Season 7 Episode 12

The Caddy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 1996 on NBC

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  • Jerry and the gang find themselves in another whacky adventure. Will Kramer and Elaine get rich quick? Will Jerry ever find true love? Will George get a promotion? The answers to these and other questions are answered (kinda) in 'The Caddy'

    'The Caddy' is Seinfeld number: 122 and first aired in late January 1996. Kramer gets a personal caddy, George is up to his usual employment related hi jinx, Elaine has an issue with a female acquaintance and Jerry has a(nother) love interest. Sound familiar? Most of the plot lines in this season 7 episode are standard Seinfeld. With the exception of Kramer who befriends a caddy (Played by Armin Shimerman, best known to T.V fans as Quark from Star Trek DS9) to help him with his golf game but as the story unfolds Kramer turns to him for more than golf advice. This was the one twist in the plot that could have been a little more developed. This episode which has received an 8.4 in ratings on is definitely an ensemble effort with all 4 central characters receiving relatively equal face time, even with George at 'the cabin'. It also saw the return of Jackie Chiles (Phil Morris) who is one of my favourite characters in the series. His Johnnie Cochranesque (RIP) persona still makes me laugh many years after the Simpson trial. Jackie was not the only O.J reference to pop up. Sue Ellen (Brenda Strong) foils Kramer’s' plot to get his hands on the Oh Henry candy bar fortune, by means of a ill fitting undergarment. "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.”

    I don't want to completely spoil the story for those of you who have been living under a rock for the last decade plus, or for younger people who are discovering Seinfeld for the first time.

    Unfortunately 'The Caddy', much like my first gen IPOD, has become dated. Not just the O.J references, but there is a few very specific baseball allusions that would be head scratchers if you were not a fan of the New York Yankees in the mid to late 90's. And as a side note I didn’t like Jerry’s reaction to Frank’s (Costanza) frantic answering machine message claiming George was dead. I know Jerry assumed George was just up to no good, but not knowing this for sure I feel he acted inappropriately. If my best friend was possibly dead I would have been frantic until I had gotten to the bottom of things. (I know it’s just television, not reality…but still people)

    Recommended for diehards, older fans who will get the time specific jokes and people like me who will watch pretty much anything. 6.5 puffy shirts out of a possible 10 puffy shirts

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