Season 5 Episode 8

The Barber

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • You can hear someone in the audience yelling "Oh no!" when George is told Mr. Pensky is there to see him.

    • When Jerry leads Gino out to the fire escape, you can see Jerry's bike in the background not moving. In the next shot, it's swaying back and forth.

    • If I'm not mistaken, it was Jerry himself who took revenge on Newman, not his barber.

      Response: Correct, Jerry is the one who shaves off all of Newman's hair. This is shown when Jerry runs into Newman at the barber shop and grabs the electric shaver.

  • Quotes

    • Jerry: So what do you do there all day?
      George: They gave me the Pensky file.

    • Elaine: (auctioning off Kramer) He likes fruit, and uh, he just got a haircut.

    • George: I have an idea.
      Jerry: Yeah?
      George: I show up.
      Jerry: Whadya mean, you show up?
      George: I show up! I pretend I have the job. The guy's on vacation. If I have the job, it's fine. If I don't have the job, by the time he comes back I'm ensconced.
      Jerry: Hmmmmm… Not bad.

    • Enzo: (to Jerry) You tell-a the joke, I cut-a the hair.

    • Kramer: (talking to Newman on Jerry's phone) So, when are you gonna be able to go out?
      Newman: (with a shaved head) Not for a while.

    • Newman: Can I use your bathroom?
      Jerry: What's wrong with yours?
      Newman: My toilet's clogged.
      Jerry: You can't unclog it?
      Newman: No.
      Jerry: Did you ask Kramer?
      Newman: He's out.
      Jerry: Number one?
      Newman: Yes, yes. Can I go? Cause I gotta go very badly.
      Jerry: All right. Flush twice.

    • Jerry: In the one minute he worked on me, I could tell he was really good.

    • George: What's the worst thing that could happen?
      Jerry: Well, you'd be embarrassed and humiliated in front of a large group of people and have to walk out in shame with your tail between your legs.
      George: Yeah, so?

    • Jerry: I want you to have this job. Of course, sodomy is a pre-requisite.

    • George: Ta ta, Tut-tel.

    • George: In college they used to call me 'The Little Bulldog'.

    • Newman: I almost went to barber school. I always felt I had a talent for it.

    • George: Yes, I like to feel cozy. You know, I have a very small apartment. I like to feel tucked in, nestled in. Love to be nestled.

    • Kramer: I could raise enough money to cure polio.

    • George: I enjoy understanding.

    • George: Well, a lot of people consider me small and prestigious.

    • Secretary: (through intercom): Mr. Costanza, Mr. Pensky is here to see you.
      George: (nervously) Mr. Pensky? Of the Pensky file?

    • Kramer: I'd like to have shoehorn hands.

  • Notes

    • The music in the background for many of the scenes in this episode is from Rossini's opera "The Barber of Seville".

  • Allusions

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