Season 3 Episode 17

The Boyfriend (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 1992 on NBC

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  • Keith Hernandez...

    Vandaley Industries. I love this episode because Jerry seems more sensitive or revealed to everything once he meets Keith. The baseball player. I love the part when he makes the date with Elaine. Jerry seems so vulnerable, the whole JFK parody was hilarious, with the whole spit reference, Kramer did really well in that scene. I love the part when Jerry walks in and George is down on the floor in his underpants grieving over the phone call. "And you wanted me to b your Latex manager" Something like that, I just burst out laughing, one of the best scenes of Seinfeld.
  • The Boyfriend

    Once again Seinfeld finds a way to surprise me. If it isn't having sex with the cleaning lady ("The Red Dot"), it's a contest to see who can go the longest without gratifying themselves ("The Contest"). In this episode we get one of the oddest and best plots in the show's history. Both Jerry and Elaine "fight" over a guy, but not just any guy, former New York Met All-Star and Gold Glover Keith Hernandez. Not only that we get George trying his best to weasel more time out of his unemployment case worker and Kramer and Newman having a problem with Hernandez because they believe he spit on them after a game.

    From the opening moments of Jerry and George meeting Hernandez in the locker room to the "JFK" movie parody with Wayne Knight this episode is definitely a series classic.
  • Jerry meets his sports idol Keith Hernandez and is dying to become friends with him, while Kramer and Newman claim Keith spat on them.

    This is a classic episode, one of those you can't help but watch every time it reruns. It's also interesting because Jerry gets to be as funny as George or Kramer, his very "serious" and "scientific" approach to the now famous "second spitter theory" certainly deserves its spot in TV history.

    Even for a Brazilian woman who has absolutely no interest in American sports for a male target audience, I found Jerry's man-crush on a sport legend completely funny and understandable, I guess guys will be guys anywhere in the world, and this kind of man-crushes is really universal.

    A truthly great episode.
  • One of my favorites! Love seeing Jerry in such a reverse role to his normal self-confident self.

    Normally Jerry is the one that dumps the gal... he never worries about losing the girl, or not impressing her enough. In The Boyfriend, Jerry meets and be-friends Keith Hernandez, and well-known ball player on the New York Mets. They hang out, and soon Jerry starts acting as if he's a woman, which always tickles me. I love when Elaine says, "Jerry, he's a guy." She tries to bring him back down to earth, but to no avail. Jerry is totally smitten with the thought of hanging out with a famous ball player. I also found Kramer and Newman's story to be hilarious. Wish we knew what really happened!
  • In this episode Jerry meets baseball star Keith Hernandez and then Kramer and Newman recall of an event much like JFK and they do a spoff on that.

    My favorite part of this episode is when they do the whole re inactment of JFK movie. It cracked me up and even recorded it because I loved it so much. And also he whole thing with Jerry appearing to be gay was funny. (not that theres anything wrong with that)