Season 5 Episode 8

The Barber

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 1993 on NBC

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  • This Episode is original. It also experiments with sevral elements.

    This episode is fairly descent. It has it’s funny moments ( like Jerry’s horrid haircut), but also some not so good. The barbers Enzo and Gino are a little over dramatic, sort of like an Italian opera. I’m sure this was the goal. The music in the middle of the episode was even taken from an opera. The music was the experiment here, it was never used again, like the singing in the intro (from “The Note”). I liked the barber characters, mostly because I love the Italian culture. Newman was really funny in this episode. The whole trying to get Jerry’s hair and when Jerry attacks Newman. This episode also had a funny ending. A solid episode.
  • Only episode where I seriously get a kick out of George.

    As I said, this is one of the only episodes where I get a kick out of George. The fact that he is going to an office and working, when he doesn\'t have the job, is GENIUS! It\'s such a funny thing to watch. And Jerry not wanting his particular barber is a situation I am in now! I see my AWFUL hair stylist on the bus every few days, and every few days she sees that I haven\'t left my hair the way she did it, and every time I see her she glares. LOL I love this episode.
  • Bad hair day!

    Thie hair-raising episode of "Seinfeld," as Jerry drumping his barber for another one. When the old barber found out, he was enrage. Meanwhile, George went into the office acting like an employee for a firm. He spent the weeks playing litlle game with doing the Pesky file. He didn't do a damn thing. He was busy having fun in the office. what's in the pesky film? Gee I doin't know. The episode also paid homage to the film "Edward Scisssorhands." I saw the movie years ago and I like it. I probaby became a favorite film for barbers. A really cutting edge episode.
  • A hilarious episode with an opera take-off, and underrated.

    I think this is one of the most underrated episodes in all the Kingdom of Seinfeld. Whereas 'The Bubble Boy' and perhaps 'The Junior Mint' are more talked about, this one was a little more clever, a little more tongue-in-cheek than the others.

    Jerry's little facial expressions are a fundamental part of this episode. When Gino confronts his uncle Enzo that he is indeed planning on cutting Jerry's hair, the puppy-dog expression is a total classic. It was nice to see another 'acting' side of Jerry Seinfeld.

    My only quibble, and this is just a slight one, is the overdone Italian accents, but it does bode well with the fact that it's a play on The Barber Of Seville.
  • I don't think you can see a Penske truck go by and say "Penske File" without having several people chuckle knowing exactly what you are talking about.

    This episode is once again one that has so many other things going on then just the main plot "The Barber". You gotta laugh when you think about Jerry with that haircut. I love how things get so out of control everyone so afraid that the uncle will find out. The actor that plays the uncle is hysterical. Kramer at the charity auction, the bidding starts at $5.00. Elaine trying to make him sound good after the successful businessman, and Kramer with his High School Equivalency. George taking the job and typical George doing nothing for a week but moving the papers into the new folder. This is exactly what I love about this show, all of the subplots that until you watch them in reruns you don't realize it was all one episode. I remembered each plot, but not that they were in the same episode. This show was such a classic series and this was definitely one of the episodes that makes it a classic.
  • One of the best all-time.

    The Barber is in my opinion one of the best episodes of all-time. It is also one of the most funny episodes of all-time. I couldn't believe how much I laughed from this one episode. Especially at George, he is so funny in this episode. I mean, you don't know Seinfeld until you watch this episode and find out what the Pensky file is. I mean everything was so perfect in this episode. Kramer and the bachelor auction was also a very humorous part and of course Jerry and his haircut. I always thought that this episode was one of the best of all-time.
  • Good episode.

    It was a fun episode. That is basically all I can say about it. I liked many of the small things in this one, but I have to sy that the best part had to be George's storyline. It was so ridiculous that it really stole the show. I am surprised he got away with his little idea, and I am also very surprised he got the job. Jerry had problems with a barber and Kramer was involved. Elaine had problems with some guy. Overall, this was a good episode with funny moments and a funny storyline for each character. Thank you.
  • Gino Vs Enzo vs Jerry

    Enzo was an overbearing, manipulative douche bag. I hate when he suppenly appears at the barber shop, even though it's his day off, and forces Jerry into his chair.