Season 8 Episode 9

The Abstinence

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 1996 on NBC

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  • Great episode

    Very funny one of the best ever.
  • Wonderful Episode! George and Elaine stop having sex, Kramer opens a smoking lounge, and Jerry has career problems.

    This episode was full of great laughs. George has to stop having sex because the girl he is currently dating found out that she had mono. The next day while in Jerry’s apartment talking, he somehow knows all the answers to every question on Jeopardy. It ends up that he turns into sort of a genius. Elaine also has to quit but the no sex has a different result. Elaine turns into an idiot. It was really funny how smart that George ended up being and how stupid and easily entertained Elaine was.

    Meanwhile, Jerry gets bumped from career day for a guy with a lizard. When he is to come back the next day he doesn’t get to go on again because of a fire drill. This part was great. His agent (guest star Debra Jo Rupp) is appalled and gets him an assembly at the Jr. High. Jerry figures out that he will not have that much to talk about for two hours and since George is now a genius he could fill some time. He should have known better not to count on George because he had sex and returned to his regular dumb self. World of his sorry performance even got to Letterman who cancelled his performance.

    Also, after Kramer is kicked out to the café for smoking he discovers that he is not alone. He opens a smoker’s lounge in his apartment. The constant contact with smoke disfigures his face and teeth. He takes his case to Jackie Chiles. Kramer makes a fool out of Jackie as a lawyer once again when he settles to have his ‘rugged’ face on a billboard. What a fantastic disappointment that Kramer has turned into for Jackie, yet again. He always settles for something stupid.
  • I loved this episode!

    No seriously, this episode was awesome. Kramer's story was my least favorite, but it was funny. His face is so horrid when he smokes, wow. I was like looking away from the TV when that happened. Jerry's story was funny when he gets bumped from a Junior High and then a fire drill and then the kids end up not liking him at all. George and Elaine's storys was the funniest. George doesn't get any s*x and gets really smart, that is so funny. It is also funnier when his girlfriend said that some screwed intern made the mistake of telling her she had mono, which is Elaine's boyfriend. Elaine becomes stupid when she doesn't get s*x. Ha! So, very nice episode.