Season 8 Episode 3

The Bizarro Jerry

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 1996 on NBC
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Kramer uses a bathroom in an office building and just begins working there. He is "TCB." Elaine sets Jerry up with a friend who is very beautiful, but she has "man hands." George uses a picture of her and passes her off as his dead finance Susan; that gets him into the "Forbidden City" where high priced models hang out. Elaine meets Kevin and some of his friends; they are the exact opposite of Jerry, George and Kramer. With Kramer working, George inside the walls and Elaine hanging out with Kevin, Jerry begins to feel alone.moreless

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  • Funny stuff.

    I really liked this episode. It was well written and I have to say that it was really refreshing from the nit-picking the show usually does with their storylines and plots. For once, they actually added a hint of the Twilight Zone. Elaine found some friends opposite of Jerry and the gang. They were the good guys that actually did nice things for the world. In other words, they actually cared. My favorite part was when the two sides met. I thought they would fight, and I wished they would have. That would have been really entertaining. Overall, it was a great episode. Thank you.moreless
  • Season 8, Episode 3.

    Haha, I loved this episode. "Man hands." LMAO! I love the stuff Seinfeld comes up with. I loved Elaine, especially with George's forbidden city philosophy. "You know, I tried to tell the queen that you were getting close, but now we have to go and move the whole forbidden city." LMAO! Then when Jerry says he doesn't like the man hands, Elaine says, "Would you rather she had no hands? Are hooks more attractive to you?" LMAO! George shows everyone his dead fiance, Susan, and it gets all of the women's attention. Jerry and Kramer sound like a fighting couple, LMAO! Great episode!moreless
  • "She had man hands!"

    Just as with "The Race", Seinfeld plays on the myth of Superman with their main characters. In the race, Jerry dated a woman named Lois. In this episode, Elaine dates a man who's pretty much the complete opposite of Jerry, hence the Bizarro Jerry title. There's even a Bizarro George, Kramer and Newman to go along as well. In the end she has to choose between her regular friends and these new friends. It's great.

    This is also the episode featuring the infamous "man hands" quote. Jerry dates a beautiful woman with only one flaw (she has man hands). George uses the death of his fiancée, coupled with a picture of "man hands" to get inside a club featuring models in another great touch to the episode. Season Eight was the first season following Larry David's departure and I must say, Seinfeld found a way to stay strong. This is a great episode.moreless
  • Awesome!

    This is the greatest episode, in terms of humour, that EVER lived! The Kram er plot is just hilarious, I can't get over how funny it is, I think at this point in the season, the writers were cooking. After this, I love the Jerry plot, it's amazing, him being alone, as well as the man hands thing, It's just a classic idea. And the Elaine and Kevin thing, has me rolling on the floor laughing, everytime I see it, the idea is just so crazy, and like seinfeld, i love it!

    This is definately the best episode of season 8.moreless
  • Haha Jerry is all alone!

    First I apologize for the classification of well written because all of the episodes are well written haha! I loved this episode! Cramer gets a job ( well not really but still ) and it is so funny when we get to see him with that song and he is eating crackers and stuff. Ha. George goes to some club because of this picture and he gets let in. I loved it when he expressed the fact with woman and there inner city and stuff. Jerry is beggining to feel all alone, which was really funny to me, because seemingly Jerry is never alone. The funniest thing to me is Elaine when she is standing between her three other friends and Jerry, George, and Cramer. I was practically spitting out soda then hahaha. She was like "Sorry, we already have a George". Although I think her other friends were queer But whatever. So it was a superb episode!!!moreless
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Tim DeKay


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • As fans of Seinfeld well know, above Jerry's sink is a row of boxes of breakfast cereal. Above Kevin's sink is a row of glass containers containing natural grains.

    • The "Bizarro George"'s name is Gene, which Larry David's middle name, who (as it's been established) was the inspiration for the character George.

    • In "Normal" Jerry's apartment, he has a figure of Superman on a stand. Jerry explains the "Bizarro World" to Elaine by using Superman and Bizarro Superman (in the Legion of Doom). In "Bizarro" Jerry's (Kevin's) apartment, there is a figure of Bizarro Superman on a stand, at the exact opposite spot of Jerry's, like all of his other furniture.

    • When Elaine comes into Kevin's apartment, you can see the shadow of the boom mic sweep across the top of the door.

    • When George enters the "Forbidden City", isn't the fact that he's with Amanda, one of their own, sufficient for the other girls to find him acceptable? Why does he have to show them the picture of his "dead fiancée" first?

    • Why would Gillian have multiple copies of the same picture of herself, and why does she carry them around?

    • The photo of Gillian that George has had all sorts of things written about her on the back. When he hands the photo to Nikki, you can see the back of it is blank. Besides, if there were things written on it, wouldn't someone be bound to notice and ask questions?

    • When George puts the hairdryer on the picture of his "dead wife", a flame is just about visible at the bottom of the screen when it's not meant to be

    • The boom mic falls into the frame when Elaine is on the street with the 6 men.

    • In the scene where Kramer comes home form work late Jerry has an ace bandage on from attempting to get a picture out of Man-Hands purse, yet in the next scene as they approach the bizaro threesome he has no bandage on.

    • The boom mic falls into the frame when Jerry walks into his living room to find Kramer cooking himself breakfast for his big day at his big job, where he "TCB" (Taking Care of Business).

    • The bag is thrown on the same chair that Kevin is helped into after Elaine pushes him down. The assumption is that the bag is moved to the floor so that Kevin can sit down.

    • When Elaine leaves Kevin's apartment, after pushing him on the floor, she picks her bag up from off of the floor but earlier in the scene when Elaine first entered Kevin's apartment she left her bag on the chair next to the table. We're never shown how her bag ended up on the floor.

  • QUOTES (10)

  • NOTES (10)

    • The Bizarro Superman statuette in Kevin's apartment was specially made for the episode. It is now owned by episode writer David Mandel and signed by the entire Seinfeld team.

    • This episode was nominated for the 1998 WGA Award (TV) for Episodic Comedy.

    • In this episode Elaine (the only woman in a group with three guys) finds another group of people who are eerily similar to her regular group, with a counterpart for each of the men. She hangs out with them instead of the regulars but the new group ditches her because she just doesn't fit in with them. This exact same plot occurs later this season on The Drew Carey Show in the episode "Drewstock".

    • Feldman (Bizarro Kramer) always knocks before entering Kevin's apartment, has great ideas, and always brings over food, while the actual Kramer barges in, has lousy ideas, and is always helping himself to Jerry's food.

    • Vargas is the Bizarro Newman. He works for Federal Express (instead of the USPS) and is friends with the Bizarro Jerry, Kevin.

    • In the Bizarro (Kevin's) apartment, in the spot where Jerrys bike would be hanging, Kevin has a uni-cycle there.

    • Jerry mentions that Man Hands had similar strength to George "The Animal" Steele, a popular pro wrestler in the 1980's, famed for his size, power and agression in the ring.

    • "My Baby Takes The Morning Train" was used in "The Butter Shave", not "The Voice". They both revolve around George's fake handicap at Play Now, so I guess it's easy to get them mixed up. I'm pretty sure it's also used in some other episode, I may be wrong.

    • In the scene where Elaine is talking to Kevin at Reggie's, she said something about the tuna tasting like a sponge. Could this be a reference to the episode "The Sponge", where George had to eat at Reggie's after being neglected by Jerry, Elaine and Susan?

    • Viewers Taylor Lasseigne and Michael Haemlin note in this episode that Kramer is seen working in this episode to the music of Sheena Easton's hit "My Baby Takes the Morning Train" was also used in "The Voice". Mike also notes that George uses "Vandelay" in this episode in his trick to show the picture of his deceased "fiance" to the beautiful receptionist.


    • Kevin's line "Me so happy, me want to cry" is an allusion to the actual Bizarro Superman, who in all presentations talks with an incomplete version of English.

    • George: Flame on!

      As George and Jerry are talking about the Forbidden City, the conversation ends with George proclaiming, "Flame on!" This is the catchphrase of the Human Torch, a member of the Fantastic Four, who are Marvel Comics superheros.

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