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  • One of a kind

    "Seinfeld" is a show about nothing, but this show has plemnty oif fun with four characters and their antics. It is a classic in every sort of way. It's funny and they can prove it. the four can put up with different stuff we can put up with every day. It a comedy about real life situations, put together by some of the best creative people today. I'm looking forward to the reruns because they're are funny. I can idenified the characters because they're like me. when I get into a situation that is just palin stupid. I always think of "Seinfeld." It's a comedy about nothing? They got it right.
  • This is the show about nothing,sort of.It is really the life of a stand up comic and his friends,and it follows their lives,occasionally just doing something like looking for parking space or waiting to be seated in a Chinese restaurant

    Seinfeld is another one of those I loved when it first came on,even though it was low rated.And like Cheers,it began to lose something as it became more popular.The show was at its peak in Season 3,when Jerry and George were working on the sit-com,though not all of the best episodes had anything to do with the sit-com.I think it started to become more self conscious of its success.To be honest ,I liked George best when he was at his most insecure.Some of his schemes in the later episodes seemed contrived,and Elaine was never really all that likeable,but I think she got more annoying as the show became more successful.Even Jerry changed somewhat during the course of the series.Only Kramer pretty much stayed the same from the best seasons.But mostly,I felt the show became increasingly pretentious.When Larry David left,the show was no longer funny.And the last episode is pretty much definitive of how pretentious and unfunny the series had become.Im giving it a high score mostly because of the first 4 seasons.If I had to score the remainder of the series,Id probaly give it about a 7.And,Yada,yada,yada!
  • I've been watching this show for only God knows for how long!

    As ar back as I can remember, Sienfeld, was always on my TV screen. Now that I know all about the show, I know why it was. I think Seinfeld is the funniest siccom I've ever seen yet. Though, everyone in my class thinks Everybody Loves Raymond and Friends are. Sienfeld is so pointless, it's funny!I just enjoy every episode!
  • indeed a show about nothing

    One of the best things that ever came out of the T.V. this show is great. if you stop laughing in this show, there\'s something either wrong with the show or you. Kramer may be an out-of-mind wacko, but with the cluelessness of George and the scheming elaine, and the quick-thinking Jerry it all mixes to together to bring forth a show about nothing. every plot has some sub-plot to it that has another sub-plot until the craziness goes in a complete circle. I still want to know why Kramer brough in a box of Junior Mints to an operation.
  • Seinfeld is a funny comedy centered around four New Yorkers with an even more outrageous plot line:Nothing! Even with the plot line they still go through hilarious yet complex plots!

    Seinfeld is a classic and is full of comic genius and outrageous material! It was a trendsetter for the ninety's and still has you laughing even if you have seen it a dozen times! It follows the lives of four New Yorkers: Jerry,Kramer,Elaine, and George as they go through complex plots yet still making us laugh! Seinfeld is a fantastic show!!
  • Something to talk about

    It's one of those shows where it comes up in real life and your like oh yeah it's like that time on Seinfeld when... I don't like the story lines much because they don't seem to be the point of this show but there are funny punch lines and characters. Although I think that controversy with Kramer recently was really bad for the show. After that I see his character in a different way, and i know that's stupid but i can't help it.
    I do watch the show whenever it's on but only because i have a friend who loves it.

    this show is my abosolute all time favorite, ive seen every episode, i have them all on dvd, and i still cant get enough of it. as a guy you benefit from some great lessons the show teaches like the 1 buffer rule, the switch, etc. this show is the best show ever made and those 9 seasons rocked.
  • First show of it's kind. -You got to love the Sein'!

    Jerry: What's the show about?
    George: It's about nothing.
    Jerry: I think you may have something here.

    This show is briliant because anyone could have thought of the idea, but no one fulfilled it 'till Jerry and Larry came along. The actors in this show are amzing and the characters they play are just as great! This show is so great and the best part is you don't need to watch every episode to get it. Then if your friends don't watch the show they won't mind watching episode 106, let's say. For those of you who don't watch the show let me just say your missing out on the best thing ever! Suckers! You got to love the Sein'.
  • Just funny

    Seinfeld is the best comedy in the 90\'s. The best seasons were 1-7. when Larry Daivd was head writer.
    That was when the show was at it\'s best. Im not say the last 2 seasons were bad it Just well Jerry seinfeld said it best it was slapstick comedy. My favorite writers on the show were Tom Gamill & Max Pross. they Just made the that more funny and most of my favorite episodes was writen by these two. Krammer is byfar the funnest out of the four. season 5 is my favorite season. The best episode when the oppist. The last show of the season.

    One of the most watched television shows of the 1990s, "Seinfeld" is a true-to-life comedy series that follows the events of a group of friends. The group consists of Jerry Seinfeld, a stand-up comedian who questions every bizarre tidbit about life; George Costanza, a hard-luck member of the New York Yankees organization; Elaine Benes, a flashy woman and book editor who is not afraid to speak her mind; and Cosmo Kramer, an extremely eccentric, lanky goofball. Another very notable member of the show is Newman, a chubby mailman, friend of Kramer, and, almost always, nemesis of Jerry. Other sources of comedy appear in the form of the parents of both Jerry and George
  • Seinfeld "The Show About Nothing"

    Seinfeld is one of the best comedies ever to exist. Seinfeld started with Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards only in the first five episodes which did not went good on ratings but still were able to continue their way to a second season with Julia Dreyfus. Eventually, the episodes begin getting better and better until the public caught the message of the series and begin getting it, and eventually it becomed one of the best shows of comedy ever. Seinfeld is known because of the fact that this show is about nothing, nothing! It focuses on the life of Jerry Seinfeld which has at least one girlfriend per week and is always getting into some kind of trouble which mostly affect his carrer or the women he is dating, George Constanza, who is a neurotic fat man who is getting bald and always think that the slighest sign is a sign of struggle or to do something pretty big, Elaine Benes, who is currently Jerry's ex, and moves from boyfriend to boyfriend often messing her relationships and sometimes even returning to them, and the funniest character is Cosmo (cool name!) Kramer, who is always getting into the weirdest of troubles and is always trying to find a way to make himself rich without the need to work. With this four characters and almost 176 episodes I can assure you that you're going to enjoy this show so much! I love it! and you should love it too!
  • Seinfeld, famously reffered to the "show about nothing", rang in the early 90's (actually first aired in 1989). Seinfeld didn't catch on at first, but quickly attracted loyal viewers.

    Seinfeld couldn't be a better combination of wit and sharp-edged humor. The character's on Seinfeld all have their different neurotic behaviors, but they are cohesive enough to render a sophisticated, humorous cast. Each episode has many different sub-plots that always seem to tie together upon the conclusion. As beautifully as this show is cast, each episode is wonderfully crafted and written by Jerry Seinfeld; the prolific comic/come producer, and Larry David, the neurotic comedian/ producer. Every episode is a "gem", and can be watched many times over, without ever becoming bored of the show or particular episode. In fact, many episodes become better with multiple viewings!
  • You all know the score.

    What's there not to say already? Seinfeld set forth the way for new comedy sitcoms and series' but was different in its own way. It just revolved around the lives of four ordinary friends who keep getting into all these predicaments and...that's it, nothing to it. With its dependent usage of writing and story construction, it's not like todays shows where they're concerned about their dysfunctional family members or are today's pretty faces who can't act--like in the War at Home for example (there's a reason Seinfeld himself was voted the 12th unsexiest male celebrity most recently). Although of course, those into todays updated sitcoms and comedy such as Everybody Loves Raymond or new school crap such as The War at Home and Disney's latest comedies may not see the same way. They also made up their own words which I've been told are still used today. Seinfeld's short, stand-up comedy on stage at the beginning and end of most episodes alone are pretty cool.
  • My All-Time Favorite Show!

    Seinfeld is the funniest show I\'ve ever seen in my life. It had many different sub-plots, instead of just one main plot like most other shows have. The actors are great, the action is well placed, and the dialogue is absolutely hilarious. If you\'ve never watched this show on TV in your life, then I\'ve got news for you: You\'re missing out on what I think is the greatest TV show of all time! If you want to redeem yourself, go out and buy all the DVD sets right now, if you do, you won\'t regret it! I swear you\'ll like it!
  • Seinfeld is based on a character named Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry is a comedian. In the pilot, Jerry introduces George Costanza and "Kramer". George is a highschool friend and Kramer is Jerry's neighbor. Then Jerry introduces Elaine Bennes as his ex

    Although this show claims to be about \"nothing\", this is the most story-packed show I think I have ever seen. I would classify this show as my \"personal favorite\". This show is very addicting and dangerous. The main four characters are so different yet so similiar at the same time. Even though the show claims that the characters are selfish and don\'t really care about each other, I think that they really do care about each other. If one character was missing, it would just not be right. Each character compliments the others. I would recommend this show for sure!!
  • this show, however hilarious, revolves around...nothing. its about 4 friends who live in new york going through random everyday trials and things very out of the ordinary.

    i love seinfeld!! it is so funny because its about things that you would never think about, but are true. larry david and jerry seinfeld are geniuses. it makes you think about how true certain things are in life without exaggerating them, but still good for a crack up. i love to watch the reruns on dvd at night and at 9:30 channel 2 while im procrastinating on my homework :) but thats all i can really say...i see why it got such good ratings...all the characters have such diverse qualities that give the show a uniqueness and spunk. they are all hilarious in their own way and make it an awesome great-quality show.
  • This show is funny

    Seinfeld is an aesome show. It it really funny and very enertaining. Kramer who is my favorite chracter is by far the funniest IMO. Jerry is also very funny and George is too. All three of them make this show so good, and its awesome to watch such a classic funny show like it. I started watching the show about 5 years ago and have been watching it ever since I have been watching of course re rund and can't understand why they got rid of this show they could have had way more episodes in my opinion and it would have been great.
  • You Gotta like to classics,and WOW this is one of the best there is!!One of my favorites of all time.

    This show must of out right before i was born.But i never watched it till i was at least 12 years old.Its a timeless classic and to me,one of the best funny tv shows of all time.If you hate this show you must be crazy.I mean anyone with a since of humor would love this show. The characters are so great!It doesn't matter how much you want to forget them(why would you wanna do that anyway? aha) you can't there that awesome.I'm a guy that loves the timeless classics and this is one of them.I still watch the repeats haha.
  • Undeniably good, but overrated.

    Seinfeld will make you laugh. It is good. It is not great. It was not groundbreaking, or especially original. It's among the best of it's class, but people, everyone, stop saying that it's art and it's important and it changed the American consciousness. It did not. In fact, the whole appeal of the show is that it accurately conveyed the zeitgeist. That fact that it was so able to do this is definitely admirable, but does not make it brilliant. By the end it was very formulaic, and I sometimes wonder if the hard core Seinfeld fans are really just people who don't mind watching the same thing over and over again ad infinitum. Please, people, get real, move on.
  • The best "show about nothing" ever imagined!!!

    The whole show was pure comidic genius.It really was just a show about nothing.That was what made it one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.It seemed as if no matter what character a particualar episode was revloved around, all the characters were somehow invloved in some crazy, mixed-up way.Kramer,with his randomness towards all of them, especially Jerry, was my personal favorite character. Though I have to say that I, loved all of them. Elaine had her really bad dancing (really, really bad.). Jerry with his knack for being himself and then of course George,who always seemed to have a problem. It was a sad day when this great "show about nothing" was finally cancelled but it had it's great 9 year run.
  • A show about nothing is really about nothing, and everything. Somehow, there is part of the show where you can relate with yourself. And in a way, it completes you.

    What can you say about Seinfeld? A lot actually. I have to give credit to the writers, especially to Jerry and Larry. The materials were original and refreshing. They were never afraid to try something out of the box (considering the show is shown in a box - the TV is a box, get it?) and did a number of controversial issues along the way. These are the highlights of the show. The show will always remain a personal favourite of mine.
  • The show about nothing.

    For a show about nothing, Seinfeld has it all. I can watch reruns of this show every day of the week and laugh out loud like it is my first time seeing it each and every time. There are very few shows funny enough to keep you laughing the 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 20th, or 30th time watching an episode. For this reason, I feel it is a definite classic that everyone can enjoy. If you haven't given Seinfeld the chance, do so as soon as possible! I mean, where have you been living? Under a rock? It's the funniest show ever!
  • one of the best comedies of all time

    this is one of the best comedies i have ever seen
    it is so hilarious
    the plots are so clever and we can relate to so many of them
    i think larry david is such a great writer
    with all those complicated plotlines they have in there
    i have been watching the show now for about a year
    i first discovered it in reruns and realized what i had been missing all along
    the characters are crazy and soooo funny
    i don't think there is one episode where you don't start laughing out loud
    it is very amazing and i wish the actors luck in the future yeah
  • #1 show of all time and its about nothing

    This is the best show of the 90\'s. As far as I can remember I have always watched this show. I own all the seasons that have came out on dvd. This show was so great becuase of George and Elaine. Poor George is what we say at my house becuase no matter what nothing works out for him he is the greatst loser ever. Elaine was so funny I love it when she was asking for toilet paper and how she acts any time she gets complimented. Jerry and Krammer are funny too but I don\'t think Jerry is any where near as funny as George and Elaine. krammer was funny to but he was mainly there I think for laughs for the dumber people.
  • It's Contagious

    I never liked this show in the beginning because it was responsible for knocking "Night Court" off the air, but after sitting through a few of the shows in syndication, I had to admit that it was contagious. Anyone who doesn't like this show should watch the ones with Keith Hernandez, Teri Hatcher, Jane Leeves and Lori Loughlin and then think again. This show was hysterical as it showed the warped views of society from four people and how they went through life. Jerry Seinfeld was a man with a Peter Pan complex trying to eternally live out his life as a class comedian. George Constanza was the man a lot of us are: angry and hostile at the world because of two people who shouldn't have become parents. Cosmo Kramer the hipster doofus was a throw-back to the acid-heads of the Sixties because his views and opinions were even more twisted than anyone else's. Elaine Benes started out as sort of the mousy girl, but she really had become a sexpot by the series end; she was also haughty enough to be demanding and hostile enough to scare away more guys than she dated. Eugene Newman, however, was the wrench in the works, the Mimi to Seinfeld's Drew. He was also Kramer's stooge, comedy partner and every bad stereotype of mailmen and neighbors. The comedy was always fast, furious and hysterical, but never logical. Unfortunately, I've seen each episode so many times that I don't feel like I need to watch it reruns. As good as the show was in first-run, it just doesn't have the same spirit it once had in syndication.
  • This show was crack, yo!

    At first, I was a little wooried about this show at first, with Jerry not being tha funny (at all), but if he drops the lame crap comedy, this was a preety good damn show!

    Kramer, by far one of the most biggest idiots on the show, I've grown to like. he's what makes the show good in my opinion. I mean how many times is he does the same exact thing, but still turns out to be funny at the end? I was impressed by this. the fat guy with the almost bald scalp, he's okay. His chracter can be portrayed a bit better, but other than that I actually liked him. The girl, I really like her. Not her character, but how the way that she looked. When I was little, I always dreamed of me being with her...That was hot!

    But anyway, great show and I'm sorry that It ended.
  • Respected Jew

    I think Jerry gained the respect of millions of non jews and some jews for actually making a show that makes fun of how jewish people really are. When I first started watching this show i didn't really know the whole concept. But the funny thing is that a friend of mine told me whats the whole message behind the show years after i stopped watching it, and now that i know how Jerry thought i want them to bring back the show so bad! It made millions so what harm is it to anyone if it keeps smiles on our faces :D
  • This is a show about nothing; however, for a show about nothing, this show has many complex plots, sub-plots, is were

    This is a show about nothing; however, for a show about nothing, this show has many complex plots, sub-plots, is very well written and put together. So much so that until the public caught onto the series, the television critics were responsible for helping to keep it alive. The critics further went on and made the series victorious in every category it was eligible for in the 1st Annual American Television Awards. Seinfeld has also won a few Emmy AwardsThis is a show about nothing; however, for a show about nothing, this show has many complex plots, sub-plots, is very well written and put together. So much so that until the public caught onto the series, the television critics were responsible for helping to keep it alive. The critics further went on and made the series victorious in every category it was eligible for in the 1st Annual American Television Awards. Seinfeld has also won a few Emmy Awards
  • By far the best sitcom ever!

    I am South African and we got Seinfeld in the nineties perhaps six months after each season was originally aired in the US. I loved it from the start and tried to record all the episodes I could.

    I kept all those recordings for years but now I have started collecting the brilliant dvd sets that have been released and can`t wait for the last seasons to become available.

    Anyway I thought I would just write something here to pay homage to a show which has brought me immense joy over the years. It really is the only show who`s episodes I could watch over and over again. Nothing else comes close.

    So this was just a quick tribute. I am hoping to participate on the boards soon.

  • Seinfeld: the best show of all time

    That's right. Seinfeld is better than every other TV show ever created. Better than Friends. Better than Cheers. Better than I Love Lucy. Better than everything. There might have some questions about Jerry Seinfeld's acting at the beginning, but those questions were answered soon enough. Seinfeld provided social commentary on all sorts of things, some of which were untouchable for TV shows before it. This includes homosexuality and masterbation. Who can forget "The Contest"? Seinfeld truly changed television forever. Although Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards were the only two main cast members to win an Emmy award, all four deserved them. I bet the Emmys sure feel ashamed of themselves now that Jason Alexander never won for his portrayal of George Costanza, the greatest TV show sidekick of all time. There will never again be a show as good Seinfeld and that's a shame.
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