Season 9 Episode 8

The Betrayal

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 1997 on NBC

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  • Edosipe Sdrawkcab(Spell it backward)

    This has to be the most HILAROUS episode of Seinfeld.
    Some of you might disagree with me, but other people disagree with my liking of the Beatles! Kramer's all-day sucker, Elaine's "Un-vitation", "Fraklin Delano R.", " I just ordred a pizza, want to come up ... What ever's mine is yours", "Kessler, right?". Most of the funniest episodes are in Season 9: "The Serinity Now", "The Slicer", The Bookstore", "The Frogger", and this one. I never knew what the backwards epiode was called until I looked it up on Great episode, great season, great series.
    This episode is awesome! Bye.