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  • off-color and off the wall comedy we need

    a comedy thats not like much comedies. there is no point to it and its the first show like that.we need more shows that have an off beat rythm that is even better that a laugh out loud fest kinda like this one. the most original sitcom ive ever seen that doesnt need to explain itself. the charecters are greatly developed and it is a favorite among sitcoms to me.its not like most show, this shows is in its own category with intresting and gripping plots, that would seem boring if put in a differant show. I difinetly reccomend Seifeld for people who want a taste of a new kind of comedy
  • From the ingenious comedian Jerry Seinfeld who could make hilarious jokes about even the most mundane aspects of life, a show about a group of four friends who are low on luck in an ordinary urban community unfolds.

    Seinfeld was always a great show. Each episode brought us new laughs, new problems, and more original Seinfeld. Mr. Seinfeld doesn't fail to bring focus to the smaller more overlooked points of life. He thinks of crackpot methods of solving all problems, both small and large, often encountering the latter. Although he does not always succeed, Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer tell us a story about how friends make everything seem better.
    What I love most is that these problems are small scale problems, often receiving a larger reaction than warranted, and how these problems are often caused by the very friends who help solve it (or not). Each episode goes well into the next, the transition being both smooth and enjoyable. Dealings with love, sex, work, and personal problems becomes an enjoyable part of anyone's day through Seinfeld.
  • How do you summarize a show that's about nothing, yet it contains everything?

    Whenever I think about this show, I burst into laughter. It's a show that reminds you how diverse we are. We are silly, ignorant, paranoid, crazy, shy, selfish, greedy, honorable, mundane, and the list goes on. So where is the humor? The very characters that the show centers; the way they view these random scenes and people! The humor is perception. The show is ridiculously funny, but at the same time, it's a very serious matter. If anything, it can help you become more aware of the difference amongst us and respect those differences. It seems contradictory, to laugh at and respect all at the same time, but it's possible to do. But, for those who want to keep the show simple, watch it for a handful of laughs. They do and say some bizarre things.
  • I will always remember these quotes from this show and remember how funny it was

    This show has changed me life when i was growing up. It made me remember the funny quotes that Jerry or George said one time. In my opinion, the Soup Nazi was the best episode of Seinfeld ever. I remember one of my teachers saying "No soup for you!" and I was about the only person in the class who knew what that meant and laughed. Also, they should bring back the show! I remember the last episode when they went to jail. While they were at court, all of the Seinfeld characters that were in all the episodes were there. It felt like it was a Seinfeld reunion. I really think that they should bring it back!
  • "Seinfeld" follows the misadventures of a stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld (Himself) and his close group of friends going through everyday life in New York.

    "Seinfeld" is the superb comedy series that follows the misadventures of a stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld (Himself) and his close group of eccentric friends going through everyday life in New York. The group consists of unlucky best friend George Costanza (Jason Alexander), pretentious ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and goofball next-door neighbor Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards). "Seinfeld" is the Emmy Award-winning comedy sitcom that ran a total of nine seasons. Though its earliest seasons didn't quite gather a strong viewing audience, "Seinfeld" became one of the most watched TV shows of the 90's and dominated the Nielsen Ratings in its sixth and ninth seasons. Many episodes revolved around the characters becoming involved in the lives of others to typically disastrous results and never gained anything from the experience. The episodes contain some well written storylines, clever sub-plots, very amusing situations and offbeat characters. Many viewers and critics named "Seinfeld" as the greatest American television program of all time.
  • Just... one of the greatest series ever, when I look back on it all, it brings a tear to my eye, this is truly an origonal series.

    Ah, every couple of years, there's a series better than all others, and Seinfeld was that from 1989-1998, this was the best thing on the air(apart from the simpsons and The Critic). The simplisity of it is just amazing, how entertaining it is, watching people sit around and talk. It's just great, the humour is simple and funny, the plots are simple and funny, and Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David's spin on things are what makes this my third favourite show of all time. Here's my break-down:

    Seasons 1-3:

    Season 1, was 5 episodes, the pilot being the second best and male unbonding being the best. This season things were very easy for the small writing staff there was(4 people), it was just cool how two stand-up comics can put a sitcom twist on their sense of humour. Season 2 was great, there were a couple of great episodes, that stand out, and even make it into my top twenty, the humour started to evolve a little and the plots took a turn for the better. Season three, I haven't seen alot of, but what I have seen is pretty funny, and seems like season 8 in a way, the plots got right over the edge and there's alot of selfish humour.

    Seasons 4-7:

    This is when the show became, "The Show About Nothing," it became high in quality, Larry became great at running and writing for the show and Jerry started becoming a wonderful actor. My favourite seasons, this era were 6 and 7, I have to say, they were great, ah, they were really kind of crazy and just basically good, these were truly the golden years of the series.

    Season 8-9:

    With Jerry Seinfeld having to take over both the lead writing and acting in the series, it took a lurk into a couple of bad episodes, and started relying on REALLY crazy plots and jokes, there were of course awesome episodes, including the finale, but I would rank these just slightly higher than season 3. The finale was a decent finish to the series and The Maid episode is my number 6 favourite of all time.

    Overall, this is a beautiful series, I sure would like it if they were to shoot that final scene...
  • Seinfeld is off the wall's and it's so funny,especially snice it's about nothing.It's an all-time classic and a legend.

    Well the reason's why I like Seinfeld is first off it's funny it still keep's you entertained up to this very day.It appeal's to me in so many way's that it's so amazing to think about it.Anyway I started watching Seinfeld a few year's ago and I really liked it alot and it was intresting just to watch it.I liked how Jerry did the stand up's in the show and I also liked the character's Jerry,Greoge,Eline,and Kramer.They were all fantastic in the show I would explain more about them but that's for another time.I will alway's remember the good time's in Seinfeld.Will be getting them on dvd preety soon.
  • Yada, Yada, Yada!!!

    Seinfeld is a truly funny show, The series is based around 4 characters: Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer + lots of other characters. The characters are funny and and manage to get you laughing all the time.Excellent show !!! "Seinfeld" gave us all so many catch phrases and we all continue to enjoy these characters and episodes even after the show ended. I just love it !!! This show rocks. It will always be a great show. I will continue to watch this show in reruns over and over. It sure doesn't get old.
    The successful formula for "Seinfeld" was that the show had a distinct timeline. --Excellent show--
  • Classic to the max.

    Seinfeld is about a story based (kind of) on jerry seinfeld's life and his diverse friends. It is very funny, till now, and is one of those show that fit perfectly to the saying - "old is gold". This show is practically ahead of its time and has recieved ALOT of awards and nominations. This show never looses its touch on making the crowd laugh on and on at jerry and his's friends quite unlucky lives. this show is something that you can watch over and over you will still be laughing your heads of at the same joke and at the same episode. highly recommended and a must see too.
  • Simply put, Seinfeld is truly classic. It is, imho, the greatest sitcom ever, possibly the best tv show period. It was always clever and zany with great writing and acting. And no, it's not a show about nothing

    Seinfeld was at the time an anomaly among sitcoms. Before Seinfeld, they were usually about families or co-workers. Also many typical sitcoms, especially family themed ones, had characters learn lessons. However, George, Jerry, Kramer and Elaine never learned any lessons during the 180 episodes of the series. The many people who continue to insist Seinfeld is about nothing are misguided. Sure, some episodes, such as The Chinese Restaurant and The Subway have very little plot but the writing is great. Still many episodes contain several sub plots and spot on parodies. Few shows would attempt the spitball parody of the single bullet theory about the JFK assassination or the make your own pizza pie metaphor alluding to abortion conversation with kramer and poppy. Overall, Seinfeld is classic on pretty much every level.
  • The most original show ever

    The most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show everThe most original show ever
  • To sum it up, Seinfeld is a dark show but is done in a light hearted way that no other shows can capture.

    Seinfeld is protrayed as a show about nothing. The other way of describing the show is about something but nothing stands out the most in Season 4. The difference compare to other sitcoms is how the joke played and how the characters suppose to get along.

    Usually the plot of say Friends is about resolving each others issues and also how the story is important as teaching people a lesson. Seinfeld shows plays more of the reality between these characters and getting into a comedy of errors and also that nearly issue's are left unresolved. "No hugging, no learning" is the key to the show that this is a show which family is not important and instead of learning from mistake, they started to get neurotic and edgy.

    The character balance is perfect. Jerry the stand-up comedian hanging out with George, his best friend, Elaine, his ex-girlfriend and Kramer, as his wacky neighbour. Everyone else has a moment in their role like Newman, Jerry's nemesis, Susan, George's girlfriend, Puddy, Elaine's boyfriend or even Mickey, Kramer's little friend. Nearly all the cast never had a problem in their role with the main cast dealing with the outside world. The added bonus is Elaine's is going to be like one of the boys and it fits in perfectly.

    The added element to Seinfeld is nearly all the things that other sitcoms couldn't handle. "The Contest" has dealt masturbation as a racy issue but didn't need to use the word since everyone knows what that is. "The Parking Garage" is a place that you don't have to be confined to your apartment. "The Invitations" at the second last scene there is no time to reminice on Susan's death and lastly "The Betrayal" that you can tell a story in reverse chronology. The last layer which completes it is that after "The Busboy" (DVD reference only) that everyone has a story. To make it work is to weave unrelated stories into an ironic twist. It's that kind of magic that Friends would've used to tell a story.

    Of course this kind of a sitcom when physical comedy of Kramer comes in. That slowly will get the rest of the cast involved and the physical stuff worked very well over the course of the series after "The Statue".

    From a visual stand point that up to Season 6 that the grainy image is cleaned up very well on DVD and still looks great. Although there is editable goofs in there but everything else runs in a smooth pace. Although Jerry and George hardly changed, Kramer and Elaine looked the best. Throughout the seasons, Kramer's spiked up hair looks quite well but Elaine's hairstyle will start to get a mature young look that makes you want to stare at her for days.

    From an audio stand point, they flow in together very well. Using slap bass and non-sensical percussions, they flow very well with the exception of "The Barber" episode with the orchestra. Throughout the episode, the slap bass music starts to get edgier until Season 7 when it's scattered very well. The voice, although a hard topic but a strong performance from the whole cast but the difference is notable in between the cast. Jerry is a very well toned comedian, George, a negative, neurotic, angry friend, Elaine, with her best funky take that fits in with the boys and Kramer with his own outrageous run of his performance.

    For the value is meaningless. Nearly all episodes reference is expanded upon and has the best continuity compare to other episodes. Story arc is another layer which is almost uncommon in other sitcoms that their shows has no history.

    From that long professional view that I typed, if you think that the sitcom has to be perfect then you read the wrong page but if you take my view of the show, then I'm glad that I brought it up. To sum it up, Seinfeld is a dark show but is done in a light hearted way that no other shows can capture. If you are into having a good laugh then Seinfeld is for you, if you pick up those DVD's.
  • Without a doubt the best comedy ever created.

    This show was totally unique. Nothing has been done like it
    before. While it was about nothing, it was really about everything--but the little things that no one thinks about, like giving your bank code to your fiancé. Seinfeld is the only show I've ever been able watch over and over again. It really is difficult to say anything negative about Seinfeld, there's no episode where you could say the writers weren't trying or had given up, even in it's last season the show performed the ambitious "Backwards episode" where the story finished at the beginning and started at the end. "Seinfeld" probably closed the book on truly great sitcom television.
  • this show is a realy funny show all and all

    this show is great it is realy funny incase you dont know
    it is about jerry and his neihbor kramer and there greedy freind george also jerys girlfreind i leine they broke up in the 2nd seaso n but they are still freinds they get into wild advenchures and crazy sithchuations ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! george is captin for the yankeys and jerry is a stand up comeidean this show lasted about 9 years from 1989 - 1998
    over all this is a great show
  • if you want to now where the alternate ending of the finale is read this

    i've found 2 easter eggs on seinfeld season 9 so far and the first one i've found is the secret seinamation and that is on disc 4 when you go on special features and you see a exibit sign press the right button to get it.easter egg 2:go to the episode selection and you see the thumb prints go down and you should hit one of them and that one is the alternate ending to the finale.hope you enjoy this easter eggs.when i find some more easter eggs it will be on this same review.i've been trying to get a seinfeld season 8 on dvd but i can't find one.
  • i lov this show who new they would take it away

    why did you take away this show i mean it was cool who dosnt like this show its cool as and i need to know more i dont know what peaple would not like this show its so funny and cool oh who sore the episode were just after gearg got a toupa and cramer (cozmo) hooked gearge up with a bald woman ha ha ha ha ha ha ha anyway can someone bring it back me and my dad love it pleas pleas pleas pleas pleas its just so cool oh and um thats all so um good bye
  • GET OUT!!!!

    Probably my favorite show of all time... the "show about nothing." (Who thought "nothing" would be such a hot topic?) Yes, the brilliant minds of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld have cooked up one hell of a show that really is just about your everyday events. This show managed to take these events that we've all been through, add a little bit of the "Chaos Theory" into each episode, spice it with dry humor, excellent character development (that stays true throughout the ENTIRE series) and character chemistry... and what came out was Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld (plays himself) is a struggling comedian, Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) is his eccentric neighbor, Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is his ex-girlfriend/current friend, and George Costanza (Jason Alexander) is his nervous, twitchy, balding friend... and the show pretty much throws them into everyday situations with the above formula and it works!!! It's great!! This show will go down in history "a-la" I Love Lucy. Classic.
  • best show ever

    best show ever ever made without a doubt, it never gets old to watch, i could watch every episode 1000 times and still be funny as the first time i saw it. every other show thats ever been on doesnt come anywhere near close to seinfelds greatness, seinfeld is the only show i like, and they quit while they were ahead unlike most shows. very smart move. fraiser was pretty funny but they kept going and it really got bad. south park is a great show too that shouldve quit many years ago, now its just like every other lame boring show. shouldve quit before it got that way. well done seinfeld, best show ever made
  • Classic, cutting edge, trendsetter... It's tough to pick the right classification for this one.

    Seinfeld will go down in history as one of the classic shows of comedy. It defined an era of comedy and was the father for most modern sit-coms.

    And all that for a show that admits itself to be 'about nothing'. Seinfeld is about nothing apart from regular life, as witnessed through its handful of (colourful) characters. That is not to say the episodes don't feel like self-contained episodes - each episode will carry a theme that identifies the episode as an episode, and provides a core that unifies the material.

    Best of all, it's really funny! The writing is clever and inventive. The jokes are well paced. It's one of those rare shows where you can expect to be laughing all the way through - from the first minute of the first episode, all the way to the credits of the final episode.

    An iconic series.
  • Who Knew a show about Nothing could be so good

    Seinfeld is a great show for several reasons why other comidies fail. I like how they all have there diffrent adventures and then talk about them at the diner. Also there is more than one main character and the cast is great. I didn't like the finallie though. I thought that the weakest charcter was Elaine. She wasn't funny and the only time she was when she was with Jerry. Elaine really hurt the storyline. Kramer really makes the show great. How he always slides into the room without knocking and how he leeches off Jerry yet hes really loveable. This show is a personal favorite

    Seinfeld is truly the best sitcom to every air in the US. Every episode was a guaranteed laugher. Every episode was well written. The acting was always superb. The situations were so ridiculously funny that I couldn't help but laugh. This show would often have me laughing until my eyes welled with tears from laughing so much.

    The main characters, Jerry, Kramer, Elaine and George were great. But the recurring characters, such as Jerry and George's parents, and Newman, were great as well. I also liked the guest stars, such as Mr. Peterman and The Soup Nazi.

    I still watch Seinfeld all the time. I have a couple of the seasons on DVD and I am planning to get the others. But I also watch Seinfeld on television, just about every day. This show has earned the highest praise I can possibly give a show. It was wonderful and something that funny can only be magic. :-)
  • yada... yada... yada it's a show about nothing.

    the best sitcom of all time. everyone else tries to take a little something from this mega show.A show that lasted nine seasons with 180 episodes and could have gone a lot longer is funny every and any time you watch it. great characters and with good topics it set the format for what most funny shows would follow. it covered social topics of all verses and issues worldwide and every one on this planet can relate. After these anti-virtuous people showed the ugly side of human behaviour and made it funny it makes the creator Jerry Seinfeld seem like Eintstein of comedy.
  • CLASSIC!!!

    The show is all about Jerry Seinfeld, a local comedian and his friends George, Ilaine and Kramer. The story has no main plot- its a story about nothing- you wake up in the morning, catch a cab and go to the office....there you go, that's the story as George puts it.
    The show has many interesting subplots and is unique in its own way. Almost all the episodes start and end with Seinfeld performing in a comedy club.
    George is a guy who is careful with money and is a childhood friend of Jerry's and Kramer is the next door neighbor. Ilaine is an ex- girlfriend of Seinfeld. The four along with other characters like Newman make this a memorable show.
    Its has an aura around it unlike any other show and this show about nothing is surely worth a watch. I'll put it this comedy sitcom of the 90's.
  • Seinfeld... not th best... but not the worst.

    I think that in general Seinfeld is a good show that needs a lot of work but i guess its okay... it dosen't make me puke as much as it used to and it is alright. I'm not gonna go out and buy the whole series but if it's on i might... watch it sometimes on occasion. Anyway i think the show is right for somepeople but not for others and i just happen to be one of those pessky others. But seinfeld is okay ... that's all the nice things i can say besides jerry and elane are and okay couple.
  • So, Seinfeld is the best show ever ;) I just do not think that is right...

    I bought the first two seasons in a charity shop and at first I just was not impressed at all. Best show ever? No fu**ing way, mate! But I guess because it is American and you know... It's American with a good plot it is suddenly incredible. It is incredible. But it isn't the best show ever, I do really like this and if there is nothing on the television then I will watch Seinfeld.
    Now on a great note, Jerry does his characyer soo well and even if sometimes the plots can be a bit silly the subplots and the ideas are just great!
  • this is a good show. you will get your laughs.

    this used to be one of my favorites. i still like to watch it every now and then. it deffinently is one of the funniest shows on television. i would have to give the show a 8.6. kramer is deffinently the funniest. you wont even notice it but when you do, you will die. the show was a number one show when it came out and it retired as a number one show. i also liked the fact that the fat guy is conserned about his penis and that time he said it was small cause he was in the water, but i bet his penis isnt small in real life.
  • an amazing show

    this show is amazing, althoygh jerry is not that good actor, but definatly he's a great comedian he make you laugh
    every time with his great remarks...i think they selected the right cast..they're so symmetrical. Kramer, this guy is really funny he doesn't need to talk to make you lough he alwayz comes up with a new stupid idea. George Costanza, every new season he is getting better, he's so stupid and unlucky at the same time. Elaine the only word i've in my mind that she's absolutely faboules. this show with Friends and Frasier are the best ever sitcom made

  • Quite possibly one of the most influential shows of all time.

    If you've been living under a rock for the last 10-15 years, then you've probably never heard of Seinfeld. For the rest of us, I would dare say it was an institution. Who hasn't heard of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer? Seinfeld was at once ground-breaking and funny, eschewing typical sitcom conventions, instead choosing to find the humor in it's irrelevance. Through the course of this process, Seinfeld became more than just a TV show - it became a cultural cornerstone, with it's own offbeat lexicon ("She had man hands!") and soundtrack. (I, for one, have often thought that my life would be complete with the unique soundtrack). It was, in its core premise, a show about nothing, and therein lies the genius. It's not often that a show comes along, and at the end of it's run, it's actually more popular than when it started. That's the beauty of Seinfeld, like fine wine, it only got better with age.
  • oh well nothing wely hapens in the show so i ges ihave to say no one cold hate it. if you do then youer werd so ino what ils mane carerters elane jorg and cramer and most inportent jery.

    this show get 2 thumbs up i thin it a grat show so if you like nothing then you welllike thes show. gorgis going to lose in every epasod exept that one epasod so lets see gets a movig i think it samert and clever a grat show most see so i tihn wen itwas candsald it tarabal . so buy yhe show dvd y so you can charwesh the grat moments . so long one last qwot funy loving clevery joefoll so what els grat sh be god see it all the time and tahst it by by by
  • Great Show

    Seinfeld was a great 90s comedy, maybe the best. Definatly one of the most memorable and most popular of the 90s and it still is. All the characters were great and the writing was great and of course those unforgettable storylines. I grew up with the show since I was born in 92 and I remember laughing like crazy at it even if I had no idea what was going on. But it feels good to say to someone who for some reason had never seen the show that I was watching it when it was at its peak and Its absolutely a must see if you're looking for classic 90s shows.
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