Season 4 Episode 12

The Airport

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1992 on NBC

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  • Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer all go through different encounters off and on a plane. This does the series justice and is probably the best episode ever.

    Jerry and Elaine are returning from one of Jerry's gigs in Saint Louis. George is supposed to pick them up at Kennedy airport. The two are forced to switch to a different flight, one that arrives at Laguardia. Elaine suffers a series of degradations in the coach section of the airplane, while Jerry is pampered in first class, and enjoys the company of a sexy model. George and Kramer dash from airport to airport to meet the flight, which is eventually re-routed back to Kennedy. George also has a run - in with a psychotic con and Kramer tries to track down a guy who allegedly stole money off him 20 years ago. The episode borrows from Shakespeare how different stories are indiviudally developed throughout before tying together at the end and for a sitcom having such a method is astounding. Strictly speaking; this episode doesn't have any jokes but rather many subtely funny occurences which work just as well as the "ba bum chhhh" moments usually found on the show. The actors really have to hold up the episode themselves as there're not many prominent guest stars to share the load. All four of the performances are great and each character gets to express their traits firmly although Jerry is often a little too comfortable. Jennifer Lynn Campbell stars as Jerry's fellow model passenger and Lenny Rose as Elaine's slobbish neighbour and both of them make for an effective guest star combination. Aside from the cinematic finale; this episode really exploits the show's budget the most with many scenes and detailed Airport and Airplane sets and not to mention the tonne of extras. Although it's mandatory to mention the absense of the Coffee shop and Jerry's apartment, it hardly matters. The Airport is an excellent Seinfeld installment and really progresses it from a TV show to a way of life.

    Watch for: Just why Kramer should never be allowed in an Airport again.