Season 7 Episode 15

The Cadillac (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 1996 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • It has been established that in virtually every Seinfeld episode there is some reference to Superman. Usually it is just a sticker or statue in Jerry's apartment, but since no scenes in this episode occur in Jerry's apartment, we see him emerging from his parent's guest room in Florida reading a Superman comic book.

    • George and Elaine make up George's alibi for when he meets Marisa Tomei, that George is helping Elaine with a problem with her boyfriend. George suggests the name 'Art Vandelay', and suggests that he should be an 'importer'. At Elaine's urging, George concedes that he can be an 'importer/exporter'. This discussion is very similar to one in Season 1's "The Stakeout." In that episode, trying to create an excuse for waiting in the lobby of a woman's office building, George suggests that he and Jerry are meeting their friend, Art Vandelay, an importer. In that episode it is Jerry's urging that makes George agree to that Art Vandelay should be importer/exporter.

  • Quotes

    • Susan: Are you having an affair with George?
      Elaine: What?! (laughs uncontrolably) Don't be ridiculous! (keeps laughing) I mean, why would anyone wanna sleep...

    • Jack: Hello, Morty. Well, you missed the early bird.
      Morty: Yeah, so?
      Jack: Must be nice to have that kind of money.

    • Jerry: Can't we eat at a decent hour? I'll treat, okay?
      Helen: You're not buying us dinner.
      Jerry: Well, I'm not force-feeding myself a steak at 4:30 just to save a couple bucks, I'll tell you that!
      Helen: Alright, we'll wait. But it's unheard of.

  • Notes

    • This two-part episode was nominated for the 1996 Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Comedy Series or a Special.

    • When Kramer is on the telephone, you can see behind him on a shelf more of his hand-made pasta-people. These have appeared in other episodes, namely "The Fusilli Jerry" and "The Understudy."

    • One of the few episodes in which a scene doesn't take place in Jerry's apartment.

    • Another possible reason for the production codes may have been scheduling problems with a guest star or recurring star such as the Seinfelds. X-Files episodes "A Christmas Carol" and "Emily" were filmed seperately even though they were a two part episode because one of the main stars had scheduling problems.

    • When Kramer is chased by the Cable Guy, it can be noticed that there is an obvious product placement of Rold Gold Pretzels that Kramer is eating out of his grocery bag. A product that was being endorsed by Jason Alexander.

    • Someone once asked why this production number is 717 and not 715, directly following part 1. I can only assume (I can't prove) that production was initially begun on the orginal script and part way into its production they realized that they had enough material for a second part. Since the 715 & 716 scripts were probably already beginning pre-production, the next number available was 717. Of course, this is only a theory.

    • Originally broadcast as part of a 60 min episode.

  • Allusions

    • :
      The final scene in which Morty Seinfeld departs is an obvious parody of Nixon's farewell. Just like Nixon, Morty Seinfeld waves to his supporters and rides the Cadillac. (Nixon boarded the presidential helicopter in the similar fashion.)