Season 2 Episode 10

The Baby Shower

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 16, 1991 on NBC

Episode Recap

It starts with Jerry, George and Elaine in the coffee shop talking about Elaine's friend Leslie who is pregnant. George is still bitter that she threw a bottle of chocolate sauce on his new shirt on a date and left with someone else. Elaine asks Jerry is she can throw Leslie's baby shower in his apartment while he's out of town and he agrees.

Jerry is adjusting the reception of an old TV while Kramer is trying to persuade him to get illegal cable from a Russian immigrant which Jerry agrees to after Kramer says the Mets have 72 games on cable every year, they agree to do it while Jerry is out of town.

We see Jerry coming home and he is met by FBI agents who forced Kramer into telling them about the illegal cable. Jerry blames the Russian man who is revealed to be an agent undercover and when Jerry tries to run they shoot him repeatedly.

Jerry wakes up from the nightmare and he's on a plane going back to New York, he asks the stewardess for a drink who tells him that they're flying into a blizzard and must make an emergency landing. An old man next to him introduces himself and says that he may be the last person he ever sees.

Jerry is now in a car with George driving on the freeway, Jerry thanks him for picking him up but realises that he's just driving him back to his apartment to confront Leslie at her baby shower and George practices what he's going to say to her.

At the baby shower; Elaine's efforts to impress Leslie go unnoticed, Kramer's illegal cable friends ruin the shower by eating all the food and shouting and Jerry runs into a psychotic ex-girlfriend. George attempts to confront Leslie but she doesn't respond and "accidentally" throws a slice of cake into his shirt. Jerry tells the Russians that he doesn't want the cable and won't pay for their troubles.

The episode ends with Jerry, George and Elaine watching his TV with terrible reception and a large crack in the screen. George ponders how women control his life, Elaine is saying how she wants to meet a Kennedy and Jerry tries to justify why his ex was so mad at him. Kramer then bursts in saying he's making popcorn and about to watch a movie on cable.
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