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  • Jerry Seinfeld is a great comedian!

    HILARIOUS! Jerry Seinfeld is a great comedian, and whilst he isn't as offensive as most comedians, he is still funny. He may not be the best actor, but his role on Seinfeld was great! Not to mention being an awesome writer for the show, especially with Larry David working with him. They are both great writers, comedians and are just plain hilarious! Really, he is awesome! Both are awesome! I wish Seinfeld didn't have to end, it was such a great show! But I guess it was starting to get stale and they did pull out at the right time. Still, another season wouldn't have been that bad!
  • Man what a show!

    Hilarious. Thats my one word to describe this show; thats all I need! Awesome characters, and great storyline and script. The only problem I have encountered with this show is there is no new episodes. Now I know what your thinking.. of coarse theres no more episodes the filming ended YEARS ago! And I know it did, and thats my problem with it. I have seen all the episodes way too many times, and I'd like something new. Not a new T.V. show like Seinfeld, because nothing can measure up to this show =], just a big surprise with the same characters.
  • Seinfeld..

    Seinfeld is one of the funnist shows ever made. Seinfeld is a show about 4 friends who live in New York City the main person is Jerry most of the show takes place in his aprtment of at a local coffee shop called Monk's cafe then their is Elen Jerrys EX-gril freind who is a editor for a book company and George a person who con not keep a job longer then a week and their is Kramer a crazy next door neigbor who seems never to have a job i like it because it is about nothing i find that funny all they do is talk and talk and talk which is funny that is mostly what i have to say about seinfeld a funny show from the 1990's THE END END
  • One of the top five comedies of all time.

    The Michael Richards incident of 2006 aside, "Seinfeld" is still one of the most classic comedies of modern day television. For a show about nothing, as the actors and crew so love to dub the show, "Seinfeld" is really about quite a lot. It's about so much, in fact, that it's tough to quantify exactly what it is about. It's about dealing with friends, lovers and life in general.

    The writing is brilliant and the acting is so good that it's almost bad. What I mean is that Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George appear to just be people on television that you're watching as opposed to them being actors that you are watching. For those of you that have still never seen "Seinfeld," give it a shot. It's on every night of the week on many different channels. You've got to see it once even if it's just to be able to understand all the pop culture references that people make in every day life.
  • I like Seinfeld. It's a great show. Espescially Cramer and George. They're my favs. And Neumon.

    The show Seinfeld is about 4 friends who go in and out of relations, have fun and ummm are funny. They live in appartments in New York City. Kramer is immature, hilarious and has style. And apparently, he's pretty rascist. But whatever. George is cheap, fat, short and funny. Jerry is not as short, a comedian, has some good lines and Hates Neumon. Elain is outgoing, funny, and can hold a grudge sometimes.
    All around this is a good show. I love the comedy in it and I love the characters. Also I've been to that Corner restuarant place where thay always eat.
  • No soup for you, come back in one year!

    This is probably the best sitcom ever concieved by the human race. It's a show about nothing, why watch it you ask? Well in the wise words of George Costanza, "Because it's on." And thats exactly why you should watch it. It was created by comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, and it mocks everyday life, and it does an awesome job of doing so. The show originally sucked, but it was kept alive by the critics, and by season four, the public caught on, and every season after that won an Emmy, why wouldn't you watch a show that won that many Emmy's? Well go watch it, because its aweosme.
  • A Show About Nothing!

    This was a show about nothing, and every week I made sure to tune in to watch every "nothing" episode that they made. If there was one chareter that stood out besides Seinfield, it was Kramer. This guy was the greatest and when I see re-runs, I still laugh at the stuff he does. Seinfield was a natural and probably the best of his generation. As far as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played Elaine, I think she pulled it out perfect and I would do anything for her, if she was not already married. And who can forget Jason Alexander, who was king of his domain.
  • it' a good show.

    the show is about nothing, and small plot's for each episode, every episode is always funny, with jerry, george, kramer, and elaine, is what makes the show funny and it's very hilarious and the crazy ideas the writers have each episode, is the best part and with the funny script the actors have, it's a good show.
  • Being a long time hardcore fan of this excellent TV show I just couldn't resist giving it a couple of words a long the way after reading some of the other comments, especially the (extremely few) negative ones.

    Seinfeld is second to none in every aspect. Why anybody would want to waste time on crap like so many of the other shows out there is a complete mystery to me. I cannot begin to count the numerous hours of fun and laughs I've had watching this quartet and all their friends on the screen. Even though its been a while since it stopped running in Iceland I still catch myself remembering quotes and funny sketches not to mention all the unique observations that made this show so special.

    I recall another user contributing a lot of this shows' success to the apparent lack of "hugging" and "learning". I concur. It's not about silly sentimental stuff or education. To me, it's about having a good time.

    "Look at Jerry - prancing around in his fur coat. He's a dandy. He's a real fancy boy"

  • Absolute perfection.

    Seinfeld is so very perfect. It's a show that can be viewed countless times and it has lines that are constantly repeated. One of the greatest shows ever created. Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer are so original individually and it makes them so watchable. It follows their relationships and lives in a comedic way that has not been seen before Seinfeld. I still watch the reruns and hope to own the series on DVD in the future. I highly recommend this show to anybody and would hope that everybody at least once in their life checks this awesome show out.
  • Hilarious! One of the best shows ever

    Hilarious! One of the best shows ever. I love Seinfeld, I watch all of the seasons and every episode that it on tv. I think that this show was the first funny sitcom and before its time. A lot of shows like seinfeld are coming out now. I wish that they kept doing seinfeld because it was such a good show. My favorite episode is the Soup Nazi episode. That one is a classic. Don't look him straight in the eyes. No soup for you. haha. That is priceless. Seinfeld was a great show and i wish it was still making new episodes
  • Seinfeld was the show about nothing, what a perfect show!

    Out of all the episodes they had, I think not one of them was bad. There is usually that episode where you wonder what where they thinking, but Seinfeld was different. It's also hard to name my favorite episode because there's too many good ones! The Soup Nazi, The Race...I can go on and on. The cast was great! Jerry's humor, and Kramer, well being Kramer. There were also great guest, I loved Elaine's on and off boyfriend Putty! I love how Jerry uses his favorite hero Superman into some episodes like The Bizarro Jerry episode. They used an everyday life and turned it into a great series!
  • The show about nothing is something special!!!!!

    Seinfeld is the perfect example of a well written sitcom. Larry David always took risks with his writing. He knew if you dealt with everyday America then the humor will come naturally. There was no hugging, no learning, just characters that got into crazy problems and they were funny. I see their parents and they make mine look normal. I think to myself, NO WONDER they turned out this way. But u did relate with the characters. And u hoped they would find happiness. I think my favorite episode was involving Jerry and George being lovers. \"We\'re not gay! Not that there\'s anything wrong with that\" It was classic!!! At least they were decent somehow. The greatest sitcom of all time will live on forever!!!! YADA YADA YADA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great show, an immortal classic.

    Seinfeld was a great sitcom. I love the idea of a show about nothing, even though it eventually turned into a show about something; it was a show about Jerry and George trying to make a show about nothing.
    They started so many classic sayings, like yadda yadda yadda, shrinkage, and soup nazi. Soup Nazi was the entire reason I started watching Seinfeld. From there, I was hooked. No soup for you! Come back, one year! And they had some great running gags. My favorite of all time was "Newman." I sometimes find myself saying someone's name in that same voice when I'm mad at them. Other great running gags was Elaine's pushing, Kramer busting in through the door, George's parents (enough said).
    A classic, timeless, american sitcom.
  • Seinfeld is the best thing that ever happened to world...

    Seinfeld is by far the best show ever aired on TV. It is of course difficult to compare action or drama with comedy, but this is the show that wins taking all categories in to consideration. Jerry Seinfeld is the funniest man alive. I just wish I could have seen some of his stand-up comedy before he became a star on TV. I think everything about this show is excellent, the cast, the characters, the plots in the episodes, how everything gets mixed together. Brilliant! It`s impossible to name a favorite episode in this show, there`s just too many good ones. Seinfeld will always be number 1
  • A show about nothing, characters who know nothing but the show is worth anything but nothing.

    This is arguably one of the best shows ever created. The characters are lovable, the things the characters get up to are easily remembered and most importantly, you can connect with what the characters got up to and you can find that in your own ventures. Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer and of course Newman gave us 9 seasons of funny shenanigans, quotes and good times. There has yet to be a more successful sitcom to follow the same format as Seinfeld had. Seinfeld will live on forever thanks to re-runs. And even better DVD's to watch over and over again. Sounds good.
  • it's ok

    I definatly enjoy watching the show seinfeld but it is definatly not my favorite show. The show's comody is definatly clever and alittle random (that's a compiment) but it is definatly not as good as, say till death, my name is earl but it is a great comody, its just a simple matter of not being as good as the others. I didn't see that many episode but if i have nothing else to do. In my opinion of corse i say, see a few episodes and see if it is worth your time. Seinfeld is a decent show, just not the best.
  • Brilliant.

    Sienfeld is one of the hottest dramas playing on the small screen, and it will probably keep this position throut the seasons, which will probably keep coming to us. Up to the end of the first season we are left with various cliff hangers, especially at the end, and following that on season two the cliff hangers do not stop, we are left before one at the end of each episode. This is a great tequnique, as we can see it has us all wanting more of this amazing show and we are glad that we WILL be getting more of it.
  • classic show what else can i say. Jerry, KRAMER, wow awesome s how

    This show is an absolute classic show. It is one of the funniest shows i have ever watched in my life. Its deffinetly life changing and makes you laugh every scene. The best part is that no matter what kind of personality you have it will make you laugh. It has a way to make you laugh and things you would have never thought were funny just because of the way they talk or the way that they react to stupid things. If you haven't watched this show... you need to see a doctor because thats just not right its a classic show that you have to give a chance.
  • I've seen them all!

    Another sitcom that stands next to M*A*S*H as one of the all time classics. After starting out slow and almost getting cancelled, I am glad they decided to give this show a chance. 300+ episodes later and classic was born. People were well rewarded. I have been watching this show since 1989. I now continue to watch the reruns and own all the DVD's. Larry David and Jerry are comic guinesses! How they got this cast together is one that will go down into the ages. I even love "Curb Your Enthusiasm" which will also go down as a classic.
  • New York based situation comedy follows the fictional life of stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld along with his friend George, Elaine and neighbour Kramer. Created by real-life comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

    It's one thing to be funny, it's another thing to be popular, but Seinfeld managed to achieve these things whilst presenting a situation comedy unlike anything which has ever been created before it. The unique mix of original characters, hilarious cross-over plot-lines, and a fresh distinctive attitude made this program the perfect half-hour network comedy. There will never be another Seinfeld.
  • This show ROCKS!

    What more is there to say about Seinfeld other than it rocks!! It is the best comedy sit com EVER and nothing to date has been able to compete with it. I have to be completely honest and admit that I wasn't a Seinfeld fan until the dvd collections started to emerge but ever since then I have been collecting every season that has been arriving here in Australia and I just love it. I have watched them over and over at least 4 times each and I can't get enough of it. It has the funniest story lines within every episode that would leave you begging for more.

    Seinfeld please come back!!
  • Seinfeld is just about a group of people named Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George. Various situations that they are put in that make it hilariuos.

    The most funniest and entertaining show of our time will be greatest till the end of the world. Nobody could take away the comedy belt from Seinfeld. Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George have the most chemistry when they are together. This shows that if you put the right cast together you will have the greatest show of all time. The chemistry between them is undeniable. And newman really makes for a bad vilian against Jerry. Kramer is so crazy, he bust through doors, he always tells the truth,and is not afraid to do it. Him and Jerry have to be the best of friends.
  • The best sit-com ever. Without competion.

    Seinfeld, one of very few shows that just got better and better every season.

    It had everything. Great writing, great acting (apart from Jerry himself) and great characters.

    George is without doubt the funniest character on TV. Ever. Misplaced in every context, bitter til the end and failing at everything. Just my kind of guy.

    The cleverness of the writing where all the stories come togeteher at the end of each show has been tried to be followed buy other shows. But not one has succeded. Seinfeld could very well be the best show of all times. I really miss it but luckily there are re-runs on almost every night, even in Sweden and the DVDs are the highlights of my collection.
  • The greatest sitcom in television history that revolutionized the 90's.

    Whether it was Kramer's hectic schemes, George's short temper, or Jerry's memorable quotes, Seinfeld was the number one television show of it's time and revolutionized the sitcom industry. The greatest aspect of the whole sitcom was that the show was about nothing, there was very little continuity between each episode and they were all unique in their very own way. All of the characters were so realistic that you could compare them to real life counterparts, but yet evryone had their own distinct personality that when they clash, you know there is going to be trouble. It's that certain mesh of personas that makes the show interesting because someone always says something that is very relevant to their character. If you lived through the ninties and you have yet to see Seinfeld, you must be living in a cave because the show was so edgy that it's publicity was widespread.
  • After Seinfeld every sitcom tries to be like them

    This was a pure trendsetting show, the success of this show and style, made Friends what it is, they even stole the same ideas of Seinfeld (man purse, fake names the characters will use throughout the series, episodes where the setting is in one place and the story surrounds one thing) Overall this series was original, give full credit to the writers. I've seen every episode about 3 or 4 times and it is still funny, the finale was awesome, dispite what some may say, I thought it was original and stayed true to Seinfeld and what it was, just realistic humour that happens to real people.
  • "the show about nothing", yeah right.

    well this is something. perhaps one of the best sitcoms in history. with the opening of some standup and the closing of some diabocle, seinfeld is absolutely hilarious. hilights of the show include:

    the contest- a very twisted idea of a contest but how fast everyone loses is funny and the part where george is in the hospital with his mom and the girl is in the next room and you hear what's going on, i bet u no wat george wants to do.

    the gum- i actually saw this one recently[yesterday] and i thought this was funny like when george claims his car was owned previously by jon voight,lmao. and when elaine lies to lloyd about jerry's glasses,hilarious.
  • On of, if not the, best sitcom ever!

    Seinfeld, the show about nothing, seemed like a huge underdog in the ratings but its unique style of humour and writing proved to keep the show alive long enough before it exploded in popularity. Seinfeld always has, and always will continue to be one of the greatest shows on telivision even 7+ years after its ending. Jerry Seinfeld will always be funny, Jason Alexander will always be neurotic, Julia Lois Dreyfus will always be annoying a Michael Richards will always be... racist, and this show will always remain good. If you havnt seen this, do so NOW! It is awsome!
  • awesome show!

    awesome show!

    i love it it is so funny!

    my favourite character is Kramer hahaha xD! he is so funny and odd.

    it's awesome how this show is about nothing and manages to be so awesome. The scripts are hilarious and clever, making the everyday situations the most hilarious stuff ever xD!

    my favourite episode is the bet one lol xD! it was freaking funny seeing them losing one by one really? can't they control theirseves? seems not xD! haha

    yadiyadayada {o know i can't spell it right =X} i whatch the re-runs, even if have seen the episode 2542758686485 times it still cracks me up!

    one of my favourites ever! =P
  • Funny, just plain funny

    This is my favorite show hands down, this is filled with comedy every where you turn, erey other line on this show is funny, Larry David (the writer) and jerry seinfeld (the writer and actor) produce one of the funniest shows ever. To show how good ths show is just think that it lastest 9 seasons on network television, that show how good it is and the quality the sho is. This is the best show and this show was way ahead of its time with the subjects and some arn't for kids but thisshow is great. I love it.
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