Season 7 Episode 22

The Bottle Deposit (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 02, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

After collecting their thousands of cans and bottles, they make their way to Saginaw, Michigan to cash them in. Kramer has the whole budget planned so they can't have pit stops for Newman to eat. While on the highway, Kramer spots a car speeding by that looks like Jerry's. Using his home which he took along with him, he phones Jerry and asks about it. After Jerry reads off the license plate number, the pair realizes it is Tony and Jerry's stolen car. They also spot the golf clubs in the back. Jerry and Elaine beg them on the phone to follow Tony, but Newman warns Kramer that if they do their whole scheme is destroyed. Unfortunately Kramer decides to follow, and then he gives Newman the wheel and tosses out all the bags full of mail, bottles and cans onto the highway to speed up with Tony. Newman's scheme is shattered and by nightfall their still sluggish. So Kramer kicks Newman by stopping and distracting him with a pie stand nearby. As Kramer speeds away, Newman hikes out of the woods and lands at a farmhouse. The farmer gives him something to eat, but forbids him to stay away from his daughter. This is hard for Newman as she is extremely hot and actually attracted to him. Meanwhile, Kramer has caught up to Tony and calls Jerry about it. Just as it seems Tony is slowing down, it turns out he is hurling golf clubs at the mail truck. Jerry and Elaine listen in as the mail truck is totaled by clubs and bag. Kramer says the truck is destroyed, and he can't pursue Tony anymore. He walks back down the road, picking up the bent and broken pieces of the golf clubs and bag. He then finds himself at the same farmhouse, but as he approaches the door, he hears shots ring out. Newman slept with the daughter and runs out the front door with the farmer in pursuit with his shotgun. Kramer and Newman then race to escape in the cornfield while the daughter stops the farmer from shooting "Norman", the only man she ever loved.

After Tony speeds off with Jerry's Car, the two call the cops to track him down. The police say this kind of theft happens all the time, mechanics fall in love with car they fixed, then become violently obsessed when they fear their being taken away. Elaine then has to tell the mad enough Peterman that the arrival of the golf clubs has been delayed. The two then meet a detective who says he thinks he found the car. They arrive at a warehouse with a car brutally destroyed and vandalized, hidden under a sheet. Jerry fears this is his car when he sees it, but realizes that he doesn't have a certain part the detective tells him about. Jerry and Elaine rejoice it's not the car, but cease when the real owner arrives. Then that night, Jerry gets a call from Tony himself, telling him his car's okay, but he'll never get it back because of the way he treated it. He hangs up as Jerry questions how he meets these kinds of people. In the end, after Kramer's two phone calls, Jerry loses his car forever and Elaine finally give Peterman the golf clubs, it their bent and destroyed state. Peterman states "I never knew JFK had such a temper." Elaine wishes him luck as he goes off to a match to play with them.

George decides to tell Wilhelm that he has no idea what he is suppose to do for some big project. However Wilhelm congratulates him instead on a terrific job he has done with and to keep up the good work. While at Monk's Jerry contemplates how it got done, while George doesn't give a damn, so long as he'll never have to deal with the "project" again. Meanwhile, we find that Wilhelm gave the project to someone else to, forgot, and assumed George did it. This is the end result of him not taking his medication. Whoever did do it, Steinbrenner claims the project was finished with the workings of a psychotic madman. Wilhelm told him George did it, so he assumes Costanza has gone insane. He has him carted off by men in white coats and sent to an asylum. George screams at Jerry on the phone to get him the hell out of their, all while holding his pants up to keep them from falling down, (they took his belt and shoe laces away which is procedure). He is then greeted Deena, who is visiting her father their. He asks for her help to get him out saying he isn't crazy, but she assumes he has been mentally nuts ever since the events of the episode "The Gum". She leaves and tells him to get better while the men and white coats restrain him from leaving. Deena's father approaches him about "that fancy car", the one he fiddled with and mad light on fire.