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  • Four friends, One Apartment, Thousands of Stories.

    Seinfeld will forever go down as the best comedy sitcom ever made. Every episode was a complete delight to watch. Each character had their own life issues but somehow they always seemed to get into each others buisness. This show was essential because everyone could relate to someone, anyone, even being someone like Newmna or the soup Nazi, it was truly an awesome show that will NEVER be forgotten and will forever be in my heart.
  • george jerry kramer, and Elaine go through dates and normal things that every other person goes through and get into some wacky situations

    This show is quite possibly the greatest show ever. its halarious and a show about nothing. what show is funnier. my favorite episode was the soup nazi one. but overall it is the funniest show of all time in this writers opinion and should come back for a reunion special or something
  • Will always make you laugh.

    Seinfeld was an amazing show with wacky plots about nothing. With the first and last seasons being the worst the show was always incredibly funny. This show is about the lives of Jerry, a single comedian; Kramer, Jerrys insane neighbor who always made himself right at home; Elane, Jerry'e ex-girlfriend and George, the obnoxios problamatic one. Seinfeld was on for 9 wonderful seasons and will always be missed by me. I will always have the opportunity to watch re-runs and my DVD collection. If you like Seinfeld you will also enjoy the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm starring Larry David (Seinfeld creator).
  • The best sitcom in television history

    Quite simply put the best Sitcm in the history of television. Seinfeld sets the bar as far as TV comidies go. Seinfeld is now shown in some sociology classes because if you watch Seinfeld and its cast and writers teach you how not to act in social situations, if you do the opposite of what they do on the show you will be in good shape socially. This shows also has the best writers I have ever seen in a sitcom with the exception of recent competition including the writing of Arrested Development an Curb your enthusiasm. No matter what your mood Seinfeld and his supporting cast can make you laugh out loud.
  • Great sitcom ever?

    Seinfeld ranks in the classics as I Love Lucy and Cheers. It defined a decade and multiple generations. It brought us classic lines that shaped our culture, from "not that there's anything wrong with that..." to "who wouldn't want a junior mint?". The characters were iconic and fit perfectly into the show, interacting with each other in priceless moments. Jerry Seinfeld was the anchor of the show and his best friend George was his polar opposite, but the two together was a formula for success. Kramer ignited the show no other crazy neighbor could. He brought back memories of Steve Urkel and other classic neighbors that only cause trouble. Elaine brought in something new and fresh and was the perfect female for this foursome. Seinfeld will forever be a classic and will be like wine, only getting better and better with time. Giddyup!
  • A Classic Comedy

    Seinfeld is definitely a classic, it is so funny and so clever in how they work around things in an episode. Everything comes together in the end and it is just a great show, I don't know how some people don't like this show, maybe they started watching in the middle of an episode and didn't understand it. But Seinfeld is by far the greatest comedy ever! I'm glad they are releasing them all on DVD's that are nicely packaged, every season is worth getting.
  • Seinfeld is my favourite comedy series of all time simply because it is a show about nothing. You never know what kind of possibilities and events could un fold during every episode.

    I have seen basically every episode of Seinfeld and can't find one where it was just stupid. They are all very good episodes if you are a big fan of comedy. Each character in the show has their own unique personality which in my opinion made the Seinfeld series my favourite TV series of all time. For anyone who has not seen Seinfeld I full recommend you to watch all the episodes and enjoy!
  • Best Comedy EVER

    I've seen every episode at least 10 times...and this show just NEVER gets old. Thank god it's finally on DVD. Only 20 words so far... Ummm, if you don't like Seinfeld you stink! Kramer, Elaine, Jerry, George, Newman, Putty, Snoopy and Prickley's simply the best show ever. 50 Words
  • not just voted best tv comedy of all times IT MOST DEFENTLY IS THE BEST THAT EVER WILL BE comedy sitcome EVER.

    Seinfeld - Well, what can I say... If you havn`t seen it, your`re really missing out on a great deal.
    This show is by far the best sit-com ever televised.
    Its genius is built from the total lack of story. Meaning in short terms that Seinfeld is in fact a show about nothing.
    So thanks you guys, for making life worthwhile!
  • This show is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As i said this show is the best show that i have watched. Th writting is superb and the way Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George act is great. People say that Friends was better then Seinfeld but that is totally wrong in my opinion. Friends does not match the quality of Seinfeld but it is up there. Seinfeld will always be number one in my book.
  • One of the greatest shows of all time all about nothing

    Seinfeld was one of the greatest shows of all times. Although a show about nothing, it had amny interesting and real plots thats most viewers can relate to. This turned normal everyday situations into wonderful works of comedy and a whole frenzy of diffrent events. The most memorable thing about the shows were the characters. Who could forget Elaine's dancing, George taking a nap under his table, Kramer living inthe shower, Jerry's strategy of getting rid of telemarketers and the Soup Nazi. Its amazing to thing that this show was almsot axed after the first few episodes. It's a shame that it had to end but the time was right for it to end and it went of on a good note.
  • I've never laughed so hard or pissed in my pants before... But then I saw Seinfeld. "Seinfeld one of the best shows ever-made!"

    Seinfeld is about nothing, and makes little things in to utterly hilarious big things or problems. This incredible idea made Seinfeld a huge success, and attracted many audiences, including me. When I first saw Seinfeld, I didn't really understand the plot of the episode, and I don’t think many people understand the show it self; but the show still managed to make me laugh uncontrollably. The originality of this show is incredible and the Seinfeld cast couldn't get any better. The show just seemed to have this weird flow and have the weirdest ways of making ideas and putting them into the show. For these reasons, I haven't gotten over the fact that Seinfeld can probably make anyone laugh or at least, I will never laugh as hard watching another show; like I do when I am watching Seinfeld.
  • This show is a wonderful example of a show about nothing, even pitched in one of their episodes.

    Simply genious.
    This show is a big hit with viewers worldwide including myself. This show is the first and really only of its kind. It is filled with laughes and is just a very well done television show. Seinfeld and his friends are always getting themselves into mix ups and chaos which indeed makes for exelent television.
  • This show about nothing is really about alot!It takes the normal daily things everybody deals with now and then, and puts them in a funny context and this really works If I have to chooce three favorite TV shows Seinfeld gets a place next to The Simpsons

    Seinfeld has been of the air a few years in my country (Belgium) until recently. I was 15-16 years old when I recognised Wayne Knight whom I knew from Jurassic Park (I was a Hugh Jurassic Park fan) and I started watching the show and I laughed trough that whole episode. I never saw such a funny sitcom and off course I kept watching it every evening.

    But then the final episode was broadcasted and the TV network decided to stop broadcasting Seinfeld. I tried to download some episodes from the Internet but the quality was very bad until the DVD’s where released I own both season 3 and 4 and I must say I watch them like every day over and over again this show is just that funny.

    In the time Seinfeld was of the air I watched other sitcoms but none of them where as good as Seinfeld. (Well almost none except for The Simpsons and South Park). I tried to follow Friends (witch is like the second most funny sitcom) for some time but in my opinion Friends can’t match up against the humour of Seinfeld (not that Friends isn’t funny, it’s just what you prefer). But than again you have to love the Seinfeld Humour witch is a bit different from the common sitcom (without the sentimental parts, without the family atmosphere). In other sitcoms the jokes are straight forward, but in Seinfeld the jokes are more sarcastic, most of the times there’s no happy ending (but very funny ending), and sometimes you have to think twice to understand what the writers really meant (read: intelligent humour)…and that’s what makes this show so brilliant and funny.

    Another power this show has on me when I have a bad day and I watch Seinfeld it kind of makes me forget my problems for a moment.

    I recommend this show to everyone, and off course there are people who are not going to like it. But maybe they just don’t understand the show ore they don’t want to understand it. 76 million Americans who watched the final episode I think that says enough…Period!
  • I absolutely love this show! I can't always watch the show but I still love it!

    Like I said in the summary, I love this show and it is one of my favourite comedies. My favourite character is Kramer, since he is always getting into trouble. George I feel is really lazy, like the time he started sleeping under his desk at work. Elaine is a good character. She seems to have a lot of trouble with her boyfriends. And Jerry, I don't know what to say about him but keeps his friends out of trouble. As for the people who don't like Seinfeld, well, you don't know what you're missing! For people who have a good sense of humour, keep watching the show or start watching!
  • Good, but not classic.

    Probley one of the better sitcomes to come out of the 90's. Very good show with a varity of humor for everyone. I would have rated it highter if it hadn't gone out on such a terrible note. Also, I don't think it will be as relevent 10 years from now as some other classic shows
  • This show is really about nothing. It follows the adventures of 4 friends. Which include comedian Jerry Seinfeld, his ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes, his high school buddy George Costanza, and of course his wacky neighbor Cosmo Kramer. The show is hillarious

    One of the funniest tv shows every made. It's basically Pulp Fiction in a Tv series. It follows the different adventures of 4 friends and shows how each of their adventures comes back to connect with all 4 characters. It's a great show and Cosmo Kramer is just hysterical. He's just like Ed Norton from the Honeymooners except in the 90's. Kramer's character is so wacky and the sounds and ideas this guy has just makes the show so much more enjoyable. The show turns a minor incident into something that lasts the whole episode. Like the Man Hands episode. The show is definetely enjoyable and even though Martin and this show were in the same era, there is no way that you can possibly compare Martin or any show of the 1990's to Seinfeld. It was just so original and so entertaining. The show is a pop culture phenomenom. The quotes and phrases you hear from this show are now household names. "Yada Yada", "Festivus", etc. This show may'be the best sitcom of all time. The show isn't about typical sitcom cliche about making a show enjoyable for both adults and kids. This show is about adult humor and is very funny.
  • The greatest show of the past 20 years.

    How can one sum up a monumental effort like Seinfeld? A daring show, with raw, honest dialogue, a troupe of actors largely unknown until that point, and pioneered by writers and producers who had little to no television experience. This show broke all boundaries on what a sitcom should be, and the wild success of it is readily apparent.

    Rather than falling back on cliched situations and gags that have been rehashed time and time again since the classic sitcoms such as I Love Lucy and the Dick Van Dyke show, Seinfeld allowed its unique vision to shine forth. The focus on the "excrutiating minutia" of 30-something's in NYC gave this show a refreshing quality, and allowed a wide audience to truly relate to the goings-on of the characters in the show. The writing is so brilliant that to this day it remains one of the funniest shows on Television, and even though I have seen some of these episodes dozens of times there isn't a single one that I wouldn't watch (excluding some episodes from the first and second seasons, namely the pilot). Truth be told, the only show that has come close to matching the genius of Seinfeld is, no surprise, nowhere found on any network station, but rather the incredible Curb Your Enthusiasm, penned and created by Seinfeld's own Larry David.

    The show survived despite all odds: A pilot that was met with terrible reviews, comparatively poor ratings for the time of its premier, and an occasionally unreceptive NBC executive board, but thank God they took a chance on this incredible series. And clearly it paid off.

    How can you not love Seinfeld? I mean, the show is so hilarious; it's a show about nothing!! And the funniest part about it all being about nothing, one of these episodes have actually happened to you or someone you know! I wish this show didn't go off the air and the cast continued to make more shows!
  • A review about nothing about the show about nothing. It works...

    I gave the show a ten out of ten. Not to conform, but to tell the truth. Seinfeld is the greatest show ever made. It revolutionized the basic "sitcom" as we know it.

    How could a Jewish Comedian, a short bald man, a man hungry woman, and a wacky neighbor invite themselves into our hearts? Unknown. But everyone love's it.

    The reason Seinfeld has so many fans is because each episode portrays something the viewer has or will experience(d) in their own life. The countless characters such as Newman, the Soup Nazi, and many girlfriends of Jerry.

    Many women comedians and a few men started out on Seinfeld. Such as Friends' Courtny Cox Arket. If you don't like it, just watch a few episodes, let is grow on you. I trust you'll love it.

    - Otter
  • I hate this show for one reason....Elaine.

    Elaine ruins this show for me. She's horrible. I can't stand her whiny tone and her constant complaining.

    Atleast when Jerry complains he does it in a funny way. Elaine complains and it is just annoying. She ruins the show.

    Get rid of Elaine and I would probably love this show. But with her its so hard to watch.
  • This is a true show.

    Seinfeld was top of the class. Even after the finale a lot of people still watched the old episodes. This show is about up and downs in real life. Most people laughed their hearts out. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David have possibly made one of the best shows in TV history.

    Seinfeld was definantly one of the best shows ever. It was so ahead of it's time and appealed to so many different viewers. The part I found most astonoshing was the fact that there was NEVER a bad seed in the cast. Everyone was amazing. Jerry Seinfeld is a comic genius and will go down as one of the best comedians ever. KRAMER ROCKS!
  • This is comedy relates to real life it is fabulous

    Sienfled absolutley relates to real life sometimes you know you can relate. Its always funny and great for a good laugh! Sienfeld the show about nothing, usually has some sub-points. It has 4 main characters Jerry, and average guy. Geroge his bald stalky friend . Elaine, Jerrys ex-girlfriend, though they still remain good friends and Kramer Jerrys next-door neighboor who is waay over the top. He probally is the cahracter that makes me laugh the most! This is a great show and i HIGHLY reccomend it
  • Who doesn't love Seinfeld....sick people of course. Seinfeld is one of the best sitcoms in history hands down.

    I think Seinfeld is the funniest show ever, as many others do to. It centers on four friends and all the weird things that happen to them in NYC. It has been called, "A show about nothing," as it revolves around comedy in everyday situations. The four main cast members are Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards(Kramer), Julia Louis Dreyfuss(Elaine), and Jason Alexander(George). They all bring great comedy to the show but I feel that Michael Richards is by far the funniest with all the weird stuff he does and the way he enters the room. I strongly urge you to see this show, as it is available on DVD. You will love it and i hope it becomes one of your favorites too.
  • The original show about nothing turned out to be more then that. It is a funny comedy about these almost normal people that have these hilarious and messed up situations.

    Seinfeld has to be one of my favorite shows out there. It was on for so long and I used to watch re-runs whenever I could, which was a lot. Even though the show was about nothing, the situations represented were hilarious. The most random and idiotic things happened and it turned out to be so funny. I will miss not seeing this show again, someday.
  • Great show

    I loved this show when it was out. This was my favorite show and I still watch the replays on Fox all of the time. Great characters like the soup nazi were what made this show so great. it was pretty much a show about nothing which made the episode when George and Jerry wanted to make a show about nothing so funny. This personally is one of my favorite shows and I am sad that there are no more new episodes but I do enjoy watching the reruns all of the time
  • This is the best TV sitcom ever, really. It is hillarious, anybody will like it; it's jokes are for all ages. Most episodes have a stand-up comedy act by Jerry Seinfeld at the beggining. I highly reccomend this show to everyone. 10/10

    This is the best TV sitcom ever, really. It is hillarious, anybody will like it; it's jokes are for all ages. Most episodes have a stand-up comedy act by Jerry Seinfeld at the beggining. I highly reccomend this show to everyone. It is a classic TV show for sure, it will be remembered by alot of people for many years to come. Go out and buy the DVD set's, they are great quality. Seinfeld is so great 10/10.
  • I can watch an entire episode without cracking a smile.

    I'm sorry, but I just don't get this show. I've tried on several occasions to get into it, and I just can't. The characters are annoying (Seinfeld himself makes me want to wretch), and the comedy just doesn't make sense to me.

    The show starts with the little monologues, which generally aren't very funny at all, and then the episode that follows seems to lack comedy. The show seems to be populated with a bunch of inside jokes, and aside from the "Soup Nazi" episode, I just don't get any of them. This show is so popular, and I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it's a generational thing, and I'm just too young to appreciate it.

    I see that the show is highly rated, and it does insanely well in syndication, but I can't get on board with this. If you want a good sitcom show watch Friends and you'll be howling with laughter in minutes.
  • Who would have known nothing could be so funny.

    By the time this show ended, it had pretty much attained the title "Greatest Sitcom Ever." It had the most brilliant wring of it's time with Larry David and Jerry. Not to mention probably the most widely recognized supporting character of all time with Kramer. This show had everything, great writng, great cast, great everything. They were also smart enough to end the sohw at it's peak, before it had a chance of going downhill. With such classic episodes like "The Contest", "The Junior Mint", "The Bubble Boy", "The Marine Biologist", and "The Soup Nazi", Seinfeld submits itself as the most original and most relatable sitcom of all time.
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