Season 2 Episode 12

The Busboy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jun 26, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • According to George, the best public restroom near 65th St & 10th Ave is in Lincoln Center. In Manhattan, there is no such intersection as 65th & 10th. This is because at 59th St, 10th Ave becomes Amsterdam Ave.

    • While Jerry, George and Elaine are talking in the opening scene at the restaurant, we see Antonio the busboy walk out in the background and start setting the table behind them. When Elaine is talking we can see his hands just to the left of her adjusting something; then the camera immediately switches to George and he turns to look at the table. When he looks, Antonio is suddenly gone and the menu is already on fire, too impossibly quick for him to have set the menu and exit the scene. Obviously bad editing.

    • The week this episode originally aired, NBC aired a promo to announce the change in broadcast day.

      (Jerry and Julia are sitting on a couch.)
      Julia: The pilot was on Wednesday…
      Jerry: …then we were on Thursday…
      Julia: Yea…
      Jerry: …then we moved to Wednesday for the war…
      Julia: …uh huh…
      Jerry: …and then we moved back to Thursday for the peace.
      Julia: Oh. So….what's happening now?
      Jerry: One guess…
      (Jerry reaches over to grab the lamp beside him as the couch starts to move, and we see a moving man push it and them off camera.)

      Announcer: Seinfeld mooooves to Wednesday. Forever. Wednesdays on NBC.

      'Forever' would last until 2/4/93 when the show would move back to anchor NBC's Thursday night line-up for the rest of its run.

    • At the end of the episode Elaine, George, and Jerry are sitting in the coffee shop and the ketchup moves from inside by Jerry to the outside of the table when Elaine's to-go order is put on the table.

    • When George gives Antonio his business card he tells him that he is in real estate, but of course he quit that job in the episode 'The Revenge'. Of course this due to the shows being aired out of production order; still it comes across as confusing.

    • George starts his fascination(on the series) with bathrooms by telling Jerry he knows where the best bathrooms are located throughout New York City.

    • When the busboy enters Jerry's apartment at the end, the apartment number on Jerry's door is 3A....not the normal 5A.

    • I just watched the episode. Elaine is also in a different apartment. That's why Jerry WAS in 3A. Aparently after the second season they changed all of the sets.

    • There is no green 'Klein' bicycle in the hallway; there's a shelf there. Also, there was a gray couch in the opening scenes, and then later it was black with blue pillows.

  • Quotes

    • Kramer: Cats run away all the time. You know, my aunt, she had a cat. Ran away. Showed up three years later. You never know. They've got things in their brains where they remember where they're from. Unless, of course, somebody else starts feeding him. See, that's what you've gotta worry about.

    • Jerry: Anywhere in the city?
      George: Anywhere in the city - I'll tell you the best public toilet.
      Jerry: Okay… Fifty-fourth and Sixth?
      George: Sperry Rand Building. 14th floor, Morgan Apparel. Mention my name - she'll give you the key.
      Jerry: Alright… Sixty-fifth and Tenth.
      George: (Scoffs) Are you kidding? Lincoln Center. Alice Tully Hall, the Met. Magnificent facilities.

    • Elaine: I never knew I could drive like that. I was going faster than I've ever gone before, and yet, it all seemed to be happening in slow motion. I was seeing three and four moves ahead, weaving in and out of lanes like an Olympic skier on a gold medal run. I knew I was challenging the very laws of physics. At Queens Boulevard, I took the shoulder. At Jewel Avenue, I used the median. I had it. I was there. And then, I hit the Van Wyck. They say no one's ever beaten the Van Wyck, but gentlemen, I tell you this… I came as close as anyone ever has. And if it hadn't been for that five-car pile-up on Rockaway Boulevard, that numbskull would be on a plane for Seattle right now instead of looking for a parking space downstairs.

    • Elaine: If I don't get this guy on a plane to Seattle and out of my life, I'm gonna kill him, and everyone who tries to stop me.

    • Jerry: Are you still using that same old alarm clock?
      Elaine: Oh no no, I bought a new one today. It's got everything! You oversleep more than ten minutes, a hand comes out and slaps you in the face.

    • Elaine: He's a wonderful guy, but I hate his guts.

    • Jerry: They'll probably kill his family over this.

    • Eddie: Watch where you're going.
      Antonio: Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going, okay?

    • Antonio: Who left the door open?

    • Jerry: Look I feel sorry for him too, but he'll get another job. I mean let's face it, it's not a profession in which you embellish your resume and undergo a series of gruelling interviews.

  • Notes

    • This episode was noted by the supporting cast in an interview used for a DVD set as the first sign that Jerry would be a generous writer, being very good about including his co-stars into story lines. In fact, Jerry doesn't even have a story line. The episode is the first to show George and Kramer alone together, Elaine without Jerry, and a scene not including Jerry.

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