Season 9 Episode 4

The Blood

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 1997 on NBC

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  • Great!

    It was a cool episode, Kramer begins storing blood in Newman and his freezer when the blood bank seems unable too, Jerry is worry about him getting fat, later he ends up with a knife that cuts of his yugular, so Kramer offers his own blood, which causes Kramer to ask for favors for this act. Meanwhile, George combines his three passions: sex, food, and TV on the same thing, and Elaine must take care of little boy Jimmy when her friend Vivian just says that she is not responsible enough, and she ends up sleeping with George. This was a really funny episode!
  • This episode was ok, George...

    found the ultimate formula. Food + $ex + Television... hah hah. Jerry needs to lose weight, but he keeps getting blood from Kramer, and then Neuman... and in the end it was funny with them all screaming. Kramer has an obsession with storing his own blood, but then uses it on Jerry's car to cool the engine, which results in Jerry going to the hospital. Elaine's friend Vivian at first thinks shes irresponsibile, but then Elaine sets out to prove her wrong. It doesn't work out though because Elaine absoutely hates the kid. In the end George and Vivian end up as the perfect couple. How ironic.
  • Funny and funny.

    I had a few laughs. But seriously, the show is funny almost periodically. I thought the blood storyline was a reach, but this episode was really entertaining and I liked the show for the most part. Usually, I would say that Elaine isn't as funny as the others, but she was really good in this one. I would have beat the snot out of that kid, but instead she took the high road. Being a guy, I guess that says that I have less patience. Overall, this was a fairly funny episode and I have to say that it was good. Thank you.
  • George is disgusting

    Yes he is! And from the 4 characters, he's my least favorite. And in this episode, he's funny and he is trying to spice up his sexual life with food, but still, a little disgusting.

    Elaine is just great. She likes to get into trouble very easily. Funny she couldn't deal with a kid and how hard it is for her to say no sometimes? The 'mugging' scene with Kramer was hilarious.

    The whole plot between Kramer and Jerry was entertaining and I liked how it fit together. Kramer couldn't be sillier with the blood thing and Mr. Mandelbaum still has the strength to get Jerry to work out.