Season 8 Episode 10

The Andrea Doria

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 1996 on NBC

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  • Pretty good episode.

    The thing that I liked about this episode was its ridiculous relations and parody of certain aspects that real people have in their lives. I think that it was well written, well acted, and it was a good episode with decent comedy. My favorite aspects of the show had to be where George tells the apartment people all of his past troubles. It was just hilarious to see him beat out a survivor of a boat crash for the place. Elaine was funny with troubles about her date. Jerry and Kramer were also decent and it all made for a good episode. Thank you.
  • Andrea Doria

    I was not that big a fan of this episode originally, but rewatching it on TBS made me realize how good it really is. From the way the Elaine and Kramer storylines come together in the final moment with Kramer acting like Lassie, to the rehashing of some of the more notable moments involving George in the show's history.

    The George storyline here was not very Larry David-esque, like a few of the later episodes, but it was still a very funny plot for our favorite short, slow-witted character. And the man did hit it dead on, he is chinless.
  • Elaine has a big head!?

    This episode was so funny. Elaine's plot line I liked the best, that was so weird the events that were happening to her, it's like the guy was creating the weird things that were happening to Elaine, the bird that flies in to her head that was hilarious! The A plot was just as funny, George must of been really shallow not to let an old guy take his apartment, I like how he was talking about "the past". The C plot with Jerry & Newman wasn't so interesting, Jerry & Newman are better enemy's. The D didn't develop but still funny, Kramer taking dog pills, now that's comedy.
  • Great episode!

    George battles for the right of his apartment, later on he discovers that the people inside just give him other neighbor the apartment because he was a survivor of the andrea doria which was a sunk ship, and George begins to tell the misery that goes away in his life. Meanwhile, Elaine thinks that the insult that his finish date did not give her the correct insult, but begins to be mad about it. Jerry helps Newman deliver the mail, and it turns wrong, and Kramer ends up coughing and acting like a dog. Really cool episode!
  • Jerry helps deliver mail. Elaine dates a bad breaker-upper. George tries to win over an apartment and Kramer's cough makes him sound like a dog.

    This episode is hysterical. Jerry helps his enemy Newman get a transfer to Hawaii by helping deliver the mail, but it doesn't end as planned. Elaine dates a man who is a "bad breaker-upper" and gets offended when he calls her bighead. Meanwhile, George tries to win an apartment over an Andrea Doria survivor. He confesses his life story to the apartment committee and puts them to tears. Kramer has a bad cough and he sounds like a dog. He goes to the vet with the dog and uses the dog medicine. At the end, when someone asks for help, Kramer must go tell the cops and he acts just like a dog. Its a priceless moment.
  • Another one of my favorite episodes

    This ep. had some of the most random plots I've ever seen.

    George buys a new apartment that he just loves, but is disapointed when he finds out that they're giving the apartment to an Andrea Doria survivor. George is upset.

    Elaine has just started going out with a guy named Alan, but at the Old Mill resturant, he doesn't show up. It turns out he was stabbed by his ex-girlfriend. Elaine then goes ahead and eats more bread lol
    Once Alan is all better, he and Elaine finally go out on a date where they have coffee and whatever. Then, ANOTHER one of Alan's ex-girlfriends comes along and throws coffee in his face. Alan gets badly burned. What's up with Alan? He's a bad breaker-upper. So Elaine decides to break up with him. Alan's breakup excuse? He calls Elaine a "big-head" Pretty pathetic...until a bird flies right into Elaine's big head lol

    Now for Kramer's story: He has a bad cold, but doesn't want to see a doctor after they botched his visectomy. He continues to suffer until he finds a dog named Smuckers who shares the same virus. He takes him to a vet and gets medicine. This is the funny part: Kramer has to take dog pills! LMFAO! He then starts acting like a dog which is truly funny.

    Anyway, Jerry's story: He finds that his arch-nemesis Newman has been hiding mail in this self-storage. That is, until Newman learns that a mailman that got a transfer to Hawaii was fired for hoarding Victoria Secret catalogs. Newman now has a chance to get the Hawaii transfer, but it won't be easy. He's got 8 bags of mail to deliver. He needs help so he and Jerry team up. "Whatever it takes, whenever it takes as long as it takes you away from me!"
    Unfortunately, Newman's chances are shattered again after Kramer bites him on the street. Jerry has to take over the mail and does a good job...too good actually. Newman ends up not getting the transfer because too many people got mail. Jerry is fired, Newman takes off his hat and rips the mail badge off his jacket.
    "This is your jacket btw"
    "DAMN!" LOL

    To wrap the story up, Elaine goes back to talk to Alan, but he insults her again and Elaine starts stabbing him with a fork. Kramer aka Lassie runs to the cops and tells them there's trouble at the Old Mill :P

    As for George both he and the Andrea Doria Survivor fight for control of the apartment. They each tell tales of their past, and has it turns out the astonishing tales of Costanza brought tears to the landlady's eyes. Yeah, shrinkage really is sad lol

    But George still doesn't get the apartment. Alan does, all because he was stabbed twice and burned with coffee. And what does George get in return? A "chinless" insult and a trip back to his old apartment. Poor George, but what a funny episode this was!

  • Absolutely hilarious! George battles with an old man for an apartment, Elaine finds out that she has a big head, Kramer acts like a dog, and Jerry makes an alliance with Newman.

    This was a great episode. Kramer was really funny as he turned into a dog. He wouldn’t go to a real doctor about the cough he had. When he found a dog with the problem he decided that he would go to a Vet and that is where he ended up getting medicine. The part where Jerry gives him his medicine was really funny and at the end when he was acting like Lassie was great too. He did a really good job playing that role.

    Elaine is out on a blind date but she gets a message from the waiter that her date cannot make it because he had been stabbed. This attracts her to him and she decides that she must meet this guy. When a similar incident happens she finds out that he is a ‘bad breaker upper.’ When Elaine breaks up with him he tells her that she has a big head. This is funny because she brushes it off at first but it starts to bother her when a lot of freak this start to happen.

    Jerry’s part was alright, but I didn’t think it was as good as George and Kramer. Jerry helped Newman deliver some mail so he could possibly get a transfer. He didn’t get the transfer because one of his bosses knew it wasn’t him doing the work. The funny part was that he delivered mail too well. Too many people got their mail and that was how they knew it wasn’t Newman.

    The best part in this episode was George. He didn’t get the apartment across the hall because of an old man who had a sob story about being on the Andrea Doria. When George finds out that it wasn’t a huge disaster like the old man would like to think he tells is sad life to the tenants association. This was great because he told stories from old episodes that were classic. In a twist of fate the man who was the ‘bad breaker upper’ got the place, but not because of his life story but because he gave the super some cash.