Season 7 Episode 21

The Bottle Deposit (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 02, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

Kramer and Newman Plot: Newman thinks up a scam to bring thousands of cans to Michigan at 10 cents a bottle. But it turns out Kramer first came up with this idea but was derailed by the costs of gas, tollbooths and rental trucks. Kramer tells Newman to forget it but he still tries. Eventually he finds a loophole and tells Kramer about it. Newman finds out there will be a surge of mail sent to Saginaw, Michigan the day before "the mother of all mail days", Mother's Day. He tells Kramer that he signed up for a truck that would carry spillover mail from the other four main trucks, leaving plenty of space left over in theirs for bottles and cans to refund in Michigan. With this fact the scam is complete and so they begin collecting thousands of bottles.

Jerry and Elaine Plot:

Since he will be out of town, Mr. Peterman wants Elaine to bid for him on a set of golf clubs owned by John F. Kennedy at an auction. He tells her he is willing to go as high as $10,000 for the clubs. Jerry thinks he hears a strange clunking noise in his car and asks Kramer and Newman, who had previously borrowed the car, about it, but they don't know anything. Jerry then takes Elaine to the auction, where they bump into Sue Ellen Mischke, the bra-less "Oh Henry!" candy bar heiress, who taunts them about "getting a glimpse of high society." During the bidding, they start a bidding war over JFK's clubs, and Elaine ends up paying $20,000, twice what she was authorized by Peterman to spend. Jerry again hears a loud clunking noise while dropping Elaine off. Elaine decides to leave the clubs in Jerry's car and pick them up later. As he starts to leave, smoke begins billowing out from under the hood and Jerry finds out that Kramer and Newman had left some groceries in his car engine. He visits Tony (Brad Garrett), a mechanic who is obsessed with car care. Jerry goes home and finds a message from Tony saying he needs to talk to him at the Auto Shop. Elaine calls shortly after and wants to pick up Peterman's golf clubs. Jerry tells her he left them in the car at the mechanic's, so they decide to meet up there. Tony wants to make a lot of changes to the car, but Jerry doesn't want to spend so much money. He asks Tony if he could just have it back so he can take his business elsewhere. Tony is disappointed, but tells him he'll bring the car out front for him. Elaine arrives and meets Jerry to pick up the clubs just in time to see Tony driving away with Jerry's car.

George Plot: Wilhelm complains about how George never pays close attention so George says he won't fail him again. Just after he says this Wilhelm goes into the bathroom. George waits outside and when he goes in, Wilhelm was talking about an important project the whole time thinking George was in there too. George lies and is now charged with a challenging project he knows nothing about. Jerry tells him to ask Wilhelm a follow up question. Wilhelm tells George to go down to payroll. The guy done there won't let him do anything without more info. George then has him call Wilhelm and they him the project, but when he wants to repeat it, the guy thinks he is just being an asshole. Wilhelm then tells George everything he needs is "Downtown". George and Jerry think it has to do with the song. Unfortunately they come to a dead end so George decides to come clean.