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  • A classic

    Seinfeld is the perfect sitcom ever made in the history of television. It has many, many great story lines with great ideas. For example, the marine biologist, the dinner party, and the invitations. Jerry Seinfeld writer / creator / star is one of the funniest comedians ever. He and Larry David writer / creator is also very funny. The other stars Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, and Julia Louis Dreyfus put the icing on the cake. Although Michael Richards had a problem about 2 years ago but still is very funny. If you have never see Seinfeld, I totally recommend watching it!
  • The show that made sitcom cool.

    Seinfeld, the great sitcom that ran for 9 glorious years. Ok, when Larry David left the show, the plots got a little silly, but it was still a great watch. Not many shows can suck a viewer into the worlds of the characters like Seinfeld did, George Costanza, based on Larry David, was loved by everyone for his approach to life. The crazy next door neighbour Kramer was a hero to fans, when he came bursting thru the door it was greeted with applause and cheers. This show is an all time great, the sheers number of episodes they made, and the quality of each and every one; make this show an epic, something that shows like Family Guy and Two And A Half Men will never be.
  • Seinfeld - The Greatest Show Ever Made.

    Seinfeld is the best show ever, and I'm not saying that because it really funny but because its pure pleasure, well at least for me. And i mean the talks in the restaurant they go to its just pleasure for me seeing that, it pretty relaxing with a lot of chuckles along the way.

    Seinfeld is indeed a phenomenon of American comedy. Before Seinfeld it was unsure if American could come out with anything short of a predictable and broad sit-coms. Then came Seinfeld and from it other brilliant American comedies such as, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Scrubs...etc. (Not to say that America still doesn't churn out the one dimensional sit-coms.)
  • This is my thoughts about the final episode of the Seinfeld. I have seen this several times and there have been a few things about this episode that has bothered me over the years. I'm a big fan of the show.

    As a regular viewer of Seinfeld since the beginning, I have become an enormous fan of the show. Some of the episodes are among the funniest episodes in television history. Among my favorites include when George does the opposite, when Elaine does the weird dance and when you see Kramer's face after he is exposed to all that smoke. I cracked up at that, especially when they showed outtakes from Seinfeld and Jerry kept cracking up when he looked at Michael Richard's face. I loved that. Anyways, about the final episode, I understand the humor behind the court room stuff and all the past guest stars in the final episode, but as a person who likes to see a little realism in a comedy shows, there are some things about this episode that bothered me.

    First, I find that when they mocked the guy for being held up, I found that a little out of character. I didn't see them that cruel in most episodes. Even though they made some mistakes in helping others, they generally made an effort to help in a situation. Jerry did try to help the man improve his restaurant business. The guy wasn't doing well before he switched to Pakistani food, then Jerry and Elaine didn't purposely get the guy deported. The mail person gave Jerry the wrong mail and Jerry was away. They may have screwed up a little, but they didn't do it on purpose.I think the guy was wrong for saying that they are bad people.

    I really think the 4 of them are more immature at times and a little self centered at times, but I don't consider them to be bad. George doesn't have a ton of money, so I can understand why he can't afford to buy things like wheelchairs. I do admit, they were wrong for parking in a handicapped spot, but the people didn't have to smash their car. Also, about the soup guy, just because he makes good soup, doesn't give him the reason to be rude to everyone. You can be a great cook and not treat people like crap. I actually admire Elaine for confronting this guy. If a guy who ran a restaurant treated me like that, I probably would do the same thing, or at least, talk to the guy. Also, about the contest. To me, what they did was kind of silly and goofy, but they didn't hurt anyone. Just because Jerry dated a prude, doesn't give her the right to judge them. This includes when Elaine bumped into the woman in the spa, she didn't do it on purpose. Jerry was just curious. I don't think I would want to be with a woman with plastic ones either. Also, George did not purposely kill Susan. It was an accidental death. George proposed to Susan, but had regrets after, he was insecure about the thought, but he was scared about hurting Susan if he rejected her. I wasn't crazy about her to begin with, she was either too bossy or too emotional. George deep down liked being a bachelor and there is nothing wrong with that. Also, about Jerry stealing the bread. I know, that wasn't good to do, but the woman wouldn't even listen to Jerry about why he needed the bread. It was important to his best friend that he got the bread for him. Jerry even offered her money for it, but she treated him like crap, so Jerry took it. Jerry shouldn't have done that, but he was desparate to help his friend. If that was me and someone need the bread that badly, I would have given it to them. It's only bread after all. Like I said, they sometimes lack judgement, but they don't go around committing crimes all the time. I think the people who accused them of these things were generally as bad, especially Newman. Didn't Kramer help Newman from not getting evicted from the apartment after Newman had a fling with the landlord's wife? I think that is my biggest complaint, the episode was too one sided against Jerry and his friends. Most of the people in that court room are just as guilty as them. Basically to me, Jerry is easy going and funny, but a neat freak. George is insecure, but when you think about, a good friend. He and Jerry stick together and are friends from basically childhood. Kramer is a jack of all trades and comes up with unique ideas. Elaine can be a little superficial and shallow, but she is still pretty loyal to her friends, even if it does alter from time to time. When I look at this show, these people really seem like friends. They may argue and do wrong things sometimes, but the reason I like Seinfeld is that their friendships seems very real and natural. They don't seem like they are acting. Anyways, that's my opinion about this episode and about the show itself.
  • Absolutely one of the best!

    Seinfeld is a hilarious comedy sitcom! It is based on four people who live in New York City. They all deal with their own personal problems, but here is the catch, they are all bizarre! Let me just give you a few, cockfighting, dying from licking an invitation, sleeping at work under a desk. The creators / writers are Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David a great comedy team. Seinfeld (at least to me) will always be a classic. It has great story lines, ideas, humor within it, it has to be one of my top 5 favorite shows of all time!!!
  • I find seinfeld to be one of the most intelligent sitcoms ever. the art of making quite obvious observations yet making people even a decade later laugh about it to me is an accomplishment by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

    the characters in the show are easy to relate to,there are people from our everyday life yet they have us in splits. this is one show i never get tired or bored of watching. the thing about Seinfeld is it doesnt use slapstick humor. unlike the other sitcoms which have very predictable characters,Seinfeld makes everything and everyone funny,covered with sarcasm and served with fry wit. in my experience of watching sitcoms usually they dont get a laugh out of me more like a forced laugh. Seinfeld makes you think and actually laugh!hats off to the cast for making the best show ever!
  • Seinfeld is one of the best.

    Seinfeld is a real comedy that I love so much. There is something about this show that make you want more every time because It is just not enough for you. Every character is very funny. Seinfeld, Constanza, Elaine and Kramer are those characters that I will never forget especially Kramer. Then there is a Constanza who is my second favourite. Its humuor is special and there are many events that this show uses. Dialogues are hilarious. Seinfeld is one of the most interesting and funny shows that you will not regret watching. It created four most funny characters that I love watching.
  • A show about nothing.

    This is great TV. There's so many great moments as well as just great everything. Each of the four main characters are perfect and they're all perfectly cast as well. I can't believe how much I love this show. I own the seasons on DD and still watch the syndicated TV episodes. It's the only show where I do that.

    even ten years after going off the air, it's just as, if not more popular, than it ever was before. Where would the world be without "No soup for you", "Man hands", "Sponge-worthy", "Master of his domain", "Not that there's anything wrong with that", "I don't want to be a pirate" and countless other great quotes.
  • Definitely a show about something! (That's a joke, granted; not a very good joke, but a joke nonetheless)

    This show is absolutely classic! I watched it very sporadically over the last 10 years, and I didn't think too much of it actually. A friend of mine was a big though, so I started watching it in order, as he had already told me, the first season is soso, the second is ok, but from the third on it is great! (Keep watching)
    I realized that it was very organized humor, returning jokes and ideas within different contexts, my favorite kind! I watched all the seasons in a less than a month, so i really saw the big picture all the time.
    I also like the fact that there is absolutely zero drama in the show, sure; there are 'sad' moments, but they never last long and are evened out by the other characters. I never used to like the George character, now he is my favorite, he really makes the show complete for me!

    Definitely recommended! Watch it! and in order if you want the full ride :D
  • Does nothing but does it really well.

    Jerry Seinfeld was always funny because he has a very unorthodox surreal smart sense of humor. The common thing about his jokes are their always about nothing in particular. Like a surreal artist he always with the use of his words paints a picture for us. then when the build up reaches it's peak he then pulls off with saying something more unorthodox than before. This TV show is exactly like a surrealist painting very strange but beautiful all the same.

    Almost every comedy show I know was always about something, had at least some motivation drive or purpose to the characters presence, but this show has none of that, all of the boundaries are broken which is why I can't tell you what this show is about because it's literally not about anything. This is the show's great straight because it gives the characters as well as every written episode a creative freedom to go anywhere with itself and is literally unpredictable and thought provoking because it's a living cypher you sometimes would have to watch more than once to uncover more.

    The show simply focuses on four characters all of them we see are flawed (may'be fatally) and are all guilty of one thing, "arrested development" in character, personal, and professional lives. They literally don't notice much because of how overwhelming neuroses self produced let alone the fact that their both stubborn and a little stupid. All of them are not necessarily close friends let alone really like one another but both for some reason they have a strange but strong bond that helps them get through their erratic everyday weird existence.

    George Castanza (Jason Alexander) is literally a loser by both nature and nurture,, despite how much he tries to aspire to an ideal self and life he never really gets there no thanks to his unencourging parents, bad careers he's involved in, women, but most of having a bad habit of blowing a good thing and lying mainly about his job/identity from his trademark quote he always uses "I'm an architect." Elane (Julia Louise Dryfuss)is way too full of herself where she's reckless/destructive in relations let alone in one too many bad judgment calls on who she wants to have them with. Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld)is more down to earth than the rest but we see he is a bit narcissistic but most of all insecure which of course leads to him solving problems wrong or making them when he really should know better. My favorite is Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards)who is sort of a virtuous fool, his life never has a dull moment there is a different activity out of another in less than a matter of days, this sort of makes him an eccentric but he never commits to anything though which is why there is a lot undone in his life which could also deem him a slacker.

    Indeed this show is literally not a sitcom, but it's by it's nature a fantasy. It's sort of like an upside-down alternate America where everything seems normal but strange, however abides by the same principles as life itself, a lot of things can go right or wrong if you are willing to take control that is , these characters unfortunately can't and what happens to them by either their own action or surroundings is like an event so their lives are never boring. Like a magic luggie by a baseball player in one episode that literally knocks out Kramer and his best friend Newman, I thought was hilarious. A chief called the Soup Nazi who denies anyone soap if anyone makes a crack comment. Kramer trying to connect online underwater. Or my second favorite when George was playing "Frogger" for real (I'll admit I was sad with the fate of that Frogger arcade cabinet). The list goes on but their experiences you have to see to believe and laugh about.

    In a way the show sort of has a post modern philosophy and truthful sensibility on our common anxieties every time we leave the house. Like relations, commitment, goals, career, existence, just anything, these guys we could see a little of ourselves in but are probably an example of people we shouldn't really let ourselves become.

    It's true by it's final two seasons it lost most of it's momentum and might have been trying too hard to retain it's quality. And it's ending didn't really feel right (how many people honestly get arrested for the good Samaritan law), a better ending I honestly felt would of been if the characters all went their separate ways.

    This show is one of my favorite comedy shows of all time and still is, because the world of Seinfeld is a constantly changing world that will never grow old, we still wonder what happens next for the characters as well as for ourselves living our own erratic crazy but fascinating existence.
  • You know....for a show about nothing, it did very well

    Seinfeld is probably one of the funniest shows you could ever watch. The fact is, only smart people who watch the show and actually pay attention will be able to pick up every funny thing that is said or done. For this show's 200 something episodes over the course of 9 years, each episode had the same recurring plot, but each one was unique. The mainplot is that all 4 of the main characters are always consistantly tied up in problems with relationships, jobs, and problems with their enemies. And every single time when they help each other or think they have their problems resolved, something new starts up. This is a funny show on tbs that continues to make me crack up, even though it's been years since it ended.
  • Best non animated comedy to date!

    Senfeld. I must have seen every episode five times each. It never gets old. I don't know if it's the hilarious characters or the great plot. It's supposed to be about nothing but that nothing is sure funny. The only thing I didn't like about this show was that it ended, it should have aired for alot longer. I love Seinfeld and always will. If you enjoy a good laugh then watch Seinfeld! i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i
  • Hilarious comedy- best non animated comedy of all time

    This show wins the title for best non animated comedy in my opinion easily, and by miles ahead of its comparable competitors such as The Office. It features the lives of a group of friends, all single, living in New York apartments, and of their various relationships, dates, adventures, misadventures and antics, and is very funny, and indeed very intelligent- especially in its complex plots and the way each episodes subplots are like threads that come together perfectly in the end. The flawless hilarity and humour is very amusing, and this show never fails to amuse. The characters personalities are quite interesting and unique. There are many memorable episodes and moments, the soup nazi, the contest, the chinese restaurant, the parking lot, the bizarro world ep... the series may have been cancelled too early for some, but like Fawlty Towers that means it never went stale. It remains fresh and hilarious until the end.
  • This show defined great comedy! If you don't laugh with this show, you possibly might not have a heart.

    The "Fab Four of TV", is what America has been calling them for over the show's nine year run. This show had fantasitc comedy, side-spillting humor, and overall, the amazing qualities for a critically acclaimed sitcom.

    I bet that all of America has been tuning into this show, looking at another episode, and watching all the fun and great humor for the show. I mainly tune into my show, watching and laughing at all of the jokes that they make. Also, Seinfeld had been renowned for it's pop culture phrases, and most momorable episodes. Like the catchphrases "Yada, yada, yada" and "No soup for you!". And all of the fantastic episodes like "The Contest", "The Jacket", and "The Soup Nazi".

    So, I think of this show as a critically acclaimed show that just might make you wonder about all of those wacky and kooky times you might have had with your friends.
  • What a great show!

    Ahh, Seinfeld. I remember the first episode I watched...

    Actually, I don't. Anywho, this is, no doubt, Jerry Seinfeld's greatest contribution to television. It's silly. It's ridiculous. It's gold.

    Seinfeld follows the adventures of four, thirty-something friends: Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Bennes, George Costanza, and Cosmo Kramer. They live in the big apple with each other and mingle all they can.

    Jerry is a comedic germiphobe, Elaine is a somewhat insecure fashion catalog publisher, George is down on his luck and has no job, and Kramer is...Kramer.

    What classic lines they belted out: But I don't want to a pirate! I'm out. This was supposed to be the summer of George! I'm a walking candy apple!

    All the actors stay in their characters. And what about the other characters? J. Peterman, George's parents, Jerry's parents, Newman, George's dead fiancee, Keith Hernandez, the pool guy. There are countless others.

    This is one of my favorite comedies. The gags never end, goofiness ensues, and it all ends with them going to jail.

  • "No soup for you!!" --The Soup Nazi

    Jerry (Jerry Sienfield), Elaine (Joulia Louis Dreyfus), George (Jason Alexander), and Kramer (?) are the stars of the 1989 hit, Sienfield. This tells the stories of Jerry and his friends on dating and pretty much everyday apartment life. "The Soup Nazi" is one of my favorite episodes as well as "Man-hands"! Jerry is amazing in how he can be a comedian and an actor. He just recently stared in Bee Movie, an animated tale of a Bee's life and how he faces his problems as a, well, bee. This proves that Jerry Sienfield can do just about anything. From an animated movie to a comedy drama, he can do it all. I was so sad when I heard that they were not making any new episodes. My Dad has seen them all and he still wishes there were more!!
  • Good comedy

    I cannot, through any stretch of my imagination, grasp how anyone can't find the humor in this series. Perhaps they have succumb to a similar problem I have in writing this review. I find that I cannot accurately describe just why exactly this sitcom should be held so far above the others. It's Kramer's awkward movements and border-line insanity; it's Jerry and Elaine's never-rekindled romance; it's George's terrible luck and inadequacy issues; it's all of those and so much more. I do find, however, that the show can be described with one word: irreplaceable.

    "Friends"? Have you ever noticed that in "Friends" commercials, not even they, the reigning kings and queens of sitcoms, dare tread on the title of "funniest show ever"? Just watch the next commercial you see, and you'll find "the funniest (running) show on television!" I don't know if I would call that perfectly accurate, but it proves my point. Seinfeld was groundbreaking, and it went to places that few comedies (or dramas, for that matter) have since gone, and nothing before nor since has in quite the same way equaled it.

    I notice a reoccurring complaint of negative reviews on this site: the opening and occasional ending of Jerry Seinfeld doing standup. I admit, it isn't the funniest thing that I've ever heard, though he is by far the best "have you ever noticed" comedian, but give me a break! That is your complaint? At least some other reviewers go on about characters, and the implausible plotlines (not that I agree in the least with them), but just that reason alone? You obviously don't have the intelligence to grasp the humor of the series, content only with the easy-to-understand slapstick of today's comedy; but nonetheless, in your blatant stupidity, you cannot grasp why it ISN'T funny, either -- so you pick the standup.


    In any case, despite the negative reviews or even the positive, Seinfeld stands the test of time, and is the greatest sitcom ever made. Even TV Guide's compiled list of the "greatest television series' of all time," not at all exclusive to comedy (20/20, I believe, made the list), put Seinfeld right where it belongs: NUMBER ONE.

    The last and greatest juggernaut of comedy, I know I'll be watching the untiring reruns that never seem to get old when I'm old and gray and long since committed to a retirement home.

    And do you know what?

    The intelligent viewers of humanity's next generation will be doing the same thing.
  • Still funny 10 years later!

    Seinfeld is a rare type show that doesn't come too often. Where I live they they show four episodes of Seinfeld a day, sometimes the same one twice, and no matter how many times I watch an episode it will always make me laugh. Just the sight of certain characters, such as Newman and Uncle Leo, will instantly put a smile on my face because I know their scenes will be absolutely hilarious. My personal favorite episode was the one shown backwards with the wedding in India. I truly believe showing it this way actually made the show funnier. In one scene you would see a joke and in the next you see the setup and explanation behind it. The genius of the show is definitely it writer and creator Larry David who has had further success with his own show Curb your Enthusiasm. Basing episodes on his bizarre real life experience is brilliant. I find it amazing that you can quit a job and show up the next day like nothing ever happened. It is these elements of Seinfeld that will have you cracking up every time you turn it on.
  • Seinfeld. For some it is a Jewish surname, for others it's a TV show but for the majority it's a revolution. A ground-breaking sitcom which shocked the world with it's staggeringly "nothing" concept.

    It revolves around 4 friends in New York City; the straight yet immature man of the group Jerry, the lovable loser George, the sassy Elaine and the kooky neighbour Kramer. The plots for episodes began as just making storylines out of everyday things like waiting in a restaurant or buying a jacket but to keep up with the cable network trends the plots progressed into very long and wacky stories that are much more complex and better written. As the show's popularity sky – rocketed so did the budget and many more scenes and sets were added which made the show seem a lot less destitute. Seinfeld has well and truly evolved since the early seasons; near the beginning it was very much Jerry's show leaving George, Elaine and Kramer at the sidelines with no storyline and hardly a scene by themselves but now the four characters have dovetailed. In the first episode George is seen as an intelligent but slightly insecure man, his more renowned characteristics don't surface until later episodes; his deceptiveness is revealed in "The Stake Out", his stupidity is established "The Café", his loser persona is begun in "The Revenge" before then he's doing well and finally his cheapness is officially announced in "The Red Dot" aside from that the other characters remain consistent throughout the series. The show ends on a fantastic final episode that sums up the 9 years in an unforgettable way.
  • Gold Jerry! Gold!

    In my opinion the greatest comedy show ever. I have watched the dvd:s 3-4 times since the show went offline. If there is anyone out there who haven´t watched this, give it a shot. You´ll get blown away.

    Only thing that used to bother me in the beginning was Seinfeld´s poor acting. But after 2-3 seasons I found that as one of the best things with the show, that´s right, his poor acting.

    The show could be described as they do. With one word: "NOTHING". 4 all grown upp people more confused than a teenager. And there is some "always coming back" figures. Without them the show wouldn´t be the same. Real insanity promised.

    Get the dvd´s now!
  • Seinfeld has got to be the greatest TV sitcom of all time!

    I began watching Seinfeld at a very early age. At first I had no idea what the show was about but enjoyed the characters, especially Kramer. As I matured and the shows themes became more clear to me I fell in love with it. Seinfeld is on at least 3 times a day with showings on TBS and FOX, and I never miss an episode. It's one of those shows that you can watch again and again even if you've seen the same episode hundreds of times! I think most people reading here know what it is about so I am going to share some of my favorite Seinfeld quotations:

    "Who was you talking TO?"
    "Who does not want to wear the ribbon?"
    "My wallet's gone!"
    "The sea was angry that day, my friends. Like an old man tryin to send back soup in a deli."
    "Fake, fake, fake, fake"
    "These pretzels are making me thirsty."
    "You see people? Show me people! There ARE no people!"
    "Hellooooo! La la laa!"
    "I think i see.. a nipple."
    "I could drop you like a bag of dirt."
    "It must be impossible for a Spanish person to order seltzer and not get salsa"
    "Woah! Back it up, back it up. Beep beep beep.."
    "I've always been a stall man."
    "I can't go to a bad movie by myself. What, am I gonna make sarcastic remarks to strangers?"
    "You mean the ones your mother laid out for you?"
    "He took it out."
    "You put the balm on? Who told you to put the balm on? I didn't say to put the balm on! Why'd you put the balm on? You haven't even been to see the doctor! If you're gonna put a balm on, let a doctor put the balm on!"

    Hope you enjoyed them and keep fighting to bring the show back!!! =)
  • Seinfeld is my all time favorite sitcom ever.

    Seinfeld is funnier and funnier each time I see the reruns because there things I pick up on now that makes it even funnier then when I watched it back then. Jerry, Elaine, George and Cosmo are crazy lunatics who should be locked ip in the pych ward, in patted room. lol!

    George needs to be tied down and given sleeping pills to knock his ass out.

    Cosmo needs a ass kicking for never having a job but some how still has money. lol!

    Elaine needs dancing lessons and keep one boyfriend longer then a week. lol!

    Jerry needs to stop letting Cosmo eat all his food.

    But, heck thats why I love the show!

    Why change anything if its perfect already. Bring back Seinfeld!!!
  • Bring it back and fast!

    The summary for this is is really stupid. About nothing? I think it's about something. Once I started watching this there was no way I could stop. Okay, okay, so I started watching it after it was over but after I saw a few episodes I had to go out and buy the DVDs. That's how good this show is. It's a really entertaining show, and most of all it's funny and never gets old. This show will be a classic forever. Even those who didn't like the mighty SEINFELD (yes I capitalized it) have to admit that this is and always will be a TV classic.
  • The show about nothing! This group of friends actually went through a lot of stuff!

    Although the first season is pretty dull and the characters are just getting adjusted, even then, we can start to see that this show is different and that this show is hilarious. My favorite character is Seinfeld himself. He is neat like me, he enjoys people but not just everybody, only the people he is actually interested in and likes to live alone, just like me. The humor here is so different, it really is, i wouldn't be able to describe it and you would have to watch the show to understand me but you won't regret it. All the characters are so well crafted and unique that you can really feel you know them all very well.
  • off-color and off the wall comedy we need

    a comedy thats not like much comedies. there is no point to it and its the first show like that.we need more shows that have an off beat rythm that is even better that a laugh out loud fest kinda like this one. the most original sitcom ive ever seen that doesnt need to explain itself. the charecters are greatly developed and it is a favorite among sitcoms to me.its not like most show, this shows is in its own category with intresting and gripping plots, that would seem boring if put in a differant show. I difinetly reccomend Seifeld for people who want a taste of a new kind of comedy
  • From the ingenious comedian Jerry Seinfeld who could make hilarious jokes about even the most mundane aspects of life, a show about a group of four friends who are low on luck in an ordinary urban community unfolds.

    Seinfeld was always a great show. Each episode brought us new laughs, new problems, and more original Seinfeld. Mr. Seinfeld doesn't fail to bring focus to the smaller more overlooked points of life. He thinks of crackpot methods of solving all problems, both small and large, often encountering the latter. Although he does not always succeed, Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer tell us a story about how friends make everything seem better.
    What I love most is that these problems are small scale problems, often receiving a larger reaction than warranted, and how these problems are often caused by the very friends who help solve it (or not). Each episode goes well into the next, the transition being both smooth and enjoyable. Dealings with love, sex, work, and personal problems becomes an enjoyable part of anyone's day through Seinfeld.
  • How do you summarize a show that's about nothing, yet it contains everything?

    Whenever I think about this show, I burst into laughter. It's a show that reminds you how diverse we are. We are silly, ignorant, paranoid, crazy, shy, selfish, greedy, honorable, mundane, and the list goes on. So where is the humor? The very characters that the show centers; the way they view these random scenes and people! The humor is perception. The show is ridiculously funny, but at the same time, it's a very serious matter. If anything, it can help you become more aware of the difference amongst us and respect those differences. It seems contradictory, to laugh at and respect all at the same time, but it's possible to do. But, for those who want to keep the show simple, watch it for a handful of laughs. They do and say some bizarre things.
  • I will always remember these quotes from this show and remember how funny it was

    This show has changed me life when i was growing up. It made me remember the funny quotes that Jerry or George said one time. In my opinion, the Soup Nazi was the best episode of Seinfeld ever. I remember one of my teachers saying "No soup for you!" and I was about the only person in the class who knew what that meant and laughed. Also, they should bring back the show! I remember the last episode when they went to jail. While they were at court, all of the Seinfeld characters that were in all the episodes were there. It felt like it was a Seinfeld reunion. I really think that they should bring it back!
  • "Seinfeld" follows the misadventures of a stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld (Himself) and his close group of friends going through everyday life in New York.

    "Seinfeld" is the superb comedy series that follows the misadventures of a stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld (Himself) and his close group of eccentric friends going through everyday life in New York. The group consists of unlucky best friend George Costanza (Jason Alexander), pretentious ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and goofball next-door neighbor Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards). "Seinfeld" is the Emmy Award-winning comedy sitcom that ran a total of nine seasons. Though its earliest seasons didn't quite gather a strong viewing audience, "Seinfeld" became one of the most watched TV shows of the 90's and dominated the Nielsen Ratings in its sixth and ninth seasons. Many episodes revolved around the characters becoming involved in the lives of others to typically disastrous results and never gained anything from the experience. The episodes contain some well written storylines, clever sub-plots, very amusing situations and offbeat characters. Many viewers and critics named "Seinfeld" as the greatest American television program of all time.
  • Just... one of the greatest series ever, when I look back on it all, it brings a tear to my eye, this is truly an origonal series.

    Ah, every couple of years, there's a series better than all others, and Seinfeld was that from 1989-1998, this was the best thing on the air(apart from the simpsons and The Critic). The simplisity of it is just amazing, how entertaining it is, watching people sit around and talk. It's just great, the humour is simple and funny, the plots are simple and funny, and Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David's spin on things are what makes this my third favourite show of all time. Here's my break-down:

    Seasons 1-3:

    Season 1, was 5 episodes, the pilot being the second best and male unbonding being the best. This season things were very easy for the small writing staff there was(4 people), it was just cool how two stand-up comics can put a sitcom twist on their sense of humour. Season 2 was great, there were a couple of great episodes, that stand out, and even make it into my top twenty, the humour started to evolve a little and the plots took a turn for the better. Season three, I haven't seen alot of, but what I have seen is pretty funny, and seems like season 8 in a way, the plots got right over the edge and there's alot of selfish humour.

    Seasons 4-7:

    This is when the show became, "The Show About Nothing," it became high in quality, Larry became great at running and writing for the show and Jerry started becoming a wonderful actor. My favourite seasons, this era were 6 and 7, I have to say, they were great, ah, they were really kind of crazy and just basically good, these were truly the golden years of the series.

    Season 8-9:

    With Jerry Seinfeld having to take over both the lead writing and acting in the series, it took a lurk into a couple of bad episodes, and started relying on REALLY crazy plots and jokes, there were of course awesome episodes, including the finale, but I would rank these just slightly higher than season 3. The finale was a decent finish to the series and The Maid episode is my number 6 favourite of all time.

    Overall, this is a beautiful series, I sure would like it if they were to shoot that final scene...
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