Season 7 Episode 20

The Calzone

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 1996 on NBC

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  • Great!

    This episode is really cool, I like it so much because it actually shows George doing something important in his job when he gives his boss the calzone and he gets totally hypnotized and he does all what George wants, but George has another tip problem with the calzone maker, when he doesn't see him putting his tip he tries to grab it back, but then he is kick out and that makes his only help to be gone. Well the thing is that this episode, is really good and is one of the funniest episodes that I have ever watched, I don't understand why does it has 7.0 of ratings, but still is a really cool episode.
  • One of the best of all-time.

    The Calzone has always been a personal favorite of mine. I love the story of George and Steinbrenner and how George got Steinbrenner hooked on the calzone. I love the incidents that happened between George and Kramer and the calzone guy. I also love the side plot of Kramer and his obsession with wearing clothes right out of the dryer. I really love these type of episodes that include Steinbrenner in them. Larry David does a wonderful job portraying Steinbrenner's voice and some of the dialogue written for him is absolutely hilarious. I also love how George is so desperate to find someone to get him calzones that he actually turns to Newman.
  • The Calzone

    Another instant classic here from the Seinfeld camp as Larry David came come close to ending his tenure on the show.

    Seinfeld became the best shown on television not just for its great characters and general hilarity, but for the way it started off with three or four distinct storylines and then by the end managed to tie them all together. This is perhaps the most clever as we saw how both Kramer and Newman screwed George when all was said and done.

    So many funny moments here, but perhaps the best lines of the line go to the executive producer Larry David as George Steinbrenner.