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  • A show about nothing.

    Containing a cast of four main characters with absolutely NO redeeming qualities. I know I am in the minority with this one, but I hated this show.
    I did give it several tries because I thought I had to be missing something, but as the hype said, there was "nothing" to miss.
    It was not funny; to me. And the characters were completely unlikable; to me. To this day I can not stand Jason Alexander or Julia Louis Dreyfus and I just assume everything they have done before or since contains equal nothingness. I did see one broadcast of a Jerry Seinfeld stand-up routine and it was mildly funny. I did not feel like the stand-up had stolen 30 minutes from my life as I did every time I watched the Seinfeld show.
    I bow to those millions who did watch and enjoyed it: you obviously saw something I did not, and hey, thats what its all about...
  • The story is about everyday man Seinfeld, and his world.

    Well to start, i don't think this show is a trendsetter or anything, the humor is sometime lowbrowed and really booring, and sometimes the humor is really good, so it's hard to get an perfectly matched overall score on the show.

    The good thing about the show is the everyday humour that accures in lot's of the episodes, it makes the show a litle more real you know.

    The bad things are the exact opposite. The show sometimes goes out of hand and that's when the lowbrowed jokes begin. I don't like the eopisodes when it centerc around kramer and he's crazy jobb idees.

    Overall it's watchable, but nothing more than that, really.
  • Could have been done so much better. Read Review :S...or Don't if you're attached a lot to this show

    Maybe It just was a big deal in it's own time (outdated), maybe it's just NewYork's humor, but I find this show to be absolutely rediculous.

    Let me say that I'm speaking for all 9 seasons in general, I loved this show from season 1 till season 3 (well...half of season 3), I started to notice how pretentious this show was in "the pilot", where they started to commercialize and advertise themselves in the show itself..First I thought "well, it's a new idea, could be good" then came the "audition scene" where they make the audition performers read the lines of the characters (George, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer) of previous episodes and they laugh at it themselves, I mean could this be anymore pathetic and frivolous?!?! And I don't know how no one payed attention to this scene (even diehard fans)

    Then came season 6,7,8,9 where the odds of the storylines mesh together are cartoonish. Nonetheless, it's a very influential show, it is definitely better than most programs nowadays.
  • Seinfeld is an interesting comedy. It has a special kind of humour that only appeals to a certain few.

    Seinfeld is an interesting comedy. It has a special kind of humour that only appeals to a certain few. Watching it for the first time, you might find it too subtle and wordy. This is what makes it stand out from other sitcoms. Its a cult classic and its the first show since Monty Python to be described as "postmodern". Seinfeld has some of the most wacky characters and the strangest plotlines. Personally, It's not a favorite of mine. However, its a pretty good sitcom. Its not the greatest, there are certainly worse sitcoms on TV today. Sitcoms aren't meant to be taken seriously. If you don't like it, simply don't watch it.
  • A show about nothing.

    Seinfeld is one of the funniest shows ever. Larry David is a genius. If you like Seinfeld watch Curb your Enthusiasm. =))

    This show deserves as many emmys as possible.

    It is a masterpiece.

    The best show if the 90's.

    Really funny.

    Every episode is written carefully and exceeds the laughs.

    A lot of the episodes are based on Larry David's life.

    It is funny because the things that happen could happen to you.

    Overall, it is a great show and a must-see for any tv lover.

    I recommend it and cherish it.

    I watch it everyday.

    So go watch it, it's on tv all the time. =)) =)) =)
  • @Gergroy1 Dont blame the show for your inability to understand it. It's the greatest sitcom of all times, by far. You just gotta have a sense of humor of yourself to understand it. And Seinfeld is not about nothing, it's about everything.

    @Gergroy1 Dont blame the show for your inability to understand it. It's the greatest sitcom of all times, by far. The thing is that you gotta have a sense of humor yourself to understand what's funny about Seinfeld. It certainly isn't the type of humor that's cheap, forced and that "plays safe" so that may be a problem for some. However, the fact that the Seinfeld's witty type of humor moves boundaries and actually makes you turn your brain on while watching is highly appreciated by the rest of us. Furthermore, Seinfeld definitely has a storyline, it just isn't the most important part of the show. Characters and situations are.
    The bottom line is: yeah, Seinfeld outsmarts some people but dont hate on it just because of that. And one more thing: it's not show about nothing it's about everything which actually says it all.
  • The Perfect Episode


    "The Fix-Up" had me laughing non-stop from beginning to end.

    Put simply, this episode is perfect as one scene builds upon the other.
    The best episodes of "Seinfeld", in my opinion,are those in which the connection between the Jerry-George-Elaine-Kramer storylines are inextricably linked. In that respect, none is better than this episode... andthe Kramer storyline delivers the coup de grace.

    "The Fix-Up" is definitely my favorite episode.

  • It never ceases to amaze me that out of nowhere a show [Seinfeld] comes along and a love affair is started. 20 years on and the love is still alive. Was it the characters? Yes, of course as well as the hilarious day to day lives that they lived. Loving it!


    They were strangers to us. Just another multi-cast TV crew that seemed promising as entertainment goes but who could have possibly known what these 4 people had in store four us.

    While its true, they didn't pull this all off on their own. The multitude of talents behind the talents was amazing and turned out to be work to be proud of for all time. Without a doubt this was a "Beatles" happening. Unknowns becoming superstars and more as times moves on.

  • Not in my "Top 10 list of most hilarious sitcoms" and I only watch this show sometimes when there is nothing better to watch on television but "Seinfeld" delivers plenty of laughs from me

    "Seinfeld" isn't my favorite sitcom and it's not the most hilarious sitcom I've ever seen but it is pretty hilarious and delivers plenty of laughs. Some of the humor are kinda laughing and overrated in this show. They're pretty funny and I do like this show. Jerry Seinfeld is an awesome actor and he does a great job with this show starring as himself. That is how the show got the title "Seinfeld". I guess I can say that everyone in this show is likable and pretty funny. Although, the only time I really do watch "Seinfeld" is when I have nothing better to watch on television. The episodes I have seen so far have been good and I don't think I've seen any bad episodes so far. Who can also forget eh amazing Jason Alexander who also stars in this show as Jerry Seinfeld's best friend George Costanza. The other main characters in this show are Elaine Benes who happens to be Jerry's ex-girlfriend and Cosmo Kramer who is Jerry's wacky neighbors. Everything in this show is pretty much hilarious even though some of the humor is overrated. TV Guide naming "Seinfeld" to be the greatest television program of all time was awesome to know and even though this isn't my favorite sitcom, I so agree most definitely agree with TV Guide. Overall, "Seinfeld" is the funniest sitcom I've ever seen but it is pretty hilarious and delivers plenty of laughs for me to enjoy it. 9/10
  • Brilliant.

    In my opinion this is the best sitcom of all time. The sitcoms today can't even compete with this. The acting is excellent, the writing is funny, and the stories are interesting. Yes, I do sometimes see plotholes in the episodes but this is a show that isn't meant to be analyzed. If you are a person who cares deeply for realism and depth, then this isn't the show for you. The episodes have their own stories and the seasons do not follow the same storyline. Moreover, you shouldn't care deeply for the characters. This is a show that you watch leisurely and simply to laugh, not because you want to find out how it's going to end.
  • The greatest sitcom of all time

    I think Seinfeld is pretty much unique among sitcoms in that it never traded in emotions - only comedy. Most other sitcoms keep us interested primarly because of the comedy, but also because of the characters, whom us viewers come to care for and empathise with. But Seinfeld was different - it never tugged on anyones heart strings. We didn't care about Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. We weren't meant to. They were all fabulous characters, but they were just vehicles for the comedy. Nothing happened on Seinfeld unless it was funny. Millions of people came to love this show, and it is consistently ranked as one of the best television shows of all time, just because it was funny. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • The best Show.

    Es la mejor serie que he visto, es una lastima, que en el pais, donde vivo Mexico, no es tan famosa.
    Pero estoy seguro que si se dieran la oportunidad de verlo, se darian cuanta de lo excelente que es esta serie.
    Mis personajes favoritos son, por supuesto Jerry y Kramer.
    Es una lastima que terminara, pero bueno, creo que lo hicieron, antes de que se volviera una serie monotona y sin chiste.
    Se extraña y pues por lo mientras nos tendremos que conformar con seguir viendola en DVD.
    Larga vida a la mejor seria de todos los tiempos "SEINFELD".
    Saludos desde Mexico, Distrito Federal.
  • I miss this show!

    There were ups and downs, hits and misses with the writing but mostly it was great TV. Throw out any of the various names: soup nazi, re-gifter, low-talker, high-talker, close-talker, Bob Sackamano, Putty, and Hello, Newman and people know what you're talking about. It never conformed to the formula and even when Jerry and Elaine did hook-up it was barely mentioned in passing. No break-up/make-up cycles which was really refreshing. The ending did leave something to be desired but, considering that it was still on top with so many die-hard fans begging for it to stay on, it's not surprising. I still compare sit-coms to this standard and it's been off the air (not counting the repeats) for years.
  • A classic on par with Lucy and The Honeymooners

    Seinfeld is as classic as any other show, despite the fact that it is not that old, it ranks up there with I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore, All in the Family, Happy Days, Leave It to Beaver, Cheers, The Simpsons..and many more, because this show changed the sitcom and is the influence for many later shows such as Scrubs, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl, and many other sitcoms on the air are alive now because of Seinfeld having hit the air back in 1989, this show changed the sitcom rules and we love it for it
  • Seinfeld is easily the best sitcom ever made. Nine seasons of pure entertainment. I myself have re-watched every episode at lest four times.

    Seinfeld is easily the best sitcom ever made. Nine seasons of pure entertainment. I myself have re-watched every episode at lest four times.

    It's a different kind of show. For once you can't see sadness on the show. You can see joy and happiness but not sadness. Well for the exception of the "Bubble Boy" episode where Elaine cries when Bubble Boy's father is asking Jerry to come and visit his son.

    Jerry's part is great! He's the one doing the sarcastic and humorous remarks.

    Kramer is the one doing the "cartoonish" part. Always doing funny sounds and funny poses.

    George has the best part. Brilliant. A short stocky and cheap man with no regard to anyone but himself. His fiancée dies and the next days he calls another woman for a date! Elaine's maybe the less funny part. Amazing non the less. A man's woman who dates Jerry in the past and dances funny ("The Little Kicks")

    Favourite episodes (and quotes): "The Butter Shave" (a vacation to Marseilles)
    "The Contest" ("You'll be out before we get the check.)
    "The Outing" ("I'm not Gay Not there's anything wrong about it")

    Between many many others!
  • best... show... ever?1?

    What's not to like about this show? The humor, acting and plot (oh wait, what plot? it's a show about nothing!!! ha ha ha) are great. Plus, it's influence on modern sitcoms is undeniable (yet most sitcoms nowadays suck!). Good ones (episodes) include: Soup Nazi (no soup for u!!!!), The Puffy Shirt (second favorite), The Barber, The Big Salad, The Secret Code... actually, all of the episodes are great these few are some of my favs. Too bad this show doesn't have any more new episodes. Oh well. We have the DVDs at home, which is as satisfying as new episodes. OK. Bye for now.
  • Just like everybody says. It's the show about nothing. Jerry, George, Elane, and Kramer are four friends who sepnd seemingly all of their time together, and make alot of enemies for themselves; as you will see on the last episode.

    Seindfeld is one of those shows, that you can watch it once, and come back a month later, and not feel like you're missing anything, yet still be entertained. Every episode is opened with a bit of Jerry's standup, witch usualy have somthing to do with the upcoming episode. For the most part, each epiode is based on its self and really has nothing to do with the one before or after it, other than a few "to be continued" episodes, like the world-famous last episode(s). Yeah... I saw it, and don't lie... you saw it too... Not to mention, this is one of the most quoted shows. Ever.
  • SEINFELD what else do I have to say

    Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David have made the greatest Sitcom there will every be, I would go as far as saying the greatest show of all time. The show has my favorite character to ever grace television, George Costanza. The show Stars Jerry Seinfeld a comedian who lives in New York, and his friends that are constantly going in and out of Jerry's apartment. His friends George, a short, stocky, bald man, Elaine Jerry's ex-girlfriend, and Kramer Jerry's wacky neighbor who is always taking Jerry's food, they are always in Jerry's apartment or at Monk's Cafe. If you have never seen this show what is wrong with you.
  • great

    seinfeld is a naturall comedy that is a very famous show i like how the charecter acts jerry seinfeld is a great actor and also seinfeld is probably one of the most realistic on t v all the other shows are impossible drama or cartoons and comedy shows are usually un realistic that is why this show is a great and famous show its a little stupid how ninety nine percent of this show is jerry and elaine i am not saying it is a bad show but its a little to much it is still a very good show
  • Seinfeld is a very good show!

    This show is about four friends which the show is about nothing they just deal with their life difficulties day and night. Starring a comedian Jerry Seinfeld (Himself), Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards), George Constanza (Jason Alexander), and women Elaine Bennis (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). This show is an earlier show which first aired in July 5,1989 and last aired in May 14, 1998 it had 9 seasons a pretty great success. At the start the friends were together and at end they were together even though the show has ended 11 years ago the show is still a watched show. great put together show and well-written one of the classic comedy shows ever.
  • An influential comedy about lifes many blunders.

    A show about nothing, well maybe not nothing but, is it about nothing in particular? No its about the misadventures of stand up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his quirky but clever friends. I think Seinfeld started out around the time there wasnt a whole ot of spotlight on your average stand up comdian, so there was almost a mysticism about what life must be like for a professional comdedian, and just a general impression,unlike today where standup comedy is so very mainstream.

    The idea behind this show is that, comdey happens every day, and almost every moment, its the way you choose to perceive, and relay it to others that makes it uniquely funny. Jerry Seinfeld is not what makes the show funny at all, instead its the awkward social situations that each character gets themselves in. Jerry's charater ( which you have to wonder how close is it to his real life self ) is very straight forward, A-type, boring, and basic, he does everything normal, and comes off as your typical nice guy, maybe even the average joe. Jerry always gets the date with the prety girl, Jerry always gets the opportunity, Jerry has plenty of friends and people that value him. All of these things seem to remain constant,and with that alone you wouldnt have a show at all, but when you surround him with a couple oddballs, like his best friend and con artist George Castanza, a total wild card next door neighbor Kosmo Kramer, and the female perspective Elaine Benise,and all of a sudden its , let the games begin.

    Suddenly normal everyday issues like, tipping the waitress or, picking out a loaf of bread at the bakery, become much more interesting and humorous, through witty, distinctive dialouge filled with personal perspective and misguided viewpoints. Exaggeration, sarcasm, and even irony are used frequently to capitalize on each moment. Seinfeld is really a story of 3 distinct characters each caught up in their own world, struggling to achieve what they cannot alone, and it is because of this they all depend on one another for help, and Jerry gets pulled along for the ride, each and every time George comes up with a new scheme, or Kramer sets off on a wild goose chase. In many ways they attribute to each other developing more quirks, instead of becoming more balanced and independent. Seinfeld episodes cover such a wide variety of topics ,exploiting each one to the fullest, exposing the ridiculousness of public opinion and social expectations, without regret. Character development isnt really an issue because they are all so well defined and as soon as you know'em they consistently enetrtain you with their antics. Seinfeld has given us some very memorable moments, but the epsisodes skip around, and although they might follow a main idea or theme, they arent focused enough to prevent them from blending together. Sadly, continuity becomes an issues and a few plot holes seem too inexcusable. One of the most frequent and prominent topics of the show, is dating. The track record of Jerry and Elaine is quite absurd and their instability is a little disturbing, always bouncing from partner to partner with little to no reason. Meanwhile George and Kramer's characters are so over the top, its a wonder how anyone could coexist with them. Everyones favorite character seems to be Kramer, and he is after all the most peculiar of the bunch. George is the underdog al the way through, you see him through his highs and lows, and yet he never gives up, hes always reinventing himself,and you have to give him credit for his effort. Elaine, alot like George is pretty selfish and needy, but unlike George, she has almost no gameplan. She just seems to take whatever she can get away with. Its hard to categorize this show as anything,which unfortunately makes it more difficult to recoomend. Although its focus is comedy it doesnt really have any other themes. I guess you could say friendship and I would have to agree.

    Its more or less a hit or miss comedy, your not going to laugh at every sngle episode or character
    but its worth a watch anyway, just because you never know, what will strike you as funny.

    Overall I'd say Seinfeld was a trendsetter, and a standard for which shows now a days are judged upon. Unforgettaby a good show for the lot.
  • Classic Show. It was great during its time, and it's still appreciated now.

    Seinfeld is hilarious. For those people who were too young to appreciate it during its heyday like me, it's basically a classier version of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This show was the first to take random, ordinary situations and turn them into thirty minutes of sheer genius. The characters in the show are classic and have served as models for many of the great characters of today. Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer are completely brilliant. I can't even begin to describe how good this show is. I know many people share my enthusiasm and let me just say if you haven't seen this show before, give it a chance, it'll grow on you.
  • ---

    Seinfeld is the best TV sitcom of ALL TIME.

    Others have tried but nothing comes close.

    The shows long been over and we still go gaga over it.

    That's how superb, this show is.

    Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, Newman, Frank, Estelle, Morty, Helen, The Soup Nazi, Bob and Super, The doorman, Jimmy, Bania, Puddy, Alton Benes, Jackie Chiles, Antonio the Busboy, Babu, Macaroni Midler, The Bubble Boy, The barbers Gino and Enzo, The Maestro, the numerous girl and boyfriends of the four, and all the other characters..will always have a soft spot in our hearts.

    Encore! Encore!


    Now, a question of etiquette - as I pass, do I give you the ass or the crotch? - Tyler Durden

    You get the idea.
  • 10
    This was truly one of the best shows to ever air on American television. Every epsiode can be classifies as a true classic. Even now 11 years after it went off the air you can still watch any episode and have it be just as relevant and groundbreaking today as it was when the show first premiered. The cast just meshed together so well and had a chemistry that is rarely seen. Not only where the main characters perfectly suited for the show, but so were the guest appearances. The only regret is that they show ended before its time was up.
  • It Will be another 100 years to make another setcome as Great as Seinfeld. It has ended 11 years ago and we still talk about it, i think that this shows us how Great Seinfeld Was.

    "Seinfeld" is without a doubt the last great sitcom ever made. Since then, all these worthless sitcoms just don't compare with this.It's original and unlike any other show because in it's whole 9 season life there was never a sad moment a serious moment never a time when you would think 'oh no God no!!!! not a another dramatic moment, i mean even when Suzann (georges fiancé)dies George and the others really don't care, when frank thinks George his own son dies he's more interested in the Yankee's Absolutely brilliant, a masterpiece of comedic ingenuity filled with laughs all the way.

    The brilliance of this show comes from it's writing , for the writers (mostly Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David) could take the smallest and most insignificant thing and turn it into an unbelievably hilarious situation.
    The Characters of this show are yet another reason for its eternal greatness and the premise was simple [a show about nothing] simply like that.

    Jerry Seinfeld who is the center, literally. Him and co-creator Larry David have created pop culture icon. Jerry Seinfeld dominates the show in his 129 West 81st St. Apartment, New York's neat and tidy. Riffing off comedy skits in the beginning and end, with the relationship zone in between. Examining every single detail in life. With no purpose whatsoever.

    Elaine Benes(Julia Louis Dreyfuss), the female lead. She considers herself God's gift to man. She's spontaneous and very wonderful to watch. Several awards went to this character, and with good reason. Whatever and whenever, she's great.

    Cosmo Kramer has to be the most creative and ingenious character ever brought on to the television circuit. Based on a real guy, Kramer(Michael Richards) plays him with energetic grace if that makes sense. He knows how to fall beautifully, and has so many mannerisms that I can't count them all. He garnered a lot of awards too. And if you've seen the show, you can see why.

    Jason Alexander as George. The last cast credit on the opening titles, a character so devious, so uncomfortable, so empty, it was played to a T by Jason. The short, stocky, bald loser from Queens had to get under your skin, and make you laugh at the same time. Many award nominations, no wins. Now that's a pity.

    Finally, This show was totally unique. Nothing has been done like it before. While it was about nothing, it was really about everything--but the little things that no one thinks about. We always saw Kramer wear the same ridiculous jacket, pants, and shirt. George always had those too-small plaid shirts and even Jerry had the black-and-gray striped shirt we saw him wear in the one where he and George make "The Pact". Even Elaine had many of the same clothes, even after her "make-over". This show had consistent humour all the way up to the last season, which is unusual for many shows. After all that Yada Yada Seinfeld has to be the greatest show of all time.
  • Hours upon hours (upon years?!) of entertainment and laughs.

    I can only say that even though an 'oldie', the Seinfeld show was therapy and provided endless great reasons for procrastination during periods (okay, almost a decade!) of major moves from and to new countries, some with language barriers ... where Seinfeld would always bring a sense of home on many levels (humor, shoot location, familiarity of characters and their roles), including of course the simple 'nothingness' in theme that Seinfeld is famous for: A show about nothing yet all of the little [no]things add up to so many things that we can always relate to in one way or another.
  • el mejor de todos

    el diálogo excelente, la idea incomparable, una revisión total y esclarecedora de los comportamientos sociales de nuestra era, nunca se escribió nada igual. muchas de sus escenas son reutilizadas en diversos países, como tributo y como demostración que lo simple es siempre un ganador. los personajes se compenetran de una manera perfecta en cada capítulo, a cada minuto y durante sus nueve temporadas. esta serie fue la que me enseñó a ver televisión y me condujo a la resolución de esos pequeños problemas de la vida como "the worlds of george are coliding" y cómo éstos son mucho más complejos e interesantes de lo que parecen, las contradicciones a la filosofía paterna. gracias.
  • It was classic.

    Seinfeld has always been an entertaining show. It's one of the few shows that I don't get sick of watching over and over. It has really funny comedy and bizarre storylines and plots. I don't know who thought of all of these storylines and what not, but it goes to show you that funny sells, at least in some cases. My favorite character was nobody. I think they were all equal as they each had their high points and low points with me and in the show. They made for a great comedy team and I don't think any other team had as much chemistry. Thank you.
  • The sitcom of all sitcoms

    I have to say, sitcoms today would be nothing if it weren't for two creative men named Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. What would life be like without them? Dull, that's what.

    Seinfeld is the best sitcom out there, it's hilarious, clever, and always has great characters and plots. What's not to like about it? I know some people may not like it because they don't like Jerry Seinfled, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't like this classic!

    Every show should be like Seinfeld, TV would be the best if every show was like it. I just can't express how great this show is!
  • The Show about four friends living in New York.

    This Show is a sitcom Classic. It is what other current shows should be like. This show always made me laugh at things that usually happened in my daily life, there is no other show like it and there will never be anything like it, after seeing the series finale, i cried a little i will never see Elaine, Kramer, George or Jerry Again, they will just be seen in reruns. The show had a simple plot nothing special like searching for the future wife or a group of geniuses. Just four seemingly normal people with flaws, Such as Elaine's vanity George stinginess and penny pinching and Kramer's Erratic Behavior. The Show is great and it will stay my heart for years to come.
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