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  • Pretty much the only non-Saturday-morning-cartoon show I've ever watched religiously. Fifteen years after it debuted, it's still probably the funniest, most inspired comedy show on television.

    Confession: I only got into Seinfeld maybe a couple of years ago. So I'm seriously late to the party. The show first caught my attention due to the outrage over its finale episode--in which, amazingly, the entire cast gets shut away in prison. Even though everyone seemed to complain, that was the moment I realized I must have just missed out on something remarkable.

    I was right. Watching all the reruns five or ten times over these past few years, I'm amazed at how incredible practically every episode of this show is. It gives you a feeling that you're in on the greatest inside joke of all time...something about the interactions between the cast just draw you right in, making you feel like you "totally get it" just like they do. One of the benefits of hindsight on this show is that it becomes clear how strong the chemistry must have been between the members of this cast--talk about a team effort. Seinfeld is far, far greater than the sum of its parts, as evidenced by the fact that none of its stars has ever done anything anywhere near as great as this show. And that's not really meant as a criticism of the cast's other work--the point is, Seinfeld is a near-impossible act to follow.

    There are too many good moments and episodes to mention. I don't necessarily think the most-popular favorites like the Contest and the Soup Nazi are the show's greatest moments. It's more the smaller stuff, how Seinfeld got away with some seriously politically incorrect stuff by broaching it with breezy disregard.

    Sometimes I think the world has gone completely insane. Then I watch Seinfeld at 11:00pm and I feel better about it. Simple as that.
  • 10
    This was truly one of the best shows to ever air on American television. Every epsiode can be classifies as a true classic. Even now 11 years after it went off the air you can still watch any episode and have it be just as relevant and groundbreaking today as it was when the show first premiered. The cast just meshed together so well and had a chemistry that is rarely seen. Not only where the main characters perfectly suited for the show, but so were the guest appearances. The only regret is that they show ended before its time was up.
  • Instant classic.

    Seinfeld is what it is, and those who find it boring must find their own lives incredibly so. This show isn't reality for sure, it's almost a parody of reality that really makes you think about the little things like the odd quirks people have, relationship dynamics, and habits that never really die.

    Seinfeld is a show where four not-very-likable characters get themselves into difficult situations, usually dragging along a cohort or two. There is very little action, and nearly all the comedy is either subtle or slapstick. None of the cheap shots or frat boy humor you see in the lazy comedies and sitcoms of today. To be clear - Seinfeld was only around when I was a child, it really isn't a contemporary show for me. I didn't start watching it until I was old enough to appreciated the layers of comedy that Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David built for each character. Now I look back on it fondly as I avoid already dried up newcomers like 2 Broke Girls and Whitney.

    So, if you enjoy everyday hilarity, memorable lines and well-developed characters with real flaws and nearly real lives, Seinfeld is probably for you.
  • Seinfeld - The Greatest Show Ever Made.

    Seinfeld is the best show ever, and I'm not saying that because it really funny but because its pure pleasure, well at least for me. And i mean the talks in the restaurant they go to its just pleasure for me seeing that, it pretty relaxing with a lot of chuckles along the way.

    Seinfeld is indeed a phenomenon of American comedy. Before Seinfeld it was unsure if American could come out with anything short of a predictable and broad sit-coms. Then came Seinfeld and from it other brilliant American comedies such as, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Scrubs...etc. (Not to say that America still doesn't churn out the one dimensional sit-coms.)
  • Just watch it.

    A must see. The first few seasons were good but not great, after that the show really came into its own. Able to attach hillarity to any subject, yes even to nothing, this show is one of the best to ever hit the television. I must recommend this to any and all. Just give it a few tries if you don't like it at first, for you may be catching one of the rare decent shows instead of the usual memorable ones. This is a show that defined the 90's, and must be seen by all.

    My final review: Seinfeld is the master of its domain.
  • Show about Nothing is best Show ever to air on television

    The best sitcom of 90's and arguably the best show ever too,the show is an inspiration for Friends and How I Met Your Mother with regard to the plots and Characters of the show,but it will win against these two on any count as the mentioned shows had tendency to get serious in it's few episodes and at average will give you 2-3 Minutes of seriousness in their lot of episodes because of the dedication to the Characters and continuing plots about relationships of main cast,but Seinfeld on contrary gave full value to our time and there was not even a second of wasted time on the television and neither there was any sort of seriousness in any of it's episodes as the characters will almost always behave in a comedic way because it is "comedy" we do not watch it for tears and drama we watch it to laugh about it and that is what it gave us. The show is still better than most of the sitcoms on air these days as most of them will be telling vulgar and cheap jokes but Seinfeld given that was cheeky was no Vulgar and had most of the time very clean and family friendly comedy. The show is must watch for everyone and those who haven't watched it they are really missing some great comedy I declare it The Godfather(Movie) and New York Yankees of all Sitcoms.
  • A true classic

    This show could've have gone for a few more seasons it is sad that it ended prematurely. Is a classic I don't think that the cast (Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards and Jerry Seinfeld) can ever do better than this show if they do I will be surprise. The writing was superb and really top notch I wish they bring it back.
  • A comedy about nothing seems to be an amazing one.

    Seinfeld is one of those shows you can watch every night on fox five and still get a laugh each time. The show ended years ago, but still my family watches it on tv every day. The cast is great and everyone as great personality. Each of their actions seems to represent themselves as characters. There is always something wrong or something stupid going around with the center plot. What makes the shows so funny is how stupid some of the character's actions are. Of all the characters my favorite is Kramer. Everyone loves the way he bursts through Jerry's door randomly.
  • best... show... ever?1?

    What's not to like about this show? The humor, acting and plot (oh wait, what plot? it's a show about nothing!!! ha ha ha) are great. Plus, it's influence on modern sitcoms is undeniable (yet most sitcoms nowadays suck!). Good ones (episodes) include: Soup Nazi (no soup for u!!!!), The Puffy Shirt (second favorite), The Barber, The Big Salad, The Secret Code... actually, all of the episodes are great these few are some of my favs. Too bad this show doesn't have any more new episodes. Oh well. We have the DVDs at home, which is as satisfying as new episodes. OK. Bye for now.
  • Simple

    Simply the best TV show that was ever aired, no other show has ever out done it!!!!!!
  • Best comedy show ever!!

    I miss you guys. My favorite show. Could pass 20 more years and I still watch your show!!
  • Classic

    Not a lot of words you can say about this show except for classic. Costanza could be one of the greatest characters in the history of television. All lines from him were hilarious. Good show!
  • @Gergroy1 Dont blame the show for your inability to understand it. It's the greatest sitcom of all times, by far. You just gotta have a sense of humor of yourself to understand it. And Seinfeld is not about nothing, it's about everything.

    @Gergroy1 Dont blame the show for your inability to understand it. It's the greatest sitcom of all times, by far. The thing is that you gotta have a sense of humor yourself to understand what's funny about Seinfeld. It certainly isn't the type of humor that's cheap, forced and that "plays safe" so that may be a problem for some. However, the fact that the Seinfeld's witty type of humor moves boundaries and actually makes you turn your brain on while watching is highly appreciated by the rest of us. Furthermore, Seinfeld definitely has a storyline, it just isn't the most important part of the show. Characters and situations are.
    The bottom line is: yeah, Seinfeld outsmarts some people but dont hate on it just because of that. And one more thing: it's not show about nothing it's about everything which actually says it all.
  • Brilliant.

    In my opinion this is the best sitcom of all time. The sitcoms today can't even compete with this. The acting is excellent, the writing is funny, and the stories are interesting. Yes, I do sometimes see plotholes in the episodes but this is a show that isn't meant to be analyzed. If you are a person who cares deeply for realism and depth, then this isn't the show for you. The episodes have their own stories and the seasons do not follow the same storyline. Moreover, you shouldn't care deeply for the characters. This is a show that you watch leisurely and simply to laugh, not because you want to find out how it's going to end.
  • Absolutely one of the best!

    Seinfeld is a hilarious comedy sitcom! It is based on four people who live in New York City. They all deal with their own personal problems, but here is the catch, they are all bizarre! Let me just give you a few, cockfighting, dying from licking an invitation, sleeping at work under a desk. The creators / writers are Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David a great comedy team. Seinfeld (at least to me) will always be a classic. It has great story lines, ideas, humor within it, it has to be one of my top 5 favorite shows of all time!!!
  • Classic

    Even though it was a show technically about nothing, the comedic appeal and the fantastic cast won me over. Love the humor pretty much everything about it - so glad I got to watch this one. It will warm the hearts of all.
  • Laugh over and over again

    I know a show's good when I can watch it over and over again and enjoy it. So clever, so good!
  • best show ever made !

    seinfeld is the best show ever made , smart and funny , wonderful written , perfect actors , this is the best comedy group ever , every episode is funny .
  • best sitcom ever made

    seinfeld is the best sitcom ever made , its a classic , an influence to shows like friends or how i met your mother , my seasons ranking :

    season 8

    season 9

    season 5

    season 6

    season 4

    season 7

    season 3

    season 2

    season 1
  • Funny Show

    But why do they seem to focus on the last 3 seasons for reruns??? Also why are the episodes always out of order?
  • The Best Show

    I like some of the of the things they do on this show. Jerry Seinfeld is a great actor as well as a great comedian.
  • My Favorite Show of All Time, PS if you don't like this show you don't know what "comedy" even means and you like stupid shows like The Jersey Shore

    I think the title pretty much says it all.
  • Seinfeld is easily one of the best shows ever!

    Frank Costanza has to be one of my favorite characters ever, George and Kramer being up there as well. My ulterior motive for posting here is to post a link to a video I made dedicated to Seinfeld and Skateboarding. I call it, Seinfeld Skateboarding!
  • Seinfeld will be dearly missed.

    It's almost impossible to find a sitcom of the caliber of Seinfeld - especially one that has run for such a long time. The number of classic moments, the synergy between the characters/actors, and the cynicism aren't elements that come together often. Even the reruns are pretty re-watchable. Seinfeld is missed by many.
  • The funniest and wittiest and best TV show in history!

    It's no surprise Seinfeld has been repeatedly rated as the #1 TV show in the history of television. I can't imagine anything that is better than Seinfeld. There are many excellent TV shows, but Seinfeld is in a category of its own, all-time best comedy.
  • One of the best shows

    This show had it all. It was funny, the plots were amazing, the characters were lovable, hilarious and great. Kramer was so funny and I loved the way he acted. I loved how all the characters fought, some of the fight scenes were very funny. Every time they listen to Kramer, something bad happens. I love how George ate an Eclair from the garbage, and for Vandelay Industries, when Kramer was on the phone, he ran out of the bathroom with his pants down. Very funny. Jerry is hilarious also, he's the only normal one of the group. I love many of the things that he said. Elaine is funny also. When she fought Jerry and when she threw George's toupee out the window, saying that she doesn't like the hair piece. And Newman, very funny. When Jerry chased Newman up the stairs and how they greet each other. I love this show. It was the best.
  • A Review About Nothing

    An iconic milestone for sitcoms I believe. This is one show, one show where I still have yet to tire of the repeats. It just has that relatable, urban contemporary pull (I'm from New York myself so).

    There are 4 basic characters and interestingly they're usually more portrayed as inner city antagonism (especially George) instead of what typical comes to typical. Subjects about everyday life and dating without marital bonding (aside from one occasion that George wanted to escape from, ending in a moment where black comedy is at its blackest in sitcoms).

    I think what amazes me about most every episode of this show are the multiple story arcs (usually 3) integrated in and with the cause, there's also some effect that returns with a punch, crossing over the other story-arcs. That to me is clever, clever story-writing and this is one of two shows where I might never get tired of seeing over and over.
  • Greatest show of all time!

    This iconic show is spectacular, period. Smart, hilarious and influential, no other comedy can compare. I do love The Office though :) The Big Bang Theory however, makes me want to shoot myself.
  • A show about nothing.

    Seinfeld is one of the funniest shows ever. Larry David is a genius. If you like Seinfeld watch Curb your Enthusiasm. =))

    This show deserves as many emmys as possible.

    It is a masterpiece.

    The best show if the 90's.

    Really funny.

    Every episode is written carefully and exceeds the laughs.

    A lot of the episodes are based on Larry David's life.

    It is funny because the things that happen could happen to you.

    Overall, it is a great show and a must-see for any tv lover.

    I recommend it and cherish it.

    I watch it everyday.

    So go watch it, it's on tv all the time. =)) =)) =)
  • Seinfeld is one of the best.

    Seinfeld is a real comedy that I love so much. There is something about this show that make you want more every time because It is just not enough for you. Every character is very funny. Seinfeld, Constanza, Elaine and Kramer are those characters that I will never forget especially Kramer. Then there is a Constanza who is my second favourite. Its humuor is special and there are many events that this show uses. Dialogues are hilarious. Seinfeld is one of the most interesting and funny shows that you will not regret watching. It created four most funny characters that I love watching.
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