Season 7 Episode 21

The Bottle Deposit (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 02, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld are in a very long chain of crossovers, so their universes are the same; however, Brad Garrett's characters in both shows are different.

    • While the brand name of the soda can the woman sets down is labeled 'Diet Soda', the red and blue Pepsi symbol is clearly left untouched.

    • Jerry says "The Triple-A guy said I was this close to sucking a muffin down the carburetor." But his ar doesn't have a carburator, it has fuel injection.

    • George says the lyrics to the Petula Clark song wrong. He says "... where the neon lights are pretty", but actually the line goes "Where the neon SIGNS are pretty"

    • At the Auction, Elaine's paddle says 856 on the front but it says 858 on the back

  • Quotes

    • Jerry: Hey. You put your groceries under the hood of my car?
      Kramer: Aw, that's right, we forgot about those.
      Newman: That's where my missing soda is.
      Jerry: And your crab legs, and a thing of cheese. The Triple-A guy said I was this close to sucking a muffin down the carburetor.

    • Jerry: "I'm here to catch a... glimpse."

    • Tony: When was the last time you even checked the washer fluid?
      Jerry: But the washer fluid is fine.
      Tony: The washer fluid is not fine!

    • Newman: We carry a couple of bags of mail and the rest is ours!
      Kramer: Newman, you magnificent bastard, you did it!!
      Newman: Let the collecting begin!!

    • Auctioneer: …do I have sixty-five-hundred?
      (Elaine raises paddle)
      Auctioneer: Sixty-five-hundred to the… dark-haired person on the right.
      (a little later)
      Sue Ellen Mishke: Ten thousand.
      Auctioneer: Ten thousand to the shapely woman on the left.

  • Notes

    • Brad Garrett & Julia Louis-Dreyfus will later do voices in "A Bug's Life". Also, they will announce together the nominations for the 2006 Emmy Awards.

    • If you're paying attention, a funny little quip they've place in the episode is Newman, a postal employee asking "What's this 'MI 10 cents'?", referring to the abbreviation of Michigan - something a postal employee should know.

    • Originally broadcast as part of a 60 min episode.

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