Season 7 Episode 20

The Calzone

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

Kramer develops an addictive taste for wearing clothes straight out of the dryer, while Jerry is convinced that Elaine's new boyfriend weaseled a first date out of her by making a bet for a dinner which he had no chance of winning. He told Elaine, when he first met her, that Dustin Hoffman was in "Star Wars" and then said if he was wrong he would buy her dinner.

Mr. Steinbrenner develops a taste for calzones when at a meeting, when George is eating one, he tries one. From then on Steinbrenner make George his lunch buddy and this means George has to buy and eat calzones with Steinbrenner from then on.

When George is caught stealing a tip (where he was really getting it out to put it back in because the worker at Pizannos didn't see George put the tip in) he is banned from the shop, resulting in no calzone source for George.

George makes a deal with the devil himself, Newman, for him to buy calzones on his mail route and drop them off at the Yankees. Until, when George is dropping off Newman's weekly calzone payment, he finds Newman sitting at home and when questioned Newman replies "I don't work in the rain." This marks the end of Newman buying the calzones.

Elaine's new friend/boyfriend invites his parents to meet Elaine until she ends it. Jerry's new girlfriend who can get men to do anything she wants goes to get the Cubans off Elaine's friend where he then makes a stupid bet with her in order for a date.

Jerry is left with no girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Kramer decides to start using ovens instead of dryers to dry his clothes. George asks Kramer to go buy the calzones for today and off he goes walking with bundles of change in his pockets in the cold rain to Pizannos.

Kramer orders the calzones and asks the cook to heat up his jacket in the shops industrial size pizza oven. Kramer's jacket comes out burnt and when Kramer dumps the change on the counter and the cook doesn't accept it, they get into a fight where Kramer mimics his Italian language and he leaves screaming.

George tries Chinese to no avail until George is no longer the calzone man for Steinbrenner.
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