Season 3 Episode 7

The Cafe

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 1991 on NBC

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  • Babu!!!

    This episode is hilariously pathetic on so many levels. Jerry becomes obsessed with the opening of a small bistro located across the street from his building. His fascination stems from the fact that no one is eating there. Pakistani immigrant Babu Bhatt (Brian George), the owner of The Dream Café, stands at the window of his restaurant sadly, even painfully, watching potential customer after customer walk by without so much as a glance. Jerry, feeling sorry for Babu, watches from afar routing for him, quietly yelling at passersby, “Go in! Come on, go in!”

    When Jerry out of pity finally does go in, the overly eager Bhatt, using a pair of tongs, offers him a “steaming hot folded face towel” for his dining pleasure which is blistering hot and gets tossed aside. Later in the episode when Kramer receives the same treatment he practically flies across the room from shock and pain. Jerry, feeling proud that he’s helping Babu by patronizing his establishment, offers the restaurateur some advice. He explains to him that he would probably have more customers if he’d offer some dishes from his native Pakistan, “as apposed to say, the franks and beans.” Jerry thinks, “of course I’ve never had Pakistani food. How bad can it be?” Seinfeld’s advice to change the restaurant to all Pakistani food drives Babu out of business causing him to scold Jerry harshly, “you very bad man, very bad man.”

    Tom Leopold wrote this episode based on the true story of an immigrant who opened a small eatery in his neighborhood which soon went under from lack of interest. Leopold says he felt horribly sorry for the owner but never went in because “if I did, I’d have to go back all the time.”

    The side story to the episode, where George’s girlfriend wants him to take an IQ test is also true and also funny. George enlists Elaine in a “caper” to take the test for him because George is afraid he’s not smart enough. “People think I’m smart. I’m not smart, not smart.” Elaine’s concerned that she’ll need a quiet place to take the test so she can concentrate. Jerry suggests, “Take it at the Dream Café. You won’t hear a peep.”

    All in all this is my favorite episode from season three. Although not considered a classic episode, the line (and the accompanying finger wag), “you bad man, very bad man,” is among the greats from this classic sitcom.
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