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  • Pure Crap!!! The most over rated show in the world.

    This is by far the most overrated, most horribly written, most uncomfortable show in the universe. It is so overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated overrated!!!
  • A nothing show about nothing.

    This show has got to be the most overrated sitcoms of all time. The characters seem more whiny than quirky. Seinfeld at best is a 2nd rate comic. Why is it the average Seinfeld fan is shocked to learn that there a whole country outside of New York City? I nauseated hearing by critics who rate this show among the best sitcoms of all time. Please!!
  • What is the fuss about this show?

    I don't understand why people love this show so much, too me this is boring as hell. Maybe if you're a white guy and you were born in U.S.A. you'll like it but if you're latino like me you'll find this show boring. Watch Chappelle, it is much better than this show.
  • What Is This Show Supposed To Be About?

    What is this show even supposed to be about? This show pretty much says that the newer situation comedies are going downhill very fast. It is so dumb and they even admit that it is a show about nothing. And people say that it is the best show ever, but there are many other shows that are better than this one, and it sets a new tradition for boring TV shows that the people star themselves in, just like Will Smith does all the time, and that theme song is just one of many that really get on your nerves.
  • A really rather bad, unoriginal, show...

    I was really looking forward to seeing Seinfeld for the first time after seeing how popular it is. However, it was just awful. I couldn't get over how awful it was for a good hour after I saw it. It's your basic (very unoriginal) sitcom. That however isn't normally a problem with comedies providing they're still funny. Seinfeld however, is not. Not at all funny in the slightest, it's just cheap American humour. So in short you are left with a cheesy, cheap, unfunny, unoriginal show. How can stuff like this get so popular? The only funny thing about the entire show, is Jerry Seinfeld's voice.
  • A completely stupid show.

    This show was a complete waste of time with a bunch of talentless actors. I honestly dont know why this show was such a hit. I tried several times to sit down and watch it, but everytime i did I would get bored, change the channel or be absolutely disgusted with it. And Jerry Seinfelf isn't funny at all, I dont know what the big deal was. What a waste of air time. Glad its over and hope nothing like it ever comes along again.
  • this show is SO DUMB that i was so excited when it was cancelled or whatever. but i hate that the tv people brought the dumb show back. it seems to be on all the time. i had hoped i never had to see it again. sigh disappointing,

    this show is SO DUMB that i was so excited when it was cancelled or whatever. but i hate that the tv people brought the dumb show back. it seems to be on all the time. i had hoped i had never had to see it again. sigh so disappointing,
  • If you look up pointless in the dictionary, "Seinfeld" would appear.

    I never watched this show, and I never will watch the reruns. Who cares? It is one of the most pointless, dumb shows ever created by mortal man. I'm sorry, but Jerry Seinfeld should never come back, nor should anyone else on that show. I never understood what all the fuss was about, and I won't even pretned to be interested.

    I don't get it. Why is this popular?
  • A show about nothing.

    Containing a cast of four main characters with absolutely NO redeeming qualities. I know I am in the minority with this one, but I hated this show.
    I did give it several tries because I thought I had to be missing something, but as the hype said, there was "nothing" to miss.
    It was not funny; to me. And the characters were completely unlikable; to me. To this day I can not stand Jason Alexander or Julia Louis Dreyfus and I just assume everything they have done before or since contains equal nothingness. I did see one broadcast of a Jerry Seinfeld stand-up routine and it was mildly funny. I did not feel like the stand-up had stolen 30 minutes from my life as I did every time I watched the Seinfeld show.
    I bow to those millions who did watch and enjoyed it: you obviously saw something I did not, and hey, thats what its all about...
  • A boring show

    Well I Managed to live through to watch three seasons of this horrible tv show filled with stupid haircuts and babling morons. This show was way over-rated and should never had existed. The only good thing about this show was that it gave people a reason to never watch tv and get excersize. This Was so stupid in the first episode i ever watched but i wanted to give it a chance so i watched three whole seasons and this show just got worse. I am a television/movie reviewer for my local paper and after watching three seasons of this show i was scarred for life. I have seen several bad shows in my time but this one takes the cake! It is horrible.
  • Hate, hate, hate this show.

    This show just doesn't appeal to me at all. From the episodes I've seen, this show "about ntohing" is worth just about nothing. Every character is unlikable- maybe it's just me, but this show alsways seems boring. I can't remember one time I've laughed at any of the show's antics- discomfort is the closest I've gotten. Thank god this show is no longer on the air. Hopefully, the rereuns will die down and the show can finally reach extinction. Please, please let that happen. If you want a show about friends in the city, stick to an actual good one: Friends.

    Oh, and I would rate this show 0, if the rating thing would let me.
  • Seinfeld= Stupid

    This show sholdn't be named Seinfeld, it should be named Stupid, because I can never understand this show, it absolutely makes no sense at all, and the audience watching the show laughs at every single thing on this show, I can't watch one minute of this so called sitcom without hearing the audience laughing, but in my opinion, its not funny at all. I don't like this show one bit and if this were the last show on this planet to watch, I won't even bother with TV anymore until all the other shows return. If you like this show then good for you, if you haven't heard of it yet, don't even think of bothering to watch this insipid nonsense.
  • Terrible...just plain terrible!

    If you have not already watched this show, take my advice.

    D O N O T W A T C H I T E V E R !!!!

    Do people think this is actually funny. I think I saw one mildly funny episode. What are the people writing this thinking????

    Also, Jerry Seinfeld is not a funny comedian. His jokes are horrific! Everyone\\\'s like \\\"oh, but he has such good delivery\\\"!! he is terrible!

    Boring, whiney, boring, whiney, boring, whiney....can\\\'t say it enough.

    George gets on my nerves...Krammer tries to be funny and isn\\\'t...Jerry...already explained him...and whatever that woman\\\'s name is...she drives me crazy.

    By the way, soup nazi was really really stupid!
  • Boring, whiney people sitting around complaining.

    Sorry, I'm one of those who just doesn't think this show is funny. Why do I need to waste time listening to a bunch of complainers talk about ordinary, boring life? They never DO anything. They never learn anything. Their characters never develop. I want to scream at them, "Get a life, you morons!"

    Please, please, get it off my television.
  • Gay

    What I want to know is why every body likes this show. its horrible. the stand up comedy that sienfeld does at the beginning doesn't make any sense. Sienfelds not funny. that one gay dude (kramer I think is his name) isnt funny. The fat guy isnt funny. The girl isnt funny.None Of Them Are Funny!!!!! This is one of the mst retarded shows I have ever watched. If you like this show, you desperatly need a life. if you say this show never gets old or boring(like vc152007) youre wrong. this show got old and boring on the first episode. I'm givin this show credit by givin it a 1 on the review. the only word for this show is GAY!
  • I D O N T R E A L L Y W A T C H T H I S S H O W I J U S T W R O T E A R E V I E W A B O U T I T .

    I J U S T G E T B O R E D W A T C H I N G I T . I \\\' M A F R I E N D S F A N S O M A Y BE I M J U S T B I A S T O O T H E R S H O W S L I K E T H IS B U T S I N C E I F I R S T W A T C H E D F R I E N D S I C O U L D N \\\'T C O M P A R E I T T O A N Y T H I N G A N D I D O N T T H I N K A N Y S H O W S C A N T O P T H E M .
  • Crapfest

    ITs just crap. A complete waste of crapiful time. This crap needs to be kicked of the air. Its not and I never even laughed when it came on, because well its just crap. Crap crap crap crap thats all I think of when I see dis show. Man is it bad. Did I forget to say its crap!?
  • Do not like this show.

    I am sorry but this TV show does not appeal to me because I find that the people in the TV show says stuff that are not true. Most TV shows are great and I know that South Park says stuff that aren\'t true but in a cool way. Seinfeld does not. I wish my family would not like Seinfeld. I am sorry but that\'s what I think of the TV show Seinfeld.
  • I thought it sucked

    I didnt find it funny at all, I thought Kramer was annoying and Seinfeld could possibly be the worst comedian in the history of comedians. His voice, routine, and material all sucks. He should be ashamed of himself and should never show his face in public again. Boo Senifeld Boo Him.
  • Could have been done so much better. Read Review :S...or Don't if you're attached a lot to this show

    Maybe It just was a big deal in it's own time (outdated), maybe it's just NewYork's humor, but I find this show to be absolutely rediculous.

    Let me say that I'm speaking for all 9 seasons in general, I loved this show from season 1 till season 3 (well...half of season 3), I started to notice how pretentious this show was in "the pilot", where they started to commercialize and advertise themselves in the show itself..First I thought "well, it's a new idea, could be good" then came the "audition scene" where they make the audition performers read the lines of the characters (George, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer) of previous episodes and they laugh at it themselves, I mean could this be anymore pathetic and frivolous?!?! And I don't know how no one payed attention to this scene (even diehard fans)

    Then came season 6,7,8,9 where the odds of the storylines mesh together are cartoonish. Nonetheless, it's a very influential show, it is definitely better than most programs nowadays.
  • I never got this show, I always thought Seinfield himself was funny as a standup comic but the show was so insipid I could never bring myself to sit through an entire episode. Now that it's in reruns it's even worse, I find it like fingernails on a

    Maybe Seinfield's a guy thing, my husband thinks it's great but for me a show that's basically about nothing just doesn't get it for me. Maybe if there had been a few more characters I could connect to, relate to I'd get it but how does one relate to these characters? maybe if Elaine's character had been, I don't know more sympathetic I could get it, but everytime I tuned in or have the misfortune of having to sit through an episode because my husband's watching the show is about some stupid bet or scheme and I rarely find the scenes or jokes funny, because it's all too obvious. I guess I need a more intellectually stimulating and unique show
  • Best Series ever, I Don't think so!

    I have sat down and watched several episodes of 'Seinfeld ' in an effort to figure out how the public could vote them as " The Best TV Show Ever" & ahead of true classics such as " I Love Lucy " & " Texaco Star Theatre " and many other classic shows from TV's golden age and to this day am at a loss.

    When they call this a show about nothing, they weren't kidding as this show had nothing to offer. How the public allowed to get by the first 13 episodes leaves me clueless as I found it to be boring and have actually found myself asleep while watching it. Rather then taking a sleeping pill in the future, I'll just down and watch a couple episodes of 'Seinfeld' instead.
  • Why is this considered classic, or even decent?

    I do not get at all why people like this show or even find it funny. The only decent actors in it are Michael Richards and Jason Alexander. Jerry is just annoying, and the only thing worse than his acting is his stand-up routines during the show.

    The jokes are pathetic. For every mildly amusing joke there are about 20 that are failures.

    The show is about nothing, I get it, so what? Is that any reason for lazy writing and acting, being so original that it's about NOTHING!

    I was so annoyed when I heard some writer for a newspaper claiming that this was the best comedy series EVER! How many shows has the guy seen? 2, 3? I bet he was kicking himself after the guy watched "Blackadder" and "Fawlty Towers" right after making that idiotic statement.

    I don't care if you think this show is funny, or decent. Just don't call it one of the greatest TV shows ever or a classic.
  • I hate this show for one reason....Elaine.

    Elaine ruins this show for me. She's horrible. I can't stand her whiny tone and her constant complaining.

    Atleast when Jerry complains he does it in a funny way. Elaine complains and it is just annoying. She ruins the show.

    Get rid of Elaine and I would probably love this show. But with her its so hard to watch.
  • Although somewhat overrated, \"Seinfeld\" was, nevertheless, fairly original. Premise was to depict life\'s trivialities, but also to trivialize some of life\'s bigger issues. Multiple and implausible plots, often inter-connected, providing lots of farce

    Watched it only recently, curious about all the praise heaped on it. It\'s okay at times, but not worth quite all the fuss.

    Like most shows some episodes are very well written, but there\'s also quite a lot of duds. It pretty much subverts the traditional sitcom, with lots of off-the-wall gags and deliberately hammy acting. Quite a bit of self-parody, with characters portrayed as ever more self-centered, and I kind of get the impression that the producers themselves could never really understand why the show was so popular. At times it\'s as if the writers are attempting to sabotage things, trying to alienate the viewers by making the characters so unlikeable.

    Things I like: the silly gags and trivial observations that have nothing to do with the plot; Kramer\'s physical antics; the theme music; Jerry Seinfeld corny \"acting\"; constant references to previous episodes, and references to the show itself, as exemplified by the episodes that focus on Jerry and George\'s attempts to get NBC to make a \"show about nothing\"; the stand-off between Jerry and Newman. All these things make me smile a bit, but never belly-laugh.

    Things I don\'t like: George, he\'s awful (even though he\'s supposed to be); the bits of conversation that are repeated back and forth between the characters when one or other of them is incredulous at what he/she has just been told, it\'s all just too annoying; Jerry\'s opening stand-up routines, they were never funny and his nasal whining tends to make me cringe.

  • Most overrated show in existence

    Seriously? A show about nothing?
    this is probably the most overrated show ever except for maybe lost. I don't get how watching this show is interesting at all. Where's the humour? Maybe I'm just missing the point of the show but it seems to be exactly like its description - a show about nothing. What compels someone to watch a show about nothing? It's not funny, it's actually extremely boring, and how anyone could rate this show as a ten is beyonde me. The jokes aren't clever at all, the characters themselves are very dull. The only reason I haven't rated this show a one is because it is remotely than some other shows. I also dislike how none of the episodes tie in together. It makes it impossible to follow any sort of plot throughout the seasons.

  • I applogize with all my soul, but this show is just plain overrated.

    Seriously, what is the big hype with this show? It's really not funny. The only times I ever find an laughs in this show is Kramer occasional comical body movements, but even that's rare. Most of the time the characters are just randomly talking and anything said with any emphesis the studio audience laughs. Also the show is completely heartless, as the show is cold and every character has absolutly no morals and are just plain mean-spirited. I know I'm gonna get like a million thumbs down, but I don't care. This is the second most overrated show of all-time, just behind Three's Company.
  • Excellent writting, laughable commedy but bad actors especially Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elane)

    I Loved the show but was just hopping the actors would mature with every season (which did not happen). Julia Louis-Dreyfus\' potrayal of Elane could not be more worse (must say abysmal).

    Michael Richards was excellant as Kramer and Seinfeld does a good job though he is not a good actor. No one could have played George Costanza better than Jason Alexander. But Julia Louis-Dreyfos was a big let down. When ever I see seinfeld (I have DVD of most of the seasons), I just wish Julia Louis-Dreyfos was not there.

    But honestly it is worth watching once. Guaranteed to make you laugh
  • I can watch an entire episode without cracking a smile.

    I'm sorry, but I just don't get this show. I've tried on several occasions to get into it, and I just can't. The characters are annoying (Seinfeld himself makes me want to wretch), and the comedy just doesn't make sense to me.

    The show starts with the little monologues, which generally aren't very funny at all, and then the episode that follows seems to lack comedy. The show seems to be populated with a bunch of inside jokes, and aside from the "Soup Nazi" episode, I just don't get any of them. This show is so popular, and I'm not quite sure why. Maybe it's a generational thing, and I'm just too young to appreciate it.

    I see that the show is highly rated, and it does insanely well in syndication, but I can't get on board with this. If you want a good sitcom show watch Friends and you'll be howling with laughter in minutes.
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