Season 7 Episode 21

The Bottle Deposit (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 02, 1996 on NBC

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  • No Deposit, No Return!

    the first of a two-part "Seinfeld" is about the botte deposit. More on that later, George's boss discuss his next project with a boss who likes to use the bathroom. something President Lyndon Johnson likes to do. but George didn't get everything he said. Meanwhile Elaine bid on Mr. Peterman's gold clubs what went over the $10,000. Later, those golf clubs were stolen in Jerry's car by a nut who was working on Jerry's car. Krammer and Newman collect bottles to take them to Michigan for money. The bottle Despoit law which was passed by Michigan voters in 1976, make it 10 cents for a bottle despoit. I know. I collect between $5 and 10 dollars on that stuff. Part two is coming up.
  • What a cool episode!

    This episode is really cool, firstly because Newman discovers finally that bottles can be sell for ten cents each one in Manhattan, but Kramer tells him to drop it, because whatever they win they will have to pay it back with gasoline, Newman does not wants to give up so he tries any other method, until he finally finds one. While Jerry is trying to make his car to be repair, but Tony is just obssessed with cars and blames Jerry for everything he has done, when Jerry tells him that he should rather go to another car repair man, he steals it among with Elaine's boss's new golf sticks... This episode is really, really funny is one of the best!
  • The washer fluid is not fine!

    What a great episode of Seinfeld. This was coming down on Larry David's final episodes of the show and he could not have ended on a higher note. Everybody Loves Raymond's and Til Death's Brad Garrett gave an Emmy-worthy performance as the crazed mechanic with his entire dialogue being pure genius.

    This was just the kind of episode that makes you not only happy to be a fan of the show, but just really laugh hard. Not an overly exciting storyline, but just the characters you have grown to know and love at their very best and producing more and more memorable lines.
  • Funny show.

    I thought this was really entertaining. The thing that I liked was that everyone had something to do and their storylines all were pretty good. I liked Jerry's problem with the mechanic. Both of them seemed like they somewhat cared for the car, but in different ways. Elaine was funny with her overspending for the golf clubs that used to belong to President Kennedy. I also liked George's problem and it was really hilarious when Kramer and Newman tried to scheme their plan of stealing bottles and cans to make money. Overall, it was hilarious and one of the better episodes. Thank you.