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  • Four friends live their strange lives in the city of New York.

    This shows is absolutely the greatest show that was ever on television. The characters had a way of making everyday things funny and interesting. Each character brings something different to the table. Kramer is crazy and is my personal favorite. George is a character that good things never happen to. Jerry seems laid back, while Elaine is always on the go. I wish that they would bring this one back.
  • How timeless is Seinfeld? I've seen every episode at least a dozen times, and I still watch the show four times a day! If not for the annoying laugh track, it'd be perfect.

    Seinfeld is more than just a great comedy. It's more than just a great show. It's an addiction! Once you meet the characters, you'll fall in love, and you'll never get enough of it. All it takes is one cleverly written, brilliantly executed episode, and you'll be on the wagon. Seinfeld is just as funny today as it was a decade ago, and then some. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without Seinfeld, and I rush out to buy the latest DVD. Don't miss this classic sitcom which many consider to be the greatest show of all time (hey, 100 million viewers can't be wrong).
  • there is no other show like seinfeld...


    This is without any doubt one of the best shows ever..i enjoy, still, the repeated episodes, it's as if I discovered something new.. I miss a lot this show, its cast...sometimes when i watch it, it almost makes me cry..jejeje, you know... nostalgics... but I try to find happiness in other tv programs.
  • Definetly a classic

    Great show. All the characters are so great. Even the small characters like Newman, george's parents, Steinberner and all the guest stars. My favorite character is George. Hes so eas to relate to and he is hillarous. My favorite episode is hard to say. Ive seen most if not all. Soup Nazi was great but there are so many others. So many great moments like the junior mint, bubble boy, man hands i could go on forever. Every episode was great
  • This was one of the funniest show out of all, The Simpson, American Dad, or any other funny shows dont even come close to matching how halarious this show was.

    This was one of the funniest show out of all, The Simpson, American Dad, or any other funny shows dont even come close to matching how halarious this show was.

    I was heart broke when they anounced that they were ending it. I thought foresure that the world was comming to an end... but I'm still alive ;(
  • Just watch it.

    A must see. The first few seasons were good but not great, after that the show really came into its own. Able to attach hillarity to any subject, yes even to nothing, this show is one of the best to ever hit the television. I must recommend this to any and all. Just give it a few tries if you don't like it at first, for you may be catching one of the rare decent shows instead of the usual memorable ones. This is a show that defined the 90's, and must be seen by all.

    My final review: Seinfeld is the master of its domain.
  • This is the greatest show of all time.

    I didn\'t grow an appreciation for Seinfeld until it was almost over, but have since caught every episode in syndication. The writers did an amazing job at relating a specific topic or situation through each characters lives. I think that Sienfeld may be the greatest shows in the history of television.
  • When one thinks of this superb show what possibly comes to mind? Perhaps this show was destiny to the era of today.

    Seinfeld was ahead of it's time. It seemed to be one step ahead of the average comedy writer. Today, you can't even find a show as funny as Seinfeld was. Although Seinfeld is over, the DVD popularity has turned seinfeld into an ever-lasting show so crowds enjoy it time after time again. Perhaps it will return, one can only speculate!!!
  • Its about nothing and its funny.Its about Jerry who is a comedian and his friends George, Elane, and Craimer,and its just about their lives and all the trouble they get into. Like When Craimer splilled hot coffe on himself and sewed the coffe makers for m

    This was and still is the best show on tv.It was and still is my favorite show.It is so good.That is all i can say. Craimer is the best. Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show Great show
  • Described as the perennial sitcom that graced the '90s television scene, Seinfeld captures every detail of the vulnerable and full-of-twists game called life. It epitomizes what a common denizen experiences in his everyday journey. It's a show about nothi

    Juggernaut in substance, Godzilla-esque in TV ratings; what a combo for a TV show. Producers would love that, televiewers would crave for that; Seinfeld delivered on both aspects.

    After starting slow when it came to TV ratings, the patience paid off that raised the bar for situational comedies. Seinfeld is synonymous to situational comedy. Whenever there's new sitcom, expect it to be compared to Seinfeld.

    From Jerry's whining (albeit unconvincing sometimes), to George's unending problems with jobs and women, to Elaine's vivacious personality, and Mr. Kramer's crazy, wild, and out-of-this-world antics and new lexicons (giddyup!), Seinfeld definitely has it all.

    Compacted in a small apartment somewhere in New York City (and sometimes outside that small realm), Seinfeld captured the common occurrences to a life of a common denizen. Ever experienced bickering with someone else about a parking space? Seinfeld definitely got it covered! What about experiencing confusion frenzy with your friends in a movie house? Seinfeld touches that little aspect of life.

    Everything is so fluid (except for some goofs which is very forgivable and does not affect the show at all). The delivery of lines catches what the writers want to convey to televiewers. The timing, the diction, the intonation, and the precision are all very splendid. With 180 episodes to boot, every episode will bring a smile to your face.

    Dialogue-driven, you have to wonder how much material Jerry and Larry (David) have in their hands that made Seinfeld the epitome of a sitcom. Pure genius! Many "quotable quotes" had been splurged by this show.

    Timeless classic that would be very hard to top.It got one Emmy Award and I wonder why. But those award-giving bodies underestimated the greatness of Seinfeld. It is the greatest television show of all time

    The chemistry of the characters, good material, and likeable characters made Seinfeld the greatest. And I don't think one could topple the show from its throne any time sooner.
  • It is a great show. I have never seen an episode that didn't make me laugh!

    Seinfeld is a great show and you will never regret watching it. It is extremely clever and never fails to make me laugh. I have seen probably every episode at least once and every time I see each episode I still laugh. The jokes that the characters make never get old and the characters are timeless. I like other comedies but sometimes they just don't make me laugh. The ability to make you laugh is the most important qualities of a comedy. This is where Seinfeld delivers. The situations that Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer get into are hilarias and will have you gasping for air as your sides are splitting. In short: WATCH THIS SHOW!
  • The show about nothing...

    Seinfeld will always make me laugh, no matter how many times I see the junior mint fall into the OR patient, see Kramer have butter burnt into himself, hearing the famous "yadda yadda yadda". The shows brand of humor takes off from Jerry's comedy, which I can enjoy very much. Having the concept of the show being based on nothing made this a really influential show and still is to this day even though they have long since stopped making episodes. No other show has been as funny as this one with the same concept.
  • The best 30 minute comedy ever.

    I never watched Seinfeld before it was syndicated... so I've gotten to know it in the recent years. Every day after work, I come home, dive onto the couch, and flip on the Seinfeld re-runs. I've seen every episode ten times, but that doesn't make them any less fun. The writing is brilliant, and the characters are such fun.

    George is by far my favorite. His ordeals with finding the right job and dealing with his crazy parents never get old. Elaine is a powerful female character in a cast dominated by men. She doesn't let anyone push her around, and for that I admire her. Jerry is a womanizing jerk, who knows it...which is what makes him so funny. He breaks up with women for the funniest (and most superficial reasons). "She had man hands." And Kramer will always make you laugh with his funny physical reactions.

    My favorite comedy by far, Seinfeld will always be a classic. I've got the first four seasons on DVD, and can't wait for the others to be released so that I can watch them all anytime I want!
  • Seinfeld. Is it the greatest show to ever air on the small screen? Is it the most influential Sitcom to date? Or is it both?

    Seinfeld. Is it the greatest show to ever air on the small screen? Is it the most influential Sitcom to date? Or is it both?

    Sadly, I was only introduced to this show 2 years ago (and i regret it every day), and therefore was never able to view it airing on Primetime. However, that in no way prevented me from viewing and understanding the genius involved in every remarkable Episode.

    What I (and many others) have come to believe, is that this show, supposedly about ”nothing”, is in fact, a show about ”everything”. The shows remarkably outstanding and at times eccentric characters and storylines, managed to relate to the everyday real life situations. Be it lying to a woman for your own advantage (The Marine Biologist), fighting over the best possible parking space (The Parking Space), or feeling extremely awkward when meeting a boy in a bubble suit (The Bubble Boy). And no matter how much we try to deny it, everyone has at least one friend that shows great resemblance to these awkward (but yet highly entertaining) characters. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    So do I believe that Seinfeld is the ”Greatest” show of all time. Unfortunately, I think I’ll be deciding whether the glass is half full or empty, before I can make this decision. And with the likes of ER and The Simpsons, can you blame me?
  • the greatest sitcom of all time

    seinfeld my personal favourite sitcom i have ever watched, mainly because it is so original, it was a show about nothing just jerry seinfeld living his life and all the great things that happen, the cast were perfect when playing there roles it would not of been the show it was if it werent for the actors and the writers, larry charles and larry david my two favourites who wrote just perfect scripts and made every episode an original.
  • I will truly miss Seinfeld.

    I don't think i've ever recovered from the loss of seinfeld, but thanks to syndication, the mourning process was a lot easier. and thankfully, larry david created "curb your enthusiasm" to bring back some of the seinfeldian brilliance.

    seinfeld quotes run rampant with my friends (who enjoy contextual quoting of films & tv), & oftentimes i find myself in a "seinfeld moment." as a new yorker, i've always been able to relate to the trials & tribulations of jerry & co.
  • Seinfeld will be dearly missed.

    It's almost impossible to find a sitcom of the caliber of Seinfeld - especially one that has run for such a long time. The number of classic moments, the synergy between the characters/actors, and the cynicism aren't elements that come together often. Even the reruns are pretty re-watchable. Seinfeld is missed by many.
  • Pretty much the only non-Saturday-morning-cartoon show I've ever watched religiously. Fifteen years after it debuted, it's still probably the funniest, most inspired comedy show on television.

    Confession: I only got into Seinfeld maybe a couple of years ago. So I'm seriously late to the party. The show first caught my attention due to the outrage over its finale episode--in which, amazingly, the entire cast gets shut away in prison. Even though everyone seemed to complain, that was the moment I realized I must have just missed out on something remarkable.

    I was right. Watching all the reruns five or ten times over these past few years, I'm amazed at how incredible practically every episode of this show is. It gives you a feeling that you're in on the greatest inside joke of all time...something about the interactions between the cast just draw you right in, making you feel like you "totally get it" just like they do. One of the benefits of hindsight on this show is that it becomes clear how strong the chemistry must have been between the members of this cast--talk about a team effort. Seinfeld is far, far greater than the sum of its parts, as evidenced by the fact that none of its stars has ever done anything anywhere near as great as this show. And that's not really meant as a criticism of the cast's other work--the point is, Seinfeld is a near-impossible act to follow.

    There are too many good moments and episodes to mention. I don't necessarily think the most-popular favorites like the Contest and the Soup Nazi are the show's greatest moments. It's more the smaller stuff, how Seinfeld got away with some seriously politically incorrect stuff by broaching it with breezy disregard.

    Sometimes I think the world has gone completely insane. Then I watch Seinfeld at 11:00pm and I feel better about it. Simple as that.
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