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  • Seinfeld is a stand-up comedian residing in New York. His friends are always close at hand to join him on an adventure or to just shoot the breeze.

    Seinfeld is show filmed mostly in a New York diner or inside of Jerry Seinfeld's apartment with his close friends: George, Elaine and Kramer (Kramer is a jobless nut-job used as the show's comic-relief who lives directly across the hall from Jerry). Also in the show are some not-so friendly aspects such as: Newman the postman, Jerry's Uncle Roy, and George's not-no sweet old parents. By far, this show enjoyed the status of most-watched prime-time sitcom for years on end and the show's tag was: "A show about NOTHING". That's not totally accurate; the show is about everyday life in the big city, interaction with family and friends and the pitfalls of not thinking things through. Tune in for laughs, the re-runs will hopefully never stop airing!
  • Show about nothing.

    Yes, really. Show about nothing. I really can't see the real point of this show, but it is funny. Daily problems, problems at work, problems with love, it really is great.

    Well, what I really liked about this show is that every episode was really, really unique. Especially the last seasons, well I guess Seinfeld ran out of ideas, but episodes that were aired are great.

    I love the way they deal things in their way, especially Elaine. She was definitely great and Kramer too. Hahaha! I will never forget the scene when Susan died and George's "reaction". Haha. It was definitely a classic sitcom, but a really good one.
  • hahahahah... hahahha. hahahah. I'm sorry, this show just can't stop making me laugh!

    The last episode of Seinfeld I watched was at a dealer and the comedeon guy person (I forgot all their names...), was getting a free car, and the fat guy doesn't trust dealer and so when he trys to get a candy bar he got so made cause it wouldn't fall from the machine, and then the worker got two and the most funnist thing was with this other dealer, the skinny tall guy was telling him to drive the car intill it ran out of gas, and they were yelling and everything, omg this show is on fire! This is one of the best reasons why TV rules! God bless Seinfeld!
  • The show about nothing is one of the greatest comedys.

    I think it has alot of randomness, and I love randomness. They really should bring it back because it was such a funny show and it could have gone longer then it did. I think there could have been more episodes. Please bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back!
  • Seinfeld was a classic sitcom, and yet to this day it stills is popular. I watch it everyday and still laugh at the way Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer act. There will never be a show like this again. It was and still is the best show on T.V.

    Seinfeld, more than just a name. It was a friendship of 4 different, yet same people that lived their lives in a humorous way. From the episode "The Doorman", to "The Wizard". There are many classic episodes and moments of this show. Not another show will be the same as Seinfeld. It's the only show that came from nothing, to a hit series, and lasted for almost 10 years. With 180 episodes, every single episode can make anyone laugh. So I end it with this... Seinfeld was/is/and will always be the number one T.V. show ever.
  • 4 friends live in New York City. Funny classic.

    My family hjas ALWAYS watched this show. I love it and I know everyone in my family does. I use to watch it at 5 PM on tbs and sometimes at 6:30 on fox right after simpson. The show is an instant classic and makes it way right into your heart with its funny lines that go on and on and on. The plots are amazing too. Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer and people who will also work their way into your heart when they critisize everyone else with such funny lines it will make you pee in your pants. Watch it if you haven't already.
  • A show in the 90s that was good.

    Another hit TV comedy that is from the 90s or 80s that is funny and mildly interesting, and makes you sad that it wasn't on your time.

    I never really watched Seinfeild before. Well, maybe I've seen an episode or five LOL!! But this show is nice, filled with humor and comedy.

    Maybe if it was in the 20s, I would've been a bigger fan. But the show is decent, funny, and can't stop me from laughing!
  • The original show about nothing.

    Seinfeld originally began as a one-off deal, then got brought back for three more episodes, then brought back again for a short season... then ... well, you get the picture.

    The network was very nervous about having a show about nothing, but Seinfeld did it best. The Chinese Restaurant was just the first of many shows where ~nothing~ happens... the characters just stand around and talk. Another episode in that vein was the one where they wander around in the parking garage, looking for their car. Which just goes to show that you don't need fantastic sets and intricate plots to keep people watching. Just having a well written show with good characters is enough. That's what Seinfeld had.
  • Seinfeld is probably my favorite sitcom of all time.

    I watched this show religiously during its nine year run on NBC. And, to this day, I still watch the reruns of it almost every night of the week. I never get tired of watching the episodes, even if I've seen them 50 times a piece. I own all of the dvd season sets that have been released and won't miss out on owning all of them when the time comes. My personal favorite character was Elaine but, honestly, the show would not have been nearly the same without any of the main people. Each of them brought something different and it all just worked for me. Seinfeld rocks!
  • Seinfeld is a hillarious tv show for everyone to enjoy

    Whether when this show aired or currently off the air, everybody can enjoy the humor given from Seinfeld. This show has a terrific plot outline, great characters, and more. One of my personal favorite episodes is when Jerry's car is stolen, and he goes through a big hastle to get it back, or at least, get a rent a car. This may not sound like a great summary, but when you tune into the show, you understand the plot outline really is hillarious. Seinfeld is one of those shows that will be remembered for a long time that people of all ages can enjoy.
  • A Stand up-Comedian named Jerry Seinfeld and his adventures in the City of New York.

    This is one of the funniest shows on TV. With wacky, zany situations, wierd, funny characters, and a complete mocking of the beurocracy's of society, Seinfeld is one of the greatest shows of all time. The only thing i wish is that it had gotten more than 180 episodes. It deserved as many as friends got, or even more. The best character is Kramer, a wacky, weird-haired guy who's suspicious about the world and an idiot at times who get's himself into a boatload of trouble but somehow always gets himmself out if it. So, to sum up, Seinfeld is one of the greatest shows in history, period.
  • The Greatest!

    I love seinfeld reruns!! I dont remember when seinfeld aired new episodes, but i love the reruns! Thank God for syndication. It is a great comedy show which will last for many more episodes, with great one-liners! Top of the muffin to you! There are episodes which completely reflect real life, who really likes muffin stumps?? I'm pretty sure i've seen most of the episodes in the repeats, and i love catching it any time of the day. It's one of the few shows that you can watch over and over again without getting sick of it. I love all the episodes involving food, the soup, junior mints, non-fat frozen yogurt!!!
  • Best show ever

    This is one of my favorite shows because the charcters are so great i think this would have been kept going if i was them but i guess they get bored of doing the same show over and over but i guess all of them will do great for there career and this is just great i hope everyone that watched the show enjoyed because i did i problem have watched 1,2,3,4,5 seasons so many times its not funny you know but i guess you get used to the jokes and all that so this is all i have to say good night everybody.
  • One of the best sitcoms of all time...legendary

    i just recently got into seinfeld after watching one of the reruns on fox. as a little kid, i always thought the show was retarded and wasnt even the least bit funny, but that all changed about 2 weeks ago. i hadnt seen seinfeld for about 3 years and the rerun i just saw was amazing... i could relate to the jokes and jerry seinfeld was hilarious. i would have to say seinfeld is one of the most original sitcoms ever. even if its not all that funny, the mark seinfeld left behind on new sitcoms was unbelievable. now i cant get enough of it, i just recently got my hands on the first season
  • I saw all the 182 episodes of the show, and I remember almost all of them. How is that possible? Easy, it's simply the best.

    This show had a lot of impact in me. Since Mounty Python I don't remember any other show that influence so much other comediants. Seinfeld is not just funny, but different and smart.

    Seinfeld, George, Kramer and Elaine: How can they be so funny... a mixed of good acting with good script and it's done.

    I saw lot of show's like Friends, Cheers, or Frasier... off course these show's are funny... but these show's end up being very similiar in the type of history constrution they use to make us smile. Seinfeld is diferent, more complex, more elaborated, more interesting. 9 seasons, 182 episodes, a lot of imagination, and a lot of fun, make this the best show I ever saw.
  • Simply put, best show ever!

    I must say, this is the funniest show ever! You must see it. Stop reading and go watch it!
    It's got a great storyline in every episode. It's just amazing! Each and every one of them funny. My favorite character is Kramer. There is George, who is always unlucky. Elaine, who is always pretty lucky and good-looking. Jerry, the main character. And Kramer, who is my fav. and is the funniest character ever!
    The scenes are perfect and the tansitions are great. The little tunes between scenes are just right.
    The voice acting is great. It's always perfect. I'm not sure how he does it.
    And you can just watch these over and over again. It's fantastic!
    So please! Pease! Watch this if you havn't, or else your missing out!
  • I think that this show is pretty funny But I wouldn't watch it all the time.

    Well I watch it if there is nothing else on and if some of my family watches it.

    I think that some of the jokes can be funny but others are just over the top.

    I also think that most of the cast is funny. My fave characters are:

    the other cast members are still pretty funny but not my favorite.

    I think that they should have kept seinfeld going But since they didn't, They still show classic episodes.

    This show can Make me laugh, But it is not the funniest show I have ever seen.

    In closing if you like to have a laugh once in a while I reccomend you watch it on channel 45 or 44.
  • The show Seinfeld was unique in that it violated several conventions in mainstream television. The show "about nothing" became the first television series widely described as postmodern.

    Among these violations is the isolating of characters from the actors playing them, and separating the characters world from the actors and audience's world, was a story arc that concerned the characters roles in promoting a television sitcom series named Jerry. Jerry was much like Seinfeld in that Seinfeld played himself, and that the show was "about nothing". The entangled character and actor relationships was a part of the show's complex appeal. Whereas situation comedies often dilute their cast, adding and removing characters in search of new plot possibilities, Seinfeld instead creates new configurations of the same limited cast to keep the viewer and the characters linked. Another attribute that makes Seinfeld exceptional is that in almost every episode, several stories are presented at the beginning, generally involving the various characters in separate and unrelated situations, which then converge and are interwoven towards the end of the episode in an ironic fashion.
  • Funniest Show Ever!

    Seinfeld is an American television situation comedy set in New York City that ran from July 5, 1989, to May 14, 1998.

    The sitcom was one of the most popular TV programs of the 1990s, and many of its catchphrases entered into the pop culture lexicon. The show was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld. It stars Jerry Seinfeld playing "Jerry Seinfeld", a character named after and based largely on himself, and is set predominantly in an apartment block on Manhattan's Upper West Side. It features mainly Jerry's friends and acquaintances, including George Costanza (Jason Alexander), Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards). It was produced by Castle-Rock Entertainment (then helmed by director-actor-producer Rob Reiner) and distributed by Columbia Pictures Television and Columbia TriStar Television (now Sony Pictures Television).

    In 2002, TV Guide released a list of the top 50 greatest shows of all time and ranked Seinfeld #1[1]. It is considered to be a series that was highly influential to '90s popular culture and was ranked #1 on E!'s 2004 countdown of 101 Reasons the 90s Ruled.
  • Screwball comedy about nada . . .

    George, Kramer, Elaine and Jerry. Four characters with a lot of perosnality. Even though the episodes were delivered in small vignettes, we got a lot of details about them even when they weren't speaking. I have favorite episodes and scenes for each of these characters (although George Costanza was my favorite overall). Here are my favorite scenes for each character:
    Elaine "he took [ blows on glasses ]it out" (Elaine after her date w/ Jerry's friend), George "of course I'm not Carthright" (waiting in lobby for a call at a Chinese restaurant), Kramer "And feel the gonorrhoea they will" (Kramer playing a patient in med school), Jerry,"give me the insurance, cuz I'm gonna beat the hell out of that car" (Jerry at the counter of a rental car store).
  • Do not like this show.

    I am sorry but this TV show does not appeal to me because I find that the people in the TV show says stuff that are not true. Most TV shows are great and I know that South Park says stuff that aren\'t true but in a cool way. Seinfeld does not. I wish my family would not like Seinfeld. I am sorry but that\'s what I think of the TV show Seinfeld.
  • lol, wut a brilliant idea - a show about nothing.

    This show, being about nothing is frikin hilarious! Im amazed they cancelled it after only about 10 seasons. They probably could have gone on a bit longer into the 2000's, or at least 1999. My favourite character is probably Kramer, or George. Elaine's pretty funny, and Jerry's hilarious, but George is a cheap loser, and Kramer does hilarious things like building steps in his apartment, or "levels" as he likes to call them when telling Jerry. This show is amazing. I think they could've gone on much longer, like I said before because their ideas were not dwindling as the show aged, they still made me laugh even the one before the last episode of the series made me laugh hard.
  • The stiory of four morraly inept friends.

    This show, is, in a nut shell, an original masterpiece. Every minute of it is chalked full of wise cracks, sarcasm and puns (or where these not there?). Each of the characters contribute something new to the show, and while being basically the same are each just different enough to be interesting. Jerry, very funny, and needs to drive away any girl because of one of their flaws, no matter how slight, is the protagonist of the series. George his best friend is out of luck, unattractive and prone to getting into very unique situations. Kramer, Kramer is odd, there is no other way to describe him. Not only does he have an odd appearance, but also scary habits, like his tendency to violently bang open Jerry’s door. Lastly Elaine, who while being the least odd of the foursome, but just as prone to finding herself in absurd jams as the rest.
  • The best show ever with no plot.

    Great comedy! The show stars comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who is you're avarage New Yorker. The show seems normal until I start talking about the 3 other main characters. Across the hallway lives the quite odd man named Cosmo Kramer. (who is my favroite character) He's unemployed, and well, there really isn't much else to say about. George Castansa is a man who used to live with his parents until the second hlf of the seris with the episode called the oppisite. He know works with the New York Yankees, and has his own place. Elaine Benis is the only main female character in the show. Her and Jerry used to date, but it didn't work out, and now there just freinds. She's pretty normal, not as normal as Jerry, but far more normal then Kramer. The only other character that appears in the show a bit is Newman. Jerry's enemy and Kramer's freind. He's a mailman. This is a great show, and very funny. Now Seinfeld fans, tell you're freinds that: Flats_flounder has spoken.
  • During my first week of watching Seinfeld, I was laughing at quite of few funny parts on the show. I've only been watching this show for about a month, and I'm already beginning to like it. I've heard that Seinfeld has been a very popular TV show.

    I'm really beginning to like Seinfeld. I've only been watching the show for about a month and I'm already starting to enjoy it. So far, I think that Kramer and George are the show's funniest characters. A lot of the stuff they say and do just makes me laugh. I think Kramer really needs a haircut. I laugh when he shouts and when he suddenly barges into the room. It's like he's quickly sliding in every time he visits Jerry. George's yelling also makes me laugh. Anyway, aside from the characters, I know that the show ended in it's 9th season. I'm just a little disappointed, but I still dig the show so far. My main goal is to see all the other episodes. I hope to accomplish that goal. Seinfeld is, so far, a funny show to me, and I will continue to watch it in the future.
  • Nothing never felt so good.

    Before i start, I would like to say that I am 15 so i never caught any episodes while it was on the air. Okay, what can I say about "Seinfeld" that hasn't already been said? Not only is it one of the funniest shows of all time, but few shows have been able to compare itself to it. The wacky situations, memerable characters, and great use of "nothing" made this show a cultural phenomenon. "Seinfeld" literaly set the bar for modern sitcoms.

    Like i said, only a few shows are worthy enough to be compared with this golden masterpiece. Curb Your Enthusiasm is one (mainly because Larry David is the star and writer). It's always sunny in Philidelphia, and Arrested Development are also up there. Last Word, If you don't laugh at least half of the show, you need to do this world a favor and jump in front of a semi and rid of of your cold humorless heart (not really).
  • This show is one of my favorites. God it's so funny and so random. I love random comedy or comedy that's sometimes hard to understand. When you get the joke it just seems like one of the funniest things in the world. Kramer is the greatest comedian ever!!

    This show is one of my favorites. God it's so funny and so random. I love random comedy or comedy that's sometimes hard to understand. When you get the joke it just seems like one of the funniest things in the world. Kramer is the greatest comedian ever!! If random had a name I think it would ring Seinfeld how can you hate this show. It's not only funny, but it really puts problems in reall life and well usually exaggerates them, but still this show has go to be one of the funiest sitcoms ever made. And it all started with a comedian by the name of Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Insanely funny.

    A really funny show, seinfeld scored a winner here. it's sad that the show ended after 5 years but it was a fun 5 years. each episode promised laughs, hilarious plotlines and uncontrolled silliness. it's all about the comical outlook on life. this is what a comedy should be, funny and about nothing else. it's nice to have a laugh once and awhile, watching seinfeld helps you laugh. the 4 main characters plus wayne knight are a perfect ensemble, i really love this show. the seinfeld stand ups in the show are a nice addition, overall i give this show 2 thumbs up.
  • This show is practically about nothing.

    This show is a cool show. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it is kind of boring. This show is about nothing and yet it is funny but, not better than That 70's Show. This show is a somewhat funny. Cosmo Kramer is the funniest in the way that he is. He is very hyper like. I sometimes wonder if he was born like that or acting. If he's acting he does a really good job of it. If he's not then I understand. If I had to rate this show from 1 to 10 it would be to me an 8. Maybe a 9. This show is cool but my favorite actress is not in this show. (Laura Prepon) So this show is pretty cool.

    P.S. Laura Prepon and
    That 70's Show Rules!!!
  • Four neurotic New Yorkers get themselves into crazy situations that almost always backfire.

    Seinfeld is absolutley positively brilliant.Whoever thought up these wacky off the wall characters deserves more praise than the pope.In each amazingly funny episode of Seinfeld they stretch one topic as far as they can and it will connect to every situation that arises in that particular episode.That my friends is pure intelligence and great writing.The characters are among the best in T.V history the highlights though are kramer and George.Eac seinfeld episode is a joy to watch.Watch it long enough and you'll be using Seinfeld inside jokes in your own conversations.From man hands,to the big salad,to shaving with butter Seinfeld is the greatest show in television history period.
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