Season 2 Episode 12

The Busboy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 26, 1991 on NBC

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  • Poverty on Seinfeld

    There's very little VERY funny here. OTOH--the episode is very well written. I love the fact the Busboy lives in a Slum building on (OLD) AMsterdam Ave. that was reality in NYC in 1990's. NO Condo. No . NBC rarely showed poverty in any series. I like the interplay between George and rare consicering how much George Stuck to Jerry for 9 seasons. Some excellent character development. This episode is a category they steered away from as seasons wore on.
  • One of my favorites

    This show is one of my favorite episodes. Gotta Love George! He knows all, acts tough until he faces it. Elaine has nothing on me though. I made it to airport in 45 minutes on a 60 minute drive. I was passing in the emergency lane

  • I Liked It!

    Season finale of seinfeld, althow it isn´t the best season finale, it was good. It has thouching moments like the scene where george finds out he saved the busboy; "Three nights ago, a gas main beneath the restaurant exploded, killing five people in my section, including the busboy who replaced me. If I am not fired that night because of you and your thoughtless, stupid, insensitive remarks, it would have been me." That was Sweet! It also had funny moments, like the scene where elaine tries mike to go on the plane, really like it!
    I am finally starting to really like Elaine, and Kramer finnally appears, althow not with a plot of his own; that i really whould like to see because kramer´s great. All to all, it´s a season 2 classic, a good season finale, and i only give it 8.5, comparing to other episode of this season like; "The Statue", "The Jacket",etc. They finnaly show the best of Seinfeld, eho keeps getting better; it just needs some catchprases, but they will come; Yada, Yada,Yada. I really recommend this one, go watch it right now.
  • The busboy's comin'!

    Again, I don't see what the big deal is with this episode. It's a good twenty minutes yes, but it's certainly not the best I've seen from the series nor is it anywhere near perfect. One thing I did notice however was that the writing at least on a professional and well-considered level is certainly improving. 'The Busboy' is noticeably low on jokes, particularly during the first half, but the way in which plots are used to coincide with each other is used with great effect, leading to a fantastic ending that wraps up all loose ends in a hilarious fashion.

    My problem with the episode stems from Elaine's side-plot which is again shelved to mere dialogue rather than showing any action from it. I felt there was a lot of potential to be had with the flatmate, but unfortunately we don't get to see just who he was. Nevertheless this does not impair a brilliant scene involving Elaine that not only develops her character successfully for the first time but also gives the episode one of its funniest scenes. Julia plays it excellently, flying around the room shouting in a panic and throwing clothes around like a mad woman, all the while being completely convincing and hysterical at the same time.

    George gets a much larger role in this episode, as does Kramer as his assistant, when they track down a busboy that George accidentally got fired, to apologise. Alexander plays the scenes in as awkward a way as possible, keeping true to the character that has been developed thus far. It's not exactly great comedy, but it's still great to watch. I felt however that Richards stole most of the laughs in these scenes by disregarding the social awkwardness that George embodies throughout; a good way to counterbalance and provide comedic relief. Not my favourite storyline with George so far, but it was nice to see him play such a big part in this one nonetheless.

    As was the case with many previous episodes, I found myself laughing most during Jerry's stand-up scenes. I think I chuckled a few times during the other moments, but really didn't find 'The Busboy' to be amongst the funniest of episodes I've seen to date. As I said earlier however, you can see a noticeable shift in writing that I hope will be a good foundation for some clever yet much more humorous stories to come. Kudos to Larry and Jerry for finally establishing some sort of character in Elaine though- She's finally beginning to grow on me.
  • George gets a busboy fired but feels guilty and tries to remedy the situation. Elaine has a very annoying houseguest.

    Love this episode!!!
    It is so well written and well acted. The guest actor who plays Antonio is also great. The episode contains a couple of classic scenes: Elaine in her nightgown retelling her drive to the airport is really Julia Louis-Dreyfuss at her best - enraged, almost psychotic Elaine Bennes who will have similar outbursts in many later episodes.

    What is also interesting about this episode is the scene with George and Kramer in Antonio's apartment (also, great choice of hat for Costanza). Rarely did we have a chance to see these two together and they interacted perfectly. The ending (which is also season finale) is so typically Seinfeld: George and Elaine stuck doing depressing and tedious chores, while Jerry just looks on. Good job!
  • One of the all-time great Season Finales

    This episode starts where Jerry, George and Elaine are about to have dinner in a resturant. George suddenly notices that one of the busboys, Antonio, places a flamable menu far too close to the one of the candles. Elaine then makes a joke saying "I'm never eating here again", but the manager thought she meant it and so Antonio is fired and has to be replaced.

    George feels bad. He knows he was the cause so he wants to head over and apologise. But he brings Kramer with him...just in case. It's actually not a good move. When they got to Antonio's apartment, Kramer leaves the door open and Antonio's cat escapes. George just made a bad situation worse.

    Elaine's not having a very good time either. She has this new boyfriend Eddie from Seattle. She absolutely hates him and she's happy when she finds out that he'll be flying back tomorrow. She sets her alarm so she doesn't wake up late and miss the flight. But that plan gets destroyed. Her clock doesn't go off and pretty soon, she's frantically running around the house trying to throw all of Eddie's stuff in the trunk and get him the hell out of there!

    Afterwards, Elaine appears at Jerry's apartment where George is hanging out. She's a mess. She WOULD have made it to the airport, but unfortunately, she hit the Van Wick. They say nobody's ever beaten the Van Wick XD and because of that and a five-car pile-up, Eddie missed his flight and now she will be hanging out with that bunghole for a long, long time.

    Kramer then suddenly flies into the apartment. THE BUSBOY'S COMING! George freaks out and then Antonio enters. These were probably the most dramatic lines ever said in the script.

    "Three nights ago, a gas main beneath the restaurant exploded, killing five people in my section, including the busboy who replaced me. If I am not fired that night because of you and your thoughtless, stupid, insensitive remarks, it would have been me."

    That was touching and then Antonio hugs George and thanks him for saving his life. His cat returned after the resturant exploded and he got a new job working at a better resturant...or at least, he did. :(

    After leaving, Antonio runs into Elaine's boyfriend. The two get into a fight and fall down the stairs and Antonio hurts his arm.

    The episode ends once again at Monk's. George and Elaine are depressed. Elaine has to go home and give lazy@$$ Eddie his food and George has to go feed Antonio's cat. The scene ends with a waiter clearing off the table annoying Jerry a bit, but he just says "How ya doing?" lol

    Once again, Jerry was one of the so-called "Even Stevens". He was just acting like a normal person, not having any problems and nothing really big happened to him in this episode. This episode was focused more on George. Overall, it was a good season finale, much better than some others like "The Understudy" and "The Finale".
  • Some terrific development of George's big mouth and paranoia, and Elaine and George's total ineptness at dealing with people. The fired busboy, who seems surly and ready to fight, and Elaine's "friend" who needs careful handling both get the full George/E

    All of the usual gang are in their usual good form, and doing the kinds of things they usually do. The surprise is the busboy, played very nicely by David Labiosa, whose wonderful facial reactions, phsique, and well-filled basket deserve a special mention. Antonio (the busboy) turns out at
    the almost-end to be a very nice chap, and makes nice with George. Only the appearance of Elaine's neanderthal 'friend' spoils the happy
    time as he insults and fights with Antonio. At least George gets to feed
    Antonio's "gato" while Antonio recuperates in the hospital.