Season 4 Episode 7

The Bubble Boy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 1992 on NBC

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  • I\'m sorry the card says \"Moops\".

    GREAT, Season 4 is the Best season of the show.

    Story - Jerry asks Elaine to accompany him on a trip to a cabin in the mountain with George and Susan. Kramer isn\'t invited.

    George gets into a fight with the \"Bubble Boy\" over the correct answer to a Trivial Pursuit question.

    This is another hilarious season 4 episode !!!

    very funny.

    Jerry: He\'s a bubble boy.
    George: A bubble boy?!
    Susan: What\'s a bubble boy?!
    Jerry: He lives in a bubble!
    George: BOY!
    Elaine: Well, what about the sleeping arrangements in the cabin?
    Jerry: Well, um, same bed and uh, underwear and a tee shirt. Elaine: What about me?
    Jerry: You\'ll be naked, of course

    Kramer: These are Cubans. Maria, porquendo lociendo corendo congli!!
  • My Favorite episode of Seinfeld.

    I believe in my mind that this is one of the funniest episodes of Seinfeld i have ever seen in my life time. Sure, every episode of Seinfeld is pretty much the funniest episode. But this beats the heck out of all of them. In this episode of Seinfeld, Jerry has to go and visit his number one fan, who happens to be a bubble boy. However the bubble boy is more trouble then they thought he would be.
    I loved the part when George reads the card and he thinks the answer is "moops" and not moors. And they argued.

    Final Score: 9.8
  • Classic episode.

    Definitely back on track, such an unusual plot line. A bubble boy! I really like Susan in season four, she was so innocent and not mean and controlling to George like in season seven. Anyways I guess Kramer smoking those cigars are going to be over since he burned down a cabin. I wonder how the next episode is going tro be. I am so glad that bubble boy got what he deserved. I would like to burst his bubble. Naomi reprises her role from the last episode except this time Jerry & her are broken up and shes with Kramer. I love the whole playful relationship Elaine & Jerry have. It's hilarious.
  • The Bubble Boy

    This is possibly the best episode of Season Four. It features a great story and one of the most classic moments in the show's history. When Jerry meets a man who's son lives in a bubble, the father and his friends get him to visit the bubble boy in Upstate New York. Well, because of some crazy circumstances, he's not able to make it, George makes it instead.

    George and Susan make it their and encounter the bubble boy, one of the most sarcastic and best one time (excluding "The Finale") appearances in the show's history. I won't go into detail of what happens but it is classic. Also, Kramer, trying to reach the others at the cabin accidently burns down Susan's father's cabin.
  • A classic episode.

    The Bubble Boy was funny. I also think that it was also a stretch risk of a plot and character. I don't think it was as funny as it was entertaining, although it was very funny. George was very good in this one. Jerry and Elaine had a funny plot as well. Kramer was off in dreamland as it seemed that he was always somewhere but in the present. My favorite parts of the episode had to be where George is attacked by the bubble boy. It was hilarious to see them go at it. Overall, a great episode that was funny. Thank you.
  • On breaking up with Naomi,the girl with the Elmer Fudd laugh,Jerry decides to accompany George and Susan to her fathers cabin.Then hes supposed to meet "the Bubble Boy",but never makes it.George makes it,but Kramer burns down the cabin.

    Another wildly hilarious season 4 episode.With girl that laugh like Elmer Fudd,a bubble boy,Trivial pursuit errors and a cabin that burns down,this has everything.Jerry winds up in a diner where he signs an autograph,but Elaine convinces him that it was a dumb quote.Jerry is not exactly at his best,Elaine is annoying,George downright arrogant and Kramer just plain ignorant,but it works.Each comes out of the characters being well meaning,unlike some of the later episodes in which they were just irritating without being likeable.This episode has all the best qualities of the series,but mostly it was funny in a gut busting way.This was Seinfeld at its very peak.
  • Fantastico

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  • The whole gang decides to take a trip to "The Cabin", and along the way Jerry, Elaine, George, and Susan are suppose to stop off and see a fan of Jerry's, a creatively dubbed "Bubble Boy", while Kramer plays at a private golf course, courtesy of his Cuban

    Jerry's rant about Elmer Fudd on a juicer is great. It is a classic axample of when he says something he assumes Naomi never hears and tries to talk himself out of it. George is his typical neurotic, uncomfortable, competivive self around the Bubble Boy ("Moops!"), and Kramer is Kramer.