Season 9 Episode 1

The Butter Shave

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 1997 on NBC

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  • Good episode.

    I thought this episode was ok, George's part was the worst out of the four I think, but it was funny still. Jerry's was pretty good, I think it was ironic as always that iin the end Bainya got the thing on NBC. Kramer's part was cool, the whole thing was funny with the turkey. I loved Elaine's part with vegetable and lasanga guy... and the whole break up thing and at the end with the taxi. So all together it was ok for a season opener (although it is the last... sniff!) I hope the next episode gives some lee way about what happens next!
  • Handicapping this episode!

    Crosmo Krammer like butter so much that he put it on his body. He looks like a turkey. Jerry is jealous of the sucess of Kenny Bania. Meanwhile, Elaine and her boyfriend is spending 22 hours on a plane from Norway. With the time zones and the stopovers, well it probaby be 18 hours. How should I know, I don't fly in planes. I'm saving the best for last. George got a job just because he handicapped! He used a cane to get that job. Later, he's riding a scotter. I only wish that episode could've gone an hour with everything going on in this epsiode. In one episode when George was chased by old people in scotters. It could've been expanded to 15 or 20 minutes, not the five minutes. A classic, but not enough to give a 10. How about a nine?
  • love it

    And then we'll see how he does up there without all the assitence! And george in that little chair! ahahaha o my god this is a funny episode. and wat took puddy so long to come back? just dissapears in seasons 7 and 8? this episode is really good.

  • Back on form!

    As I have stated in most if not every review I did of Seinfeld's eight season, this show jumped the shark in a big way after Larry David left the show. As a result it stopped being very funny. I'm glad to say The Butter Shave, the first episode of the ninth and final season of the 1990s most successful sitcom, returns to the form that made Seinfeld's 1994/95 peak so brilliant. In this episode, George pretends to be disabled so he can keep a job and all the luxuries afforded to handicapped people. This leads to some hilarious scenes involving stair lifts and a motorized buggy. George's is the most memorable storyline although each main character gets some funny and memorable stuff to.

  • This is the episode where Kramer decides to use butter as a tan lotion. And when newman smells kramers buttery smell he starts to halusinate Kramer on all sorts of dishes. Meanwhile George exploits all the benefits of pretending to be handicapped.

    This episode is a work of art. I have rarely seen so many extreamly funny things in one TV episode. This is still (after several years) rakning among my favourite TV episodes of all time.

    Well my favourite part of the episode is when George is racing some old guy down the street in an electric wheelchair.

    And who can forget kramers crazy idea of buttering himself up and then get a tan with newman dreweling all over him.

    There are alot more in this episode as well. Whoever who came up with the story for this episode did a hell of a job. Well done!