Season 7 Episode 15

The Cadillac (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 1996 on NBC

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  • Not Bad but Not Very Memorable Either

    Jerry opens this seamless 44min (60 minutes on actual TV with commercials) episode by doing his usual stand up monologue about old people's driving habits; they're backing up, so look out. Jerry is in the money and impulsively decides to buy his father in Florida a Cadillac and personally surprise them with it at their condo. George learns he can score a date with famous actress Marissa Tomei but unfortunately he's engaged so that would be cheating; as everyone reminds him while he desperately tries to keep this information from Susan. Kramer turns the tables on the cable guy for standing him up so many years ago in a so-so storyline poking fun at undependable repair service guys who never keep appointment times. Meanwhile, in Florida, jealousy and suspicion from other residents over Jerry's generous gift leads to Morty Seinfeld's impeachment as condo president. The deciding vote turns out to be the same elderly woman Jerry mugged for the marble rye from a previous episode shown earlier this season. Elaine doesn't have much to do except cover for George when he sneaks out for his meeting with Marissa Tomei but Marissa isn't impressed when he admits he's already in a relationship. She decks him. So does Susan when she learns where he really was, thanks to Elaine mixing up the details on their fabricated story. The cable guy begs for mercy, promises to reform; Kramer forgives him with a hug. End credits roll as Jerry and his parents make a dramatic sendoff from the condo, driving away in the Cadillac while the condo residents look on.