Season 9 Episode 8

The Betrayal

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 1997 on NBC

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  • A truly original episode...

    This episode was a truly magnificent and unique piece of art. At a few moments for me it felt a bit off, but otherwise it was hilarious. Elaine's unvitation to the wedding, the love triangle was the best with Jerry sleeping with Nina, and Elaine sleeping with the groom, everything fit into place so well. Kramer also had a funny part in this episode. He starts a whole rally of wishing and unwishing, the evil eye was also really funny. I really liked how it showed Elaine drunk, and everyone took advantage of her when she always told the truth when she would get drunk. So it was a good episode, season 9 the last season... so many memories.
  • a great laugh

    This is such a great show. Really funny every week. Kramer is awsome in this episode.
  • This is exactly why Seinfeld is so loved.

    This episode is so inspired - the creators obviously were enjoying the writing and thus were able to take chances that most TV shows wouldn\'t dare. Not too many people know that they actually showed the episode forwards (ie; back to front) when it was repeated during the season that it originally debuted. And it worked just as well that way as the way we all know and love. My only gripe is with the silly idea of getting married in India (really, how many friends do you know that would actually go that far to a wedding?) but that is very minor, and in the context of this storyline, fits in nicely. Remember, Elaine had already gone to Tibet when she wanted Peterman to sign a document in an earlier episode.
    Seriously, though, the writers must have written the threads in a forward way first, and then decided, \'Hey, let\'s try this\' or \'\'let\'s have some fun with it\'. This one has more subplots than most and that is why it works when played \'backwards\'. You never know how it fits together until you see the end (beginning).
  • silly.. and unique is the way to describe this wonderful episode..

    well this episode is my all time favorite.. it is just so different.. who can say that there is an episode totally backwards.. and you know what? only seinfeld would have done that. i can not have pictured it any better or on any other show. also, George"you can stuff your sorrys in a sack mister"
    Jerry "i dont know what that means.."
    george "FUNNY GUY!!"
    is one of the funniest and one of my favorite quotes..i would recomend everyone to watch this and you will get a true laugh.. (like i do) I have to give it 3 thumbs up (if that is possible) for the uniqueness and one of a kind.. and plus just pee in ur pants fall on the ground funny! :)
  • Episode Seinfeld kind-a-of-one a....


    "The Betrayal" is a one-of-a-kind episode of Seinfeld - and a good one at that. As usual, every character has their own thing going on in this film (Jerry, George and Elaine's story lines are all intertwined while Kramer has his own set of problems that are removed from the rest of the cast) but what is unusual about this episode is that the story is played linearly - backwards! Jerry, George, Nina (Jerry's ex who George is now dating) and Elaine go to India for the wedding of Elaine's hated arch-nemesis Sue Ellen Mishky - one can only guess how well that turns out - and Kramer seeks every superstitious way out of FDR's death wish. While the episode is presented in a unique fashion - you can see that it's a typical story for our Seinfeld crew.

  • Epsiode that plays backwards, making it very interesting and funny to watch the story unravel...or de-ravel...or something like that

    This episode is amazing! the pieces of the episode are backwards so you never get the whole picture until the end, and what I really loved about this episode is that not only the story is backwards, but it even starts with the credits and ends with the opening (Seinfeld logo). What was also great was the extra flashback, unrelated to the episode itself, but a great wink to the show in its totality; it shows Jerry and Kramer on the day Jerry moves in 10 years earlier; Jerry: "Come in, do you want some coffee?" Kramer: "No I couldn't intrude" Jerry: "Oh come on, we're neighbors, whats mine is yours". And the rest we all know.
  • The show starts in the present and goes backward, all the way back to where Jerry moves in next door to Kramer years ago. Three themes weave together -- the wedding in India, Kramer getting hit by a snowball and Newman dating a model.

    May be the greatest TV show ever, what an idea by the writers. Each of the backward plot lines is clever and the key idea is to find out the why about what we know has already happened. I thought the best plot line was the smallest, how did Newman get the beautiful model to go out with him. The answer is that he is on an incredible great run of birthday wishes. Kramer's problems with his friend, "F.D.R." are brought to light in the past. A tip of the hat to the writers who came up with this great idea. Works all the way, can't be missed.
  • Edosipe Sdrawkcab(Spell it backward)

    This has to be the most HILAROUS episode of Seinfeld.
    Some of you might disagree with me, but other people disagree with my liking of the Beatles! Kramer's all-day sucker, Elaine's "Un-vitation", "Fraklin Delano R.", " I just ordred a pizza, want to come up ... What ever's mine is yours", "Kessler, right?". Most of the funniest episodes are in Season 9: "The Serinity Now", "The Slicer", The Bookstore", "The Frogger", and this one. I never knew what the backwards epiode was called until I looked it up on Great episode, great season, great series.
    This episode is awesome! Bye.
  • A great episode!

    This is a really cool episode, that begins with the final credits and ends with the begining of every episode, but the main plot is this: Jerry sleeps with his ex girlfriend Nina and he is worried that George must finds out, both of them managed to find out about the other because of Elaine's intromission and because of her easily persaude, while Elaine is worried since she has already sleep with a groom when they have to go to India for a wedding, and ultimately everyone finds out, but is the backwards way. Meanwhile, Kramer tries to outdo a wish made by FDR in order for him not to die. And we finally see a much bigger backwards when we see how it all began, with Jerry's girlfriend, Nina, and Elaine's first night with Pinter, and Kramer hitting with a snowball to FDR, and even the biggest backwards of all, when we see how does Kramer always takes Jerry's stuff, by saying, "we are neighbors, what is mine is yours..." A really cool and special episode!
  • One of the most innovative episodes of a sit com ever.

    I've always found Seinfeld to be a hit and miss show. The first three series struggle to find their ground and the fourth series, despite containing some of the most memorable episodes such as The Outing and The Contest, also contains some of the worst, such as The Airport and The Trip. I think the series really found its ground in Series 6 and 7. Both those years have a consistent quality and contain the best examples of Seinfeld's uniquely plotted writing style. Because of this, Series 8 is a bit of a let down. Maybe it's because Larry David left, but the show seems less realistic and more over the top than ever before.

    The saving grace of post Series 7 Seinfeld is, without a doubt, The Betrayal. Starting with the final chronological moment in the story and working its way backwards to the beginning of the story (and further), The Betrayal is unlike any other episode of a comedy show in history. It helps that it is also very funny. Although this style may seem slightly convoluted at first, it makes the episode a joy to rewatch as the viewer can make more sense of the reverse threads.

    I implore anyone who wants to see something genuinely original or who is interested in writing to watch this superb episode.
  • Great episode -- it\'s a very clever parody of Harold Pinter\'s movie \"Betrayal.\"

    Based on the movie \"Betrayal\" by Harold Pinter (newest holder of the Nobel Prize for Literature, 2005). The movie starred Jeremy Irons and Ben Kingsley as long-time friends and business associates. As the movie opens, Irons\' character meets with Patricia Hodge, the wife of Kingsley\'s character, to reminisce about an affair they\'d broken off about a year earlier. The movie then moves backward in time until the closing scene that occurs just before Irons and Hodge embark on their affair. At every moment, the audience knows more than the characters do, which gives the story a compelling poignancy.

    Seinfeld takes this conceit to hysterically funny levels by continually introducing \"prior\" information that makes what we just saw happen \"later\" all the funnier. The episode incorporates some inside jokes as well: there are several \"love trianges\" going on (Elaine, Susan, Pinter form one, Jerry, George, and Nina the other) and of course, the character of Pinter is an homage to Harold Pinter. The fact that they all go to India for the wedding may be a nod to Kingsley\'s heritage (he\'s half Indian).

    Very creative and very funny, this episode proved that \"Seinfeld\" could be fresh and innovative even in its 9th season.
  • Amazing in it\'s inventiveness. Virtually every detail -- no matter how seemingly innocuous -- has special meaning to the observant.

    This episode has to rank as one of the most inventive in sitcom history. To me, this is the absolute apex of the Seinfeld series. Incredible detail, writing and character interplay. Incidentally, in the site trivia it suggests that Newman picking up an issue of Vogue just prior to making his birthday wish makes no sense, but careful observation reveals that it, in fact, makes perfect sense, as an earlier scene reveals.

    This episode is one of those rare instances that make you want to watch like a detective to pick up on each nuance, each inside gag the writers have built into the story. How many shows can claim the same?

    Agree or not...either way, \"you can stuff your sorries in a sack, Mister!\"
  • The gang visits India for a wedding, while Kramer tries to get a deathwish taken off of him. This episode is played backwards with scenes later in a sequence being played first.

    Throughout its nine seasons Seinfeld churned out some of the most brilliant episodes ever written. However, this is definitely my favorite episode. The way it goes backwards in time was so brilliantly done, it still blows my mind just thinking about it. The show is also the most suspenseful of all episodes because you can't wait to find out why certain things happened the way they did. This is the best episode in television history.
  • Here it is,the famous backwards episode!

    I know you most likely have heard about the famous "Backwards Episode". But if you haven't, or are wondering if it is a good episode, let me be the first to tell you that it is. To start with Elaine's situation isn't the only storyline. In fact, I beleve that Kramer vs. FDR (Franklin Delono Romanowski) is better. Now I don't want to give away that much about either of the extremely funny, and very cleaver storylines but rest asured you won't be disapointed when you watch it. You might be wondering, "Dosen't this storyline sound a little tacky?" you should know that they execute it very well. Finally, if you haven't been inticed already, all the backtracking eventually leads to a big suprise!
  • The most original episode ever!

    This is the most original episode ever! It starts with... the end! Actually! It starts with the end and it ends with the start... of the story. The gang goes to India for the marriage of Sue Ellen, Elaine's enemy (played by Desperate housewives' actress Brenda Strong - Marie Alice Young), while Kramer stays in NY dealing with another enemy of his... You go back, then back, then back again, until the story goes back to the very first Jerry-Kramer encounter. Funny and original. Watch it!