaly my favourite show ever in the whole wide has the funniest phraises in the whole wide world.for instance the one that jerry is in the restraunt and he says to his friend we walk in there and say
  • Exelent show, the eriter an actors are perfect for aech an everione of its rolls

    its a fun genial serie that no one shuld miss,
    the paper of newman is the funniest that i have see sence joey, george its the reflect of a friend of mine, its just soo funny wen he trows his self stime down.

    i olways going to remember the line wen the fire oficer, tells george,

    "how do you live with yoursef?"

    and george says

    "Its not easy"


  • The most influential sitcom of all time, one which veers away from traditional set up lines for a quick pay off gag and instaed builds towards a conclusive ending (usually ending badly for our heros)

    Only began watching this show in its final season as it was never really promoted in the UK. After I saw my first episode I was hooked because it was so different from other shows that I had been watching like Frasier and Friends. This didn`t have many little one liners and obvious jokes, the humour coming from the building stories, the situations created or simply the actions of the characters themselves. And what great characters. I think only the simpsons can boast a greater varirty of much loved support characters you could care about (easier for a cartoon) and it was so inspired to give the protagonists that dark unsympathetic edge, again going against the norm. I was disappointed after seeing my first episode to hear they were not going to make anymore, but delighted to discover that coming in halfway through season 9, I had 8 and a half seasons of episodes to catch up on. And after watching them once, I watched them again.
  • The best show ever made.

    No other show has even come close to being as funny, cutting-edge, and original as seinfeld. It also has the highest replay value of any show ever made. I still laugh out loud at a show I've seen 10 times or more. Seinfeld is a show about nothing, but it is also a show about life. Most of the things that happen in Seinfeld happen to us all the time, but in Seinfeld they're always a hell of a lot funnier. There is no question Seinfeld is the master of its domain.
  • The Best Ever!

    Quite simply the greatest television show of all time. There is hardly a weak show in the lot. Each episode contains so many little things that are funny. Kramer is hilarious, but George is my favourite character. Best episode would have to be the Alternate Side, where George is parking cars on the street and he causes a crash that disturbs the Woody Allen movie which Kramer has a role in. The scene with Jerry and Elaine at the car rental place is classic! Best Line is from the Junior Mint. \"Just let me finish my coffee, then we\'ll watch \'em go slice this fat bastard up.\" And it was an ad-lib, too.
  • The greatest comedy of all time. Nothing has ever or will ever come close to it because of its unique blend of characters, themes and "nothing".

    I've probably seen every single episode of Seinfeld at least three times, and some as much as ten times. If this were any other show, I would be bored after my first or second watch - but not with Seinfeld.

    The chemistry behind the characters and relationships in Seinfeld is truly remarkable. Every single episode gives us a clearer picture of George's desire to gain revenge or Kramer's eccentric nature. Everytime I see Kramer enter Jerry's apartment in his wild and clumsy manner, I laugh, no matter how many times I've seen it happen.

    Another aspect of Seinfeld that is truly amazing is its ability to be about "nothing" but still maintain a repuation of being the clear winner in comedy. In no other show will you get moments that make you roll on the floor laughing, like when George walks in on Kramer kissing Jerry, or when Jerry and Kramer accidentally drop a junior mint into the abdominal cavity of a medical patient during surgery. Also, don't forget those classic quotes like "No soup for you!" and "Not that there's anything wrong with that!", which you won't hear in any other show. Sometimes you have entire episodes that are completely different from anything else you will see on television, such as the Chinese Restaurant or The Parking Garage. I can't remember any episode of Seinfeld that I disliked, even mildly.

    If you are looking for a show that doesn't constantly repeat the usual jokes, then watch Seinfeld. There's nothing out there in the world that comes close to it. It's devistating that the show was cancelled, but there's still many episodes of hilarious content that can be seen over and over again.
  • Vegetable Lasagna!

    It was still such a great show even in it's final season, with some of the best episodes like "The Butter Shave." It definitly could have gone a few more seasons with great material. Best non-animated show ever. I love all of the characters. The re-runs are still funny as hell.
  • A sitcom about 4 NYC pals in the same apartment building dealing with relationships, problems, and everyday life in the Big Apple.

    I first started watching this show with my dad when I was barely out of my diapers. I don\'t watch it that often anymore, because I don\'t return from camp until between 4-9:00, or I just don\'t have the time for some other reason. Besides, it\'s best when my dad is there laughing with me.
  • Caution: Highly Entertaining, May cause prolonged periods of laughing, tears or muscular seizures in the mouth.

    Jerry Seinfeld has topped himself once again after his stupendous performance in "Seinfeld", immediately after cracking up jokes at the clubs of New York. Not to mention Micheal Richards' fabulous performance, who couldnt have been replaced by anyone else. Julia represents the feminine part of this sitcom which is quite significant. And finally Jason's role takes the show "off the wall". Its worthwhile watching this show, believe me. "One hour of Seinfeld a day, keeps a miserable life far far away."
  • Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David pitched this show about nothing. At first it didn't do very good. Adventually it got picked up. And Larry David himself was sad of that as he wanted to do other things.

    BEST SHOW EVER! This is the kind of sit-com that's actually good. I see a lot of other sit-coms that turn into a dramatic situation. Well in Seinfeld they alaways are funny even at the worst of times. Throughout the early days of Seinfeld they featured Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up. I have never understood why they got rid of that? It is hilarious. The plot lines are always hilarious, and the charactors are even more hilarious. Especially Kramer, "now he's a charactor." The live audiance normally cheer when Kramer enters the scene. Kramer is the next door neighbour who always abuses his key to Jerry's appartment, from everything to eating out of Jerry's refridgerator, to letting his friends take a nap in Jerry's bed. Jerry, George, and Elaine are all great charactors as well. Jerry is a stand-up comedian who often needs new material. George is Jerry's friend, ever since high-school. Elaine is Jerry's Ex-Girlfriend who still remained friends. Together is creates a hilarious sit-com about nothing.
  • "Nothing" is very funny!

    Who would have thought that a show about nothing could be so incredibly funny? This show will forever remain a classic through reruns and DVD sales. The cast was phenomenally well-balanced. We had straight-laced Jerry, neurotic Elaine, the obsession laced George, and the wild and crazy Kramer. These four totally different characters had a remarkable kinship and a truly believable friendship. The scenarios were hilarious, the jokes were clever, and the writing was always top-notch. Few shows can provide ample water cooler conversation like this one did. Long may Seinfeld reign in syndication and DVD sales.
  • Often credited as the greatest sitcom of all-time - rightfully so

    Seinfeld is anything but a 'show about nothing', as it is often dubbed. It si a show about everyday life; it is a show about situations we all end up in, about characters we know in real life, about problems we all encounter ourselves. A recipe for boredom? Anything but. Thanks to very clever and inventive plots (not to mention at times controversial), and one of the sharpest script-writing teams on the planet, this will go down as a televisual classic - it's really that simple.

    The show focuses on Jerry Seinfeld, stand-up comedian both in real-life and on the show, but he is just one of a group of 4 hilarious, well-characterized lead characters who between them cover all the bases - balding, funny, unusual, crazy, witty, overweight, cigar-smoking, mother-loving, and indeed a woman - who work exceedingly well together in every combination. This is in equal part thanks to the impeccable actors - especially Michael Richards, Kramer - and the oustanding script-writing.

    The plots, as I previously mentioned, focus on the minutiae of everyday life without ever getting boring, and for nine seasons Seinfeld kept millions entertained as it continually surpassed its' own comedic excellence.

    If you haven't seen this - why not?! Highly recommended.

    My favorite show of all time that deserves as many awards that you can possibly get for TV shows. It is not only the funniest show but also the most unforgetable show of all time. TV guide called it the #1 show of all time, and all i have to say is that TV guide has a lot of taste.
  • The show about nothing is one genius comedy.

    "Seinfeld" is one of those shows where you have seen an episode ten times and counting, but you will never in your lifetime get tired of it. The writing and the actors who play the characters are perfect in the show, and make for great comedy. This show will forever be known as a classic.
  • T H I S Is comedy!!!!!!!!! T H I S Is comedy!!!!!!!!! T H I S Is comedy!!!!!!!!!

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  • Verry funny and makes you laugh alot

    Seinfeld is my favorite show in the world. Other than family guy and the simpsons this is the one I watch all the time. My favorite character is Kramer I just love the way that he slides into Jerrys house like that. For all the people that have ssen the show I would think that they would love it. And that is my review.
  • The 90\\\'s version of a Normal Lear Sitcom that was able to break the barrier on all issues, using comedy as its medium.

    Social issues beyond sex: personal hygene, unemployment, clothing and proctologists. Issues addressed with humor as their medium. The medium is the message, as Marshall McLuhan once observed. Humor was the greatest thing about Seinfeld. All the characters in the show revolved around each other and, yet, the screenwriters were able to highlight each one. George Costanza was the stereotypical neurotic New Yorker, obcessed with sexuality and his repressed ego. Cosmo Kramer was off the wall, and his presence made the show come alive. If Costanza was neurotic, then Kramer was downright psychotic. The two often go hand in hand. Elaine was the mildly neurotic, faily superficial, Manhatanite. Last, but not least, we have Seinfeld himself, who just seems to fit in when and where he\\\'s most needed. A fantastic show. It will be missed.
  • What Is This Show Supposed To Be About?

    What is this show even supposed to be about? This show pretty much says that the newer situation comedies are going downhill very fast. It is so dumb and they even admit that it is a show about nothing. And people say that it is the best show ever, but there are many other shows that are better than this one, and it sets a new tradition for boring TV shows that the people star themselves in, just like Will Smith does all the time, and that theme song is just one of many that really get on your nerves.
  • This show about nothing turned out to be one of the greatest shows ever I could not believe the concept of this show I thought it was going to be terrible it turned out to be great.

    This show about nothing turned out to be one of the greatest shows ever I could not believe the concept of this show I thought it was going to be terrible it turned out to be great. I loved this show beginning to end, just an outstanding show it is and always will be a classic.
  • Jerry is a stand-up comedian living in New York City. His life is always interupted by a variety of characters. From nazi like soup servers, to a meddling overweight postman. He survives with help from his three friends George, Elaine and of course the hi

    This show could quite possibly be the best situational comedy of all time. Although it claims to be a show about nothing, the plots are always filled with hilarious stories and are delivered in a clever way. On top of that every main character has a sub plot which intertwines with all the sub plots of the other characters. This is the show that other sitcoms should want to be.
  • Seinfield first started in 1989. It started ok but later on became an instint classic and is a favorite amoung many people.

    Seinfield first started in 1989. It started ok but later on became an instint classic and is a favorite amoung many people.
    For people that don like repeats of there favorite shows, i garruntee u wont want 2 miss any repeats of seinfield, for every episode is funny even if u seen it 3 or 4 times. Also, the acting and jokes r great. Both Larry and Jerry did a great job writing out the show. As i said the first 2 seasons werent 2 good but from there on every episode had a great laugh!
  • If you look up pointless in the dictionary, "Seinfeld" would appear.

    I never watched this show, and I never will watch the reruns. Who cares? It is one of the most pointless, dumb shows ever created by mortal man. I'm sorry, but Jerry Seinfeld should never come back, nor should anyone else on that show. I never understood what all the fuss was about, and I won't even pretned to be interested.
  • The greatest sitcom every and perhaps the funniest show ever

    When i was a kid i used to hate this show, my dad would watch it and i would laugh at him saying how bad it was and go watch my nicktoons, now, im 15, and i really see why my dad loved it and i love it. Its just so original in the concept a show about nothing, just think how hard that really was to pitch, but The characters were casted brilliantly. Kramer is, IMO, the greatest character in any show, ever. And george is up there as well. I have seen probably 3/5 of the episodes and i will be upset when i see them all, simply for the fact that i cant see any new ones.
  • Other shows don't measure up to its originality.

    Seinfeld has paved the way for sitcoms like no other show has. Either becuase people could relate to the charectors, or that its one-liners might be the best remembered from any tv show of this era, it has become a classic that will always be remembered.

    "No soup for you!"
  • It is a show about nothing where one little thing leads to something irrelevent


    The wacky adventures of Jerry Seinfeld,and his friends:George Costanza played by Jason Alexander,Cosmo Kramer played by Michael Richards,Elaine Benes played by Julia Lewis-Dreyfuss. The show is about nothing so if you miss 2 minutes you won't understand what is happening. Today it is sydicated to UPN & TBS. Jerry usually gets into the weird trouble because of his friends Kramer snubs an Ex girl friend of Jerry 30 minutes later his pilot is cancelled by NBC.One time while Elaine was talking to a virgin outside her car while she was driving and she accidentaly hit Ping the delivery man who was delivering Chinese food to Jerry with her car, after she hit Ping he sued Elaine ,and only the rice was saved.
  • Seinfeld is a great show and yada yada yada.

    The show about nothing, and much, much more!

    Back in 1989, NBC executives asked, why would anybody care about a show about nothing? A show where all they do is just talk? I mean, in the pilot, all they're doing is waiting in a chinese restaurant.

    GENIUS. That is what Seinfeld is. Humor does not need a complicated plot. Take for example, "The Parking Garage". They are lost in a parking garage, trying to find the car, and weird things happen to them. Nothing big. BRILLIANT! It's simplification. This is why SEINFELD is so great: SIMPLIFICATION.

    Not only that, we have a truckload of Seinfeldisms. Soup Nazi, man hands, yada yada yada. They just spilled out into pop culture like a flood.

    You really should watch this show. Often considered the best show of the 90s, some the best show ever, Seinfeld is a must-see.
  • There's only a couple shows that I need to watch at least once a day in order to get by. Seinfeld falls into this category.

    There has bever been a show like this before, and we'll never see another one like it. It completly redefined the Sit-com by pushing what could be a topic. In this case, anything, which actually translates into nothing. They could pull off doing an entire episode without changing the setting. They could also pull off an entire episode based on a single topic, such as (dare I Say?!) masterbation, without even saying the word. That's incredible. Jerry Seinfeld is a great comedian, and through the show, was able to create a language that everyone could understand. Every episode is an instant classic. If I had to label a low-point in the series, it would be the begining, since it kept getting better and better as the series progressed. As I write this review, I'm actually watching the show. Once you get into the show, it's like some wonderful drug. You can't get enough in a single day. Giddy-up.
  • A show about nothing. How long and good could that show be? Well actually it be the greatest sitcom of all time and last eight years. Jerry and his supporting cast goes through all kinds of crazyness every episode with some of the most zaniest characters

    Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and last but not least George are the best unsumble of characters ever assembled on television. Each one of them helped carry the funniest show I've ever seen. The characters they enteracted with also help the show stay fresh from the Soup Nazi to the bubble boy.
  • Can't belive it ended

    I wanted that show to run forever. It was funny funny funny funny funny funny funny funny . Kramer and george were the best characters on the show. watch re-runs on fox and tbs. My opinion better than the simpsons and futurama. Love it love it love it. Too funny.
  • The comedy isn't the same after seinfeld, I just love that show. It's kind of "I don't care... I hate everybody" If you note how these characters live and not let to live I would think that I can be myself without care the others ones cause it just is.

    The comedy isn't the same after seinfeld, I just love that show. It's kind of "I don't care... I hate everybody" If you note how these characters live and not let to live I would think that I can be my self without care the others ones cause it just is. The life according to seinfeld it's just great.